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Burger Kitchen, Part 1

At 30 years old, Australian-born Alan owned a steak and disco but still harbored dreams of opening a new restaurant in America. Alan had investors ready to back Burger Kitchen, but when things fell through he decided to take trust money from his son Daniel without his knowledge to get the rest of the backing he needed to invest.  Even though Daniel never wanted the restaurant in the first place, Alan forced Daniel into the restaurant business because of their money situation.

The restaurant has been open for a little more than a year now but things have not been running smoothly.  Despite its great location, the burgers are never cooked right, the décor is lacking and there is no leadership in the restaurant.  Another major issue it faces is that the family does not work well together. The staff has issues working with Alan and Gen, Alan’s wife,  during the day shifts and even though they like Daniel, the family has little experience running a restaurant.

As a result of all of this, the restaurant has changed their menu over 20 times and has gone through 12 chefs. To boot, Daniel has still not forgiven his father for taking his trust money to invest in the restaurant.  If father and son can’t work out their problems and bring this restaurant to its potential, the end of Burger Kitchen could be near.