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Luigi's D'Italia

Luigi’s is an old-style Italian restaurant that was started by Luigi and Tony’s Italian father. The restaurant has always been a success, but since the brother’s father retired back to Italy, things have not been the same. While Luigi was always the chef in charge of the back, his father managed up front. However, without dad, Tony has not been able to step into that role but instead watches TV or has his friends come in and eat for free while Luigi works hard in the kitchen.

Luigi has many family members working, but all at separate times. For example, Luigi and his wife Graziella run the place on some days while Tony and his wife Linda run it on other days. With Luigi and Tony never being on the same page, this resturant has turned from being a family restaurant to quickly sinking. There are no new customers coming in the door and relying on regulars alone will not keep this resturant a float. Can this family team up and work together to finally get Luigi’s back to the place it once was?