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Café Hon

Cafe Hon is a comfort food home-style restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland.  Cafe Hon is owned by Denise who considers herself a ‘Hon.’ ‘Hon’ was cultural word used for local women dressed in bright, printed dresses with outdated glasses and beehive hairdos.  Denise, a well-known member of the community, opened Cafe Hon 20 years ago and was very successful. Denise decided that to protect her business she would trademark not only her restaurant, but also the word ‘Hon.’

When the city of Baltimore found out a year ago she trademarked the word there was uprising and protesting because she was said to have taken away a word that belongs to the city.  Many boycotted Cafe Hon and, since then, the business has fallen off. Still, Denise is struggling to understand the significance of the trademarking which can cause the restaurant to continue to suffer.  Denise needs to do something to gain back the trust of a community otherwise the 20-year cultural establishment could be closed down forever.