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Charlie’s is a small Italian-style restaurant in the heart of La Verne, California. Tatiana runs the place and co-owns it with sister, Val, and mother, Pat. Tatiana has been in the restaurant business as a server and actually worked while the original Charlie ran it. When Charlie was there it was a very successful restaurant until he sold it to another owner named Simon. Simon didn’t do as well as Charlie and in one night just took off. This left an open opportunity for Tatiana to invest in the restaurant.

The only issue was that in order to raise enough money to purchase the restaurant Val and Pat had to put their houses up with the bank. Tatiana was only a server and has never owned a business before. The restaurant has struggled most of the 18 months its been owned by the family and now they are in serious trouble and need help. If the restaurant falls both Val and Pat’s houses could be lost. Charlie’s needs to find a new identify fast so the owners can pull themselves out of a possible disaster.