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Park’s Edge

Park’s Edge is a restaurant located in a beautiful part of Atlanta called Inman Park, a neighborhood known for its quaint and popular restaurants.  Richard and his former assistant Jorge own Park’s Edge. When Jorge graduated from culinary school, both of them invested and opened Park’s Edge having little restaurant experience.

Jorge is the Executive Chef while Richard runs and manages the front.  Despite the fact that the restaurant has had its ups and downs since opening up a little over three years ago, they do have a supportive wait staff. The biggest issue for them has been that the town and the restaurant have been unable to get on the same page from the start.  When they failed to follow certain codes and did not have proper licensing to serve alcohol, Richard announced in a live local news interview that the neighborhood is after them because the are minorities in a white neighborhood.  The truth is, however, their restaurant lacks identity with a menu that sits between American and Mexican cuisine.

Park’s Edge is in desperate need of direction and leadership. Will the owners be able to get it together and bring this restaurant to its full potential?