Episode 1


Blackberry’s, a 6-year-old Soul food restaurant, run and owned by Shelly is her only child and it can’t fail. Will Ramsay’s efforts to turn this restaurant around be enough to keep its doors open?

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Episode 2


Chef Ramsay visits Leone’s, a family-style Italian restaurant in Montclair, N.J., in hope of keeping the restaurant from being closed. Leone’s is on its last leg and if Michael doesn’t take control and set the ship right, he and his mother will lose everything and be forced to sell their home.

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Episode 3

Mike and Nellie’s

Mike and Nellie’s is a fine dining Seafood and Steak restaurant. Nellie died 2 years ago and, since then, the restaurant went from being a very popular place to falling to the wayside.

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Episode 4

Luigi's D'Italia

Luigi’s is an old-style Italian restaurant that was started by Luigi and Tony’s Italian father. The restaurant has always been a success, but since the brother’s father retired back to Italy, things have not been the same.

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Episode 5

Burger Kitchen, Part 1

At 30 years old, Australian-born Alan owned a steak and disco but still harbored dreams of opening a new restaurant in America. The restaurant has been open for a little more than a year now but things have not been running smoothly.

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Episode 6

Burger Kitchen, Part II

The restaurant has been open for a little more than a year but things continue to not run smoothly.  Despite its great location, there is no leadership in the restaurant and the family has little experience running a restaurant. 

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Episode 7

The Greek at the Harbor

Greek at the Harbor is a Greek restaurant with a great location right on the Ventura Harbor in California. Mikey, who is Greek-born, and his wife Lynn own the restaurant but their son Aris wants to to take it over with no restaurant experience. Can Mikey hand over the restaurant to Aris and keep the family restaurant from becoming a failure?

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Episode 8


Al and Gaye Wilson started Michon’s 21 years ago and named it after their daughter Natalie Michon Wilson. Al is getting older and having a lot of heath problems so he can’t take control of things like in the old days, but the restaurant is in desperate need of a leader. Natalie needs to step up and take over for her father to get it back to the days of serving the best smoked meats in town.

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Episode 9

El Greco

When El Greco first opened it was a huge success with lines running out the door. It wasn’t until their food quality started to decline that customer flow dropped off. Now, not only are there staff issues, but Jack and his mother fight constantly in front of the customers. Can Jake and Athina get along and do what’s required to get their restaurant back on its feet?

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Episode 10

Park’s Edge

Park’s Edge is a restaurant located in a beautiful part of Atlanta called Inman Park, a neighborhood known for its quaint and popular restaurants. The biggest issue for them has been that the town and the restaurant have been unable to get on the same page from the start. Will the owners be able to get it together and bring this restaurant to its full potential?

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Episode 11


Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse is a restaurant that has been in business for over 60 years in Northern California. The restaurant has always been a popular place, but has experienced a decline in the last few years and needs its passion and leadership back. Is this landmark restaurant on its way out?

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Episode 12


Charlie’s is a small Italian-style restaurant in the heart of La Verne, California. The restaurant has struggled most of the 18 months its been owned by Tatiana’s family and now they are in serious trouble and need help. Can the owners pull themselves out of a possible disaster?

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Episode 13

Café Hon

Cafe Hon is a comfort food home-style restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, that needs to gain back the trust of a community. Otherwise, the 20-year cultural establishment could be closed down forever.

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Episode 14


Chiarella’s is falling apart and has not made any real money in the last five years. Family members are constantly loaning money to keep the restaurant afloat, but if Dina and Tommy can’t get this restaurant turned around fast its doors could be closed forever.

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Episode 15


Zocalo’s is an authentic Mexican restaurant in the college district of Philadelphia. Chef Greg and his wife Mary both decided to put down money and invest in the restaurant to own their own business, but will they be able to keep Zocalo’s afloat?

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