Episode 1


Mojito’s owners Marcelo and Kata, former husband and wife, fight about everything.

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Episode 2


With a lazy chef at the helm, Chef Ramsay will have to get rid of some excess baggage.

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Episode 3


Owner Paul Bazzini, former star Manhattan chef, has lost his passion and it is reflected in the food that he serves.

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Episode 4


Flamangos owners Adele and Cheryl are stuck in their old tropical ways, and Chef Ramsay will have to set fire to the old decor in order to get them to come around.

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Episode 5

Hot Potato Cafe

At Hot Potato Cafe, chef Danielle has potential but doesn’t have the right tools or training to cook.

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Episode 6

Mama Rita's

Mama Rita’s owner Laura, doesn’t know the difference between running a restaurant and running a catering business.

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Episode 7

Sushi Ko

A former hit restaurant in Bel Air, CA, Sushi Ko has gone downhill since its move.

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Episode 8

Lido Di

At Lido Di Manhattan Beach, entrepreneur and owner Lisa holds an MBA but has no clue what it takes to run a restaurant.

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Episode 9

Le Bistro

Stubborn chef and owner Andy doesn’t respond well to Gordon’s criticisms, and tempers flare.

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Episode 10

Anna Vincenzo's

Gordon has to shorten Anna Vincenzo’s extensive menu and teach owner CeCe a thing or two about cooking.

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Episode 11


Chef Ramsay will have to light a spark under Fleming owner Andy and bring in a younger clientele if Fleming hopes hang with the best of Miami.

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Episode 12

Revisited 1

Revisited: Chef Ramsay returns to memorable restaurants The Handlebar, Casa Roma and The Black Pearl.

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Episode 13

Revisited 2

Revisited: Chef Ramsay returns to memorable restaurants Sante La Brea and Giuseppi’s.

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