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Episode 8

Tina Pellegrino is the hard-working owner of Peter’s Italian Restaurant in Babylon, NY. She took over the family business a few years ago, but now it’s on the verge of closing its doors. Tina’s spoiled brother Peter, the manager, is doing nothing to help.

Gordon immediately sees that Peter and Tina have a tendency to fight with each other in front of the whole restaurant. Peter is so forceful with the staff that he drives the waitresses to tears. It’s time for a wake up call!

When a local vendor shows up wanting to be paid a violent fight breaks out, resulting in a staff member being pushed to the ground. Gordon tells Peter that his bad temper and lack of commitment are the restaurant’s biggest problems and that the restaurant would be better without him. Angry, Peter storms out in a rage. Will Gordon get Peter to commit, or is this family business going to shutter its doors?