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Episode 6

Peter Matthews has struggled for seven years to make a profit from the historic Seascape Restaurant. Now, nearly a million dollars in debt, Peter’s last hope is Chef Gordon Ramsay.

After sampling a few of the restaurant’s dishes, Gordon gets right to work inspecting the Seascape kitchen. What he finds is worse than anything he has ever encountered before: the kitchen is a filthy and disgusting mess, with grease piled so high he can scrape it off the walls and with food left uncovered and spoiling. Worst of all, there is a jar of pesto covered in a layer of mold—which pushes Gordon beyond his boiling point because it is the very pesto he ate earlier for lunch!

Gordon kicks patrons out and shuts down the entire restaurant, forcing Peter and Chef Doug to properly clean the kitchen. After realizing how truly lazy his chef is, Peter fires Doug. Gordon is adamant that the restaurant will not re-open until it reaches his standards. Will Peter do a good enough job to bring the Seascape back to life?