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Episode 3

Buddy Mazzio, along with his two dueling sons, Jason, a charismatic bartender, and Brian, an arrogant chef, decided to invest in the pub business. For the last year, Buddy has been struggling to keep Finn McCool’s afloat. When Gordon arrives he quickly spots the pub’s problems from the disgusting food to Chef Brian’s arrogant attitude.

Chef Ramsay has a heart to heart with Brian, telling him how important he is to the restaurant and how much his family needs him. In an effort to start Finn McCool’s anew, Chef Ramsay introduces a new menu featuring a new Shepherd’s Pie with fresh ingredients. Chef Brian and the Finn McCool’s staff seem ready for their biggest night but with more than a hundred customers, the kitchen is soon overwhelmed, and the local food critic has to wait an hour for a table. Will this family be able to pull it together to save their business?