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Episode 1

Lela’s is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Pomona, California. Lela, the owner, has no experience running a restaurant and is in such financial troubles she is close to closing her door forever. Gordon has just one week to try and turn Lela’s around.

Gordon immediately butts heads with the cocky young chef Ricky, who doesn’t want to listen to anybody. But he isn’t the only problem. Gordon discovers that some of the employees are stealing from the restaurant. When he brings it to Lela’s attention she promptly fires the guilty employees. After a unique set of tests Gordon decides that Lex, the sous chef, would be better as head chef so he demotes Ricky and promotes Lex. But halfway through dinner service, with the pressure of the grand re-opening mounting, Lex can’t take the heat and walks out, leaving Ricky to finish the night out. Will Gordon be able to straighten Ricky out?