Season 1 Episodes

Episode 8

There Is No End

In the season finale, Jack discovers the alarming depth and scope of the organization to which he’s lost Amy.

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Episode 7

The Crossing Place

A gruesome discovery buried in Jack’s backyard incites him to make one last attempt to bring Amy home.

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Episode 6


Rose confronts Jack to explain the cause of Amy’s recent strange behavior.

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Episode 5

The Shepherds and the Fox

Madison’s instincts are gaining strength as she slowly starts to make sense of Marcus’ memories.

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Episode 4

Ave Verum Corpus

Gary reveals a strange link between his former client and Amy.

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Episode 3

Time Has Come Today

Jack is terrified for Amy’s mental state.

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Episode 2

And Here…You Must Listen

Jack desperately tries to find Amy in Seattle but her movements offer more questions than answers.

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Episode 1

She Was Provisional

Mysteries unfold when Amy vanishes while on a business trip in Seattle.

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