Rotter Awareness Art - In the Flesh's Season 2 Giveaway



At BBCAmerica, we understand Partially Deceased Syndrome and so should you.

Join our Rotter Awareness Art Contest!

We will reward 5 winners with a copy of In the Flesh Season 1 on DVD.



Entry is simple:

1. Create Awareness: We all know PDS is a serious issue. Join in the effort by making your own PDS awareness poster. You can zombify yourself in Photoshop, sketch your own PDS poster, or come up with another creative method to convey Rotter Awareness! Anything goes as long as it’s PDS-friendly.

2. Caption Your Message: Whether you’re pro or anti-Rotter, create a strong caption for your campaign. Get creative:  the captions can be silly or serious, but we want to see those BRAINNNNNSSSS at work!

3. Submit your best work via the submission form below. Contest begins @11am on Friday, May 2 and ends @11pm on Friday, May 9. Winners will be announced on Monday, May 12.

4. Share Your Campaign with the Public: Share your work to fellow citizens and rotters on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook with other “In the Flesh” fans using the hashtag #InTheFlesh! We will be retweeting and reblogging some of the submissions as they come in.

5. And don’t forget to follow the rules!

6. By the way….THIS IS NOT AN APP. So don’t send images of yourself expecting to be transformed. Another day, my friends. Another day.


Fill out my online form.