Lead make-up artist of ‘In the Flesh,’ Nadia Stacey took some time to reminisce about her experience on set, and why she found the project so rewarding. Check out what she had to say:

Amy shows up for dinner.

Amy shows up for dinner.

1. What kind of technique did you utilize for this shoot? Take us through the process.

It was a dream job in terms of make-up, because the characters went through so many different stages (PDS, rabid, freshly rising) it allowed me to be so creative and try lots of different techniques and materials.

The PDS look had to be apparent that they were wearing cover up mousse but also not make them look ridiculous. Similarly for Kieren in his natural state he needed to look dead and zombie-like but we also as viewers need to care about him and not be scared of him so we had to play around with a few looks before we got there.

We used a lot of prosthetics for the rabid and rising scenes and every pair of contact lenses were uniquely designed and hand painted by a company here.

2. How long would it take to complete a full ‘zombie’ look?

I would say a full ‘rabid’ look would take about 2.5 hours. Sometimes less. The schedule didn’t allow for us to take it easy!

3. What were some challenges, if any that you faced, and where did you draw your inspiration from?

I think the main challenges would be time and money. This had a television budget and by the time I bought contact lenses there wasn’t much left for make up so we had to get creative sometimes and make things ourselves on the truck. As for inspiration, ‘The Walking Dead’ was huge for me as their make-up is amazing!

4. How did this experience differ from other projects you’ve worked on, such as another complicated make-up and special effects projects like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Harry Potter?’

Budget! Well actually it was a totally different experience. Those films are fantastic to work on but the teams are huge. ‘In The Flesh’ felt tiny in comparison.  I had a team of four including me. Also as the designer the whole character creation is in my hands which is amazing. It felt much more like a family, all working together.

5. Do you prefer working on these kinds of shoots as opposed to your time on ‘Downton Abbey,’ for example?

The main difference is designing your own projects. ‘Downton’ was fantastic and the team is so incredibly talented that I learned so much, but I love getting a script and knowing that the make-up and hair is mine to create. It’s so rewarding working with the director to bring the characters to life.

Nadia has worked on numerous projects in film and television as a make-up and hair artist, including blockbusters such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ (2011) ‘Harry Potter,’ (2011)’Captain America: The First Avenger.'(2011) and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ (2009) Her television credits include: ‘Breathless,’ (2013)  ‘Downton Abbey,’ (2010) and ‘Above Suspicion’ (2009).