Vicar Oddie

Kenneth Cranham

“Do not be fooled. Those things are not what they appear to be.” – Vicar Oddie

After the disappointment and confusion that the millennium didn’t herald the end times, religious zealot Oddie became bitter and turned to drink.

Posted to the quiet backwater of Roarton, Oddie faced further sadness when his wife Helen died.

The Rising of the dead made him a man re-born however and along with Bill and his two stooges, Dean and Gary, Oddie formed the HVF and became Roarton’s Rock.Ever since he was a young curate, Oddie’s always had a love of the Book of Revelation –seeing it as eternally hopeful, with good finally triumphing over evil; and it’s through using this book that he passionately believes that when all the imposters of what he calls the First Rising are dealt with, there’ll be a Second Rising for the truly righteous.

About Kenneth Cranham

Kenneth has starred in feature films such as "Layer Cake," "Valkyrie" and "Hellbound: Hellraiser II," as well as a plethora of TV roles.

Vicar Oddie