Jemima Walker

Harriet Cains

“People think I’m this rough tough gun toting bad ass. But I’m not. I never was.” – Jem

When Kieren died, Jem, now 18, was lost.

She filled the void Kieren left by joining the Human Volunteer Force shortly after The Rising started, and quickly shot up the ranks.

Nicknamed the ‘Rambo of Roarton’ by HVF leader Bill, she was treated like his own daughter and felt at home, even though she carries round the guilt of her HVF partner, Lisa Lancaster’s, death.

Ballsy and opinionated, Jem feels many emotions with Kieren’s return: denial, anger, mistrust, but also joy. She just doesn’t show the joy, she won’t allow him to see that emotion, no way.

About Harriet Cains

This is Harriet’s first major TV role.

Jemima Walker