Gary Kendal

Gary Kendal

“We saved the world once. You’d think that were worth summit.”- Gary

Gary was a hero during the Rising, but has now been reduced to poaching rogue rabids in the woods and bringing them – unharmed – to the GP surgery.

He rails against a world gone mad, where the Living are expected to rub shoulders with ‘rotters.’ At least something good came from his time in the HVF though: his friendship with Jem Walker. But does Gary want more?

The arrival of Pro-Life MP, Maxine Martin, heralds good news for Gary when finally, he finds a politician who talks some sense.

As Maxine increasingly takes Gary into her confidence, giving him more responsibility, he’s dismayed to discover Roarton faces grave danger.

About Kevin Sutton

Kevin has appeared in numerous British TV series such as Shameless, Bodies and Doctors.