Season 1 Episodes

Episode 6

The Release

Cassie discovers that she is pregnant with Azazeal’s child.

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Episode 5


After her night with Troy, Cassie has become possessed. Meanwhile, Thelma meets Peggy, the wife of a former owner of Mendenham Hall, and a fellow ghost.

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Episode 4

Deeper Into the Darkness

Cassie visits her mother, Lilith, at a women’s mental institution where she discovers the truth about her troubled lineage; that she is a McBaine, a cursed line of witches.

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Episode 3

Life Goes On

In the wake of Thelma’s death, Cassie struggles to find a new normal as Azazeal continues to stalk her every move.

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Episode 2

The Story Begins (Part 2)

A dark, brooding figure is lurking amongst the halls of Medenham, while Cassie continues to be teased by fellow classmates.

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Episode 1

The Story Begins (Part 1)

Cassie stumbles upon an abandoned outbuilding that was the school’s old slave quarters, she discovers some life changing secrets about her family’s past.

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