Jo Watkins

Jo is an English Teacher at Medenham Hall Boarding School.  She takes her job very seriously and constantly worries about Cassie’s well-being.  She’s a born worrier who wears her heart on her sleeve, wanting to think that the students like and respect her.

About Anna Wilson-Jones

Along with the recently-completed television series "NY-LON," Wilson-Jones has extensive TV credits, including the series "Monarch of the Glen," "Boyz Unlimited," and "HEX," as well as the mini-series "Wonderful You" and "Berkeley Square." She’s guest starred as Grace Bailey in "Murder in Suburbia" (2004), Lt. Col Julia McKesey in "Red Cap" (2003), and "Rosemary and Thyme’s" Kate Pritchard in 2003. On film, Wilson-Jones has appeared in "The Mother," "Tomorrow," and "Mrs. Caldicot’s Cabbage War."