David Tyrel

David Tyrel is the well-liked dean at Medenham Hall whose uncanny knack for getting people to open up to him allows him to keep a close and caring eye on Cassie. A man of endless charm with a great sense of humor, David’s broad mind and open heart make it easy for students and staff alike to warm up to him. With these endearing qualities, drawing Cassie near to him, David is an endless source of valuable information and advice, not to mention a man of disarmingly good looks!

About Colin Salmon

One of Britain's most renowned actors, Colin Salmon debuted as Sgt. Robert Oswald in the BAFTA-winning mini-series "Prime Suspect 2". Since then, he has starred in the James Bond films "Die Another Day," "The World is Not Enough," and "Tomorrow Never Dies," as well as in the films "Resident Evil," "Captives," "The Wisdom of Crocodiles," "Fanny and Elvis," "Mind Games," and "My Kingdom." Along with appearances in tele-films that include "Trial & Retribution," "Murder in Mind" (BBC), "Dinotopia," and "The Red Phone: Manhunt," Salmon's TV series credits include "Keen Eddie," "Gold," and "Soldier Soldier."