Azazeal is the leader of the Nephelim, a band of fallen angels that have existed since the dawn of time. He is clever, dangerous and devilishly handsome. He begins stalking Cassie at a distance, inching closer and closer, eventually hoping to use her in his mysterious plan.

About Michael Fassbender

Along with the recent film projects "A Bear Named Winnie" and the BBC's "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" (with Rupert Everett), Michael Fassbender has a growing television resume that includes "Gunpowder," "Treason & Plot," and HBO's 2011 series, "Band of Brothers." With his own production company, Peanut Productions, he produced, directed and performed in a stage version of "Reservoir Dogs." Fassbender's film credits include "Goldfish" and "Specks in the Sky."