About the Show


Set in a rural England boarding school, Medenham Hall, “Hex” is a racy, gothic drama that follows new girl Cassie Hughes and her transformation from shy oddball to self-discovered all-powerful sorceress. “Think Buffy, but British,” says OUT magazine. The “sleeper hit” (Seattle Post- Intelligencer) series is cutting edge; it pushes cultural boundaries and doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. Cassie’s roommate Thelma, for example, is a flirty lesbian who forms an attachment to her, and lesbianism is an ongoing theme of the series.

Often compared to “Charmed,” mixed with the sardonic, politically incorrect wit of “Heathers,” “Hex” is filled with mythical and mysterious lives of witches, angels and demons that wreak havoc in Medenham Hall. Fallen angel Azazeal, played by Michael Fassbender (“Inglorious Basterds,” “X-Men”) possesses the  young Cassie, which begets a literal onslaught of bad blood and mayhem.

Directed by veteran music video producer, Brian Grant, and written by the creators of BBC’s “Merlin” and “Sin Chronicity,” “Hex” is an innovative supernatural thrill ride that never ceases to surprise its audience.