‘Copper’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Detective Kevin Corcoran

So you want to look like Five Points hero, Detective Kevin Corcoran? It’s going to take a lot of dirt and even more attitude. Read on for our guide to nailing the style of New York’s finest – your fave 1864 copper.

Get Dirty. Really, Really Dirty. Don’t shower. For a week. If there’s one thing that can be said about Kevin Corcoran, it’s that he wears dirt well. If personal hygiene is important to you, fake it with a foundation of pencil smudges and work in the garden until the dirt under your fingernails is semi-permanent.

Hair. Start growing your hair out now. Kevin’s chin-length, tousled blondish-brown locks won’t grow overnight.

Jacket. Corky’s a leather guy. If there were motorcycles around in 1864, the Corkster would be tooling around on one. Tan leather preferred.

Shirt. Button down oxfords. Neutrals are good. Whites, tans and the like. Skip the ironing – wrinkled shirts preferred.

Vest. Something tweedy, textured, and fitted, or checkered wool. The more worn the better.

Pants. Generic, dark trousers. Besides a jaunty necktie, Corky’s typically wearing warm browns and sepia tones.

Shoes. Suede, shit-kicking boots.

Accessories. Leather holster belt (extra points if your belt has a Celtic buckle) a  shiny gold badge, and some brass knuckles. For the “tie,” rip some hunter green fabric into a long, frayed strip, and tie it in a low-hanging knot around your neck. Presto, a tie!

Hat. Try to track down a pork pie-style hat in black or brown.

The ‘Look’. Work on perfecting your steely Coppahh expression. Your best poker face, with a little pissed-off sneer mixed in to let everyone know you mean business. The clothes matter, but the ‘tude is what counts.

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‘Copper’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Detective Kevin Corcoran