Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1

Getting Started

Kick off your culinary career with Gordon Ramsay’s first lesson in cooking amazing food with confidence.

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Episode 2

Keeping It Simple

Keep cooking simple with Gordon’s easy tips!

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Episode 3

Cooking with Chili

Get the dish from Gordon on cooking with chili!

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Episode 4

Cooking with Spice

Learn how to give a dish some kick with Gordon’s lesson on cooking with spices.

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Episode 5

Food on a Budget

Tight budget? No problem! Gordon shares how to make ultimate meals at an affordable rate.

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Episode 6

More Food on a Budget

Still trying to cut food costs? Learn how to make even MORE food on a budget from Chef Ramsay.

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Episode 7

Stress Free Cooking

Nervous about tackling a new dish? Get Gordon’s tips on stress-free cookery!

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Episode 8

Making It Easy

Chef Ramsay shares his secrets to delicious food made easy.

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Episode 9

Real Fast Food

Skip the fast food chain stores and learn how to make REAL fast food from Chef Ramsay.

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Episode 10

Street Food Classics

Get a taste of the food on the streets with Gordon’s tasty twists on home-cooked street food classics.

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Episode 11


Feeling like a confident cook? Sharpen your skills as a baker with help from Chef Ramsay.

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Episode 12

Better Baking

Gordon’s lessons in baking continue with tips on achieving better baking results.

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Episode 13

Ultimate Slow Cooking

Slow down! Learn from Chef Ramsay how to make the perfect slow-cooked meal.

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Episode 14

Slow Cooked Favorites

Learn how to make even more of Gordon’s slow-cooked favorites.

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Episode 15


Learn how to make some of Chef Ramsay’s ultimate brunches!

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Episode 16

More Brunches

Still hungry for brunch? Chef Ramsay shares how to make even more of his favorite brunches.

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Episode 17

TV Dinners

Need a dish that complements your fave TV show? Learn how to make Gordon’s fave TV dinners.

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Episode 18

Simple Suppers

Keep it simple! Learn from Chef Ramsay how to make delish simple suppers.

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Episode 19

Cooking for Special Occasions

Dazzle guests with your delicious food! Chef Ramsay shares how to cook for special occasions.

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Episode 20

Special Salads

Need a salad to complement a special dish? Chef Ramsay shares how to prepare fresh, flavorful salads.

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