Greg Foot

Greg is a Science Daredevil – half science geek, half adrenaline-junkie, he uses immersive stunts, eye-catching spectacles and hands-on demos to push science, and himself, to the limit. He’s been buried alive, frozen, shot, electrocuted, and even gone under the knife in the name of science… (that last one was to find out what humans taste of!)

He presents on TV, Radio and at Live Events. His recent TV series, “The Secrets Of Everything” on BBC Three, was a stunt-filled look at those brain-tickling questions you never get proper answers to, such as ‘Can a belly flop kill you?’ or ‘If everyone jumped at the same time could we cause an earthquake?’ The Radio Times described it as

“Edgy… fun and fascinating… Tomorrow’s-World-meets-Jackass-TV… undeniably cool”.

Greg regularly appears as a science expert on TV and Radio – from Scott Mills’ Radio One show where he challenged the team to sneeze with their eyes open, eat ridiculously hot chillies, and investigate whether swearing can reduce pain (always fun on live radio!), to Channel4’s Sunday Brunch where he dissected a jelly brain, made home-made ice cream, and gave electric shocks to the hosts to investigate David Blaine’s latest stunt.

Foot got a first class degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and a Masters in Science Media Production from Imperial College. Having grown up in the Lake District Greg has a passion for extreme sport and adventure – particularly surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking and slacklining.

Greg has previously presented a whole range of TV science shows: “Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers” is an upcoming special on BBC America; “Secrets Of The Universe” was BBC Three’s first science documentary, telling the ‘13.7 billion year story of you’ through lots of fun stunts including making Big Ben chime 13 times, playing the guitar at 60mph, and microwaving ants; and before that Greg put himself on the line to persuade Gavin Henson to take a direct hit from 750,000 volts of electricity on ‘How To Kill A Celebrity’ on Bravo.

He was also the Science & Tech expert on BBC2’s quiz series ‘KnowItAlls’ and he also presented children’s science and invention series ‘Whizz Whizz Bang Bang’ on CBBC where he made crazy inventions such as an underwater canoe, hover-board, robotic horse and a jet engine bed driven by The Stig.