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For the first time ever the world’s top gadget site, Gizmodo, blasts its way onto TV with their irreverent technological expertise. Gizmodo’s team of tech-obsessed hosts test the latest gadgets in outrageous, adrenaline-charged and sometimes dangerous ways. Whether they’re street luge racing, sumo wrestling or parachuting with their top picks, our team is on a mission to find out which of their picks make the cut – and which ones fall to pieces.

The hosts, O.J. Borg, Greg Foot, and Joel Johnson go on a mission to test the durability of three different camera models in a street race, and then a sumo wrestling match. Judge and former managing editor of Gizmodo, Joe Brown, judges which camera holds up the best.

In a second challenge, O.J., Greg and Veronica Belmont head off on a rocky and steep trail to test three vacuum models. Next, the team, along with judge for this challenge, Joel, head to a chicken coop where special guest and “The Nerdist” host Chris Hardwick shows up to help Joel judge the challenge. The testers must try to pick up as many feathers from their own red carpet spot with their vacuums. The winning vacuum is then announced.