What's Your Favorite Gadget?

Alright gadget fans, in preparation for the ‘Gizmodo: Gadget Testers’ premiere, we’re asking you what your favorite gadget is, how you use it and why you can’t live without it.

For the first time ever the world’s top gadget site, Gizmodo, blasts its way onto TV with their irreverent technological expertise. Gizmodo’s team of tech-obsessed hosts test the latest gadgets in outrageous, adrenaline-charged and sometimes dangerous ways. Whether they’re street luge racing, sumo wrestling or parachuting with their top picks, our team is on a mission to find out which of their picks make the cut – and which ones fall to pieces.

We’ll be featuring a gallery of the best gadgets we receive on BBCAmerica.com. Send your gadgets to us at GizmodoPhotos@bbc.com

Get more information about the Gizmodo pilot here, and tune-in on Monday, March 18 at 10:20pm ET.

For some inspiration, see what our friends at Gizmodo picked for their Best Gadgets.

The Best Gadgets

(The New MacBook Pro. Click to enlarge. Gizmodo)

On the other side of the spectrum, check out some of Gzmodo’s Biggest Tech Disappointments.

(The Microsoft Surface RT. Click to enlarge. Gizmodo)

We look forward to receiving your gadgets!