About the Show

“Free Agents” is the hilariously brazen, razor-sharp comedy about two co-workers at a successful talent agency, Alex (Stephen Mangan) and Helen (Sharon Horgan), whose messy lives intertwine when they have a drunken one night stand. Anthony Head plays their cocky, embarrassingly inappropriate boss Stephen who starts off mornings leading a roundtable discussion of his employees’ sex lives.

Vulnerable Alex is going through a painful divorce while self-assured Helen is mourning the recent death of her fiance and the two couldn’t make a more hopeless pair. Alex pursues Helen amidst the chaos that is their workplace, insisting that they’re perfect for each other, but she’s far from convinced.

From executive producers Matthew Justice (“Attack the Block,” “Rev.”) and Iain Morris (“The Inbetweeners,” “Meet Ricky Gervais”), “Free Agents” tells the darkly funny story of an on-but-mostly-off romance between a couple who might have a future if only they can shake off their pasts.