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Episode 3

Jamie continues on his vital mission to convince the people of Huntington to change their eating habits and get fresh food into the schools. Despite continued opposition from naysayers D.J. Rod and Central Elementary’s head cook, Alice Gue, Director of Food Services Rhonda McCoy makes a leap of faith by giving Jamie the green light to cook for Huntington High School. Once there, he finds his secret weapon in a group of motivated teenagers who understand the need for change: Brittany, whose lifelong weight problem has caused irreversible liver damage and shortened her life expectancy; Marisa, whose father died prematurely as a result of obesity; Ryan, a troubled teen who wants to get his life back in order by learning a new skill; Robert, a football player who struggles with his weight; Brian, whose family is plagued by obesity; and Emily, whose dream is to attend culinary school. Jamie takes a huge risk by asking the kids to secretly prepare a gourmet meal for the state senator, local legislators and community leaders in order to raise necessary funds to train the school staff to cook fresh food. Will the teens’ passionate appeals inspire change in Huntington?