Closing out the War Effort

Led Target Force During Final Stages of WWII



After the success of 30AU, leaders in the American and British military decided to create a similar unit known as the Target Force, or T-Force. American and British soldiers on the T-Force were commanded to guard and secure documents, people and equipment with their training in combat and intelligence, specifically in newly liberated enemy territory.
Ian Fleming was on the committee of officers who selected targets of interest to the British military for the T-Force unit, which included nuclear laboratories and rocket scientists. Their most notable mission was Operation Eclipse, in which T-Force seized Kiel, a German port and research center used in development of the V-2 rocket, Messerschmitt Me 163 fighter planes, and U-boats.
The T-Force, like the 30AU, provided a lot of writing inspiration for Fleming to use in his Bond series, and much of his 1955 novel, Moonraker was inspired by the activities of T-Force.

-written by Caroline Liddick