Breaking and Entering: Nazi-Style

Created the First English Unit of Intelligence Commandos


Inspired by a specialized unit of German soldiers led by Otto Skorzeny, Fleming began to form the 30 Assault Unit in 1942. This unit was comprised of highly specialized soldiers who would often accompany or work ahead of the front line in raids.

Members of the 30AU were trained in unarmed combat and all manners of retrieving intelligence, including breaking and entering, safecracking and lock-picking. They specialized in undercover infiltrations of enemy territory in order to capture intelligence such as codes, documents, equipment or even personnel.

Fleming never fought with the unit, but he directed operations from behind the scenes. Under his leadership, the unit grew from 30 to 150 men. The group had more than 35 battle honors, and while it was disbanded in 1946, the 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group of the Royal Marines carries on their tradition today.

-written by Caroline Liddick