BBC AMERICA offers the best in British entertainment to U.S. audiences, with a robust lineup of drama, sci-fi, comedy, reality, documentary, and movies, all delivered in our uniquely British voice.

How can I get the channel?
BBC AMERICA is available from television providers throughout the U.S.

If you do not receive BBC AMERICA, please contact your service provider and request it.

Is BBC AMERICA available in high definition?
BBC AMERICA is available in an HD format from many television providers throughout the U.S. and we are working with providers to expand its availability.  If you do not receive BBC AMERICA in HD, please contact your service provider and request it.

How do I order videos/DVDs?
BBC AMERICA proudly offers a broad array of products including 1,000+ cutting-edge and award-winning DVDs, videos, books, audio books, music and collectibles developed around top BBC brands. We recommend browsing the BBC Shop for your desired title(s).

Additionally, with questions about product availability or issues regarding a product you’ve purchased from BBC AMERICA Shop, we recommend contacting their Customer Service department directly, either by telephone at 1-800-216-1222 or by e-mail at customerservice@bbcamericashop.com.

Is BBC AMERICA available in Canada?
Canada has its own BBC channel, BBC Canada, as well as BBC Kids, created in partnership with Canadian entertainment company, Alliance Atlantic Communications. With questions regarding BBC Canada or BBC Kids, please contact feedback@bbccanada.com or by telephone at 416-967-1174.

Why does BBC AMERICA carry advertisements when the BBC in the UK does not?
In the UK, the BBC is funded by British TV licensing fees. However, by law, the BBC is not allowed to use this money to fund channels outside the UK and therefore BBC AMERICA and other BBC channels around the world are reliant on advertising sales.

Is BBC AMERICA programming closed captioned?
All of BBC AMERICA’s programming line-up features closed captioning.

Actor biographies and fan clubs
BBC AMERICA does not publicly distribute actor biographies or maintain fan club information.

How are TV ratings determined?
An independent company called Nielsen Media Research (www.nielsenmedia.com) collects information about the number of people watching each televised program from a random selection of homes around the country. This information is the standard used by all television networks in the U.S. and provides the television industry with viewer demographics and program ratings.

Career opportunities with BBC AMERICA
BBC AMERICA is based in New York, NY. If you are interested in career opportunities with BBC AMERICA, please submit your resume via our “Jobs” page.

What is BBC AMERICA On Demand?
BBC AMERICA On Demand lets you enjoy BBC AMERICA’s acclaimed programming at your convenience, whenever you want and as often as you’d like. On Demand viewing allows you to pause, fast forward and rewind.  Many BBC AMERICA shows are available on BBC AMERICA On Demand the day after they air.  Check with your television service provider for listings.

Where is BBC AMERICA On Demand available?
Currently, BBC AMERICA On Demand is available through the following providers:

  • Comcast
  • Click!
  • Direct TV
  • DISH
  • Frontier
  • MetroCast
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon FiOS

Check with your television service provider for listings.

How do I select shows?
Use your TV remote control to navigate through the menu and select shows you would like. Then you can select which episode you’d like to watch. You’ll also be able to view program descriptions and other information for each BBC AMERICA On Demand program that is offered. It couldn’t be easier.

BBC AMERICA On Demand isn’t available in my area. How can I get it?
BBC AMERICA is working with providers around the country to try to expand the service.  If BBC AMERICA on Demand is not available in your area, please contact your television service provider and tell them you’d like to receive it.

Can I get BBC AMERICA On Demand if I don’t get the linear channel?
At present, the service is exclusively available to viewers on systems that carry BBC AMERICA.

I already enjoy watching my favorite shows on BBC AMERICA. Why would I want BBC AMERICA On Demand?
BBC AMERICA On Demand provides you with the convenience of enjoying BBC AMERICA’s acclaimed programming whenever you want.  You can even pause, fast forward and rewind and watch as often as you’d like.

Will I have to pay for programming that is currently available for free on BBC AMERICA?
Currently, all of the content available on BBC AMERICA On Demand is free for BBC America subscribers.

How often are programs changed?
Programming is refreshed on a weekly basis. Check the schedule to find out exactly when new programming is available.

At what time of the day is BBC AMERICA On Demand available?
You can watch shows available on BBC AMERICA On Demand at any time of day or night.

Where is BBC World News available?
Get a global view of the world with 24-hour news channel, BBC World News, available on TV across the US. With journalists in more countries than any other international broadcaster, the channel brings you the news no matter where you are or when a story may break. Find BBC World News on your TV here. We also encourage you to visit BBC.com/news for the latest in-depth coverage from around the world.

Why have you dropped my favorite show from the schedule?
As a channel dedicated to bringing audiences exciting and ground-breaking programming, BBC AMERICA competes in a commercial environment where ratings and viewer preferences are a constant consideration and we strive to keep our programming fresh and relevant to our viewers.

It is also possible that you may not see your favorite program on BBC AMERICA because the current series has ended.  Please remember that British TV shows are made in much smaller quantities and much shorter seasons than those produced in the U.S.

If you have missed an episode or two along the way, don’t worry.  The good news is that many BBC AMERICA shows are available on BBC AMERICA On Demand after they have finished airing on the linear channel.  Check with your television service provider for listings

How can I obtain a BBC AMERICA schedule?
BBC AMERICA is proud to offer up-to-date, 24-hour programming schedules online. Programs are displayed in both weekly and daily printable grids – or you can search for a specific program by name. In addition, our daily schedule is also available in several cable and satellite guides and in national newspapers such as the New York Times and USA Today. Alternatively, we recommend contacting your television service provider for subscription details to their own publications or online listings.

How can I find out when a particular program will air or repeat on BBC AMERICA?
Go to the SHOWS page for a complete alphabetized list of all programs presently airing or about to air on the channel. From there, make your program selection and click on the title to be taken to that program’s homepage.