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Episode 5

Gordon turns the tables on the “savior of Radio One,” Chris Moyles, challenging the culinary imbecile and junk food addict to cook a curry-in-a-hurry in a race against a delivery from his local curry takeaway.

Gordon’s lambs (named after Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson) have eaten their way through Sarah Beeny’s back garden and are on the move to posher pastures at Beckingham Palace. No sooner are the flock munching on Victoria & David’s grass, than Gordon decides to give them a stylish haircut to fit in.

This week’s amateur cooks are four North London Estate Agents who cook a three-course meal of sauteed black pudding, sage and onion rosti with soft boiled eggs, breadcrumb veal escalope with caponata and a classic tiramisu for the diners. The recipes are so simple everyone can cook them at home, but will the Estate Agents’ attitude stand in the way of them producing quality food and winning the chance to return as finalists in the series?