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Jungles: People of the Trees

The jungle is home to a huge variety of life — but living here is not as easy as it looks.

For us humans in particular the rainforest is brutal.

This eye-popping episode reveals the remarkable ways in which people carve a living in the wildest places on the planet.

In Brazil the Matis shape 4 meter-long blowpipes to hunt monkeys in complete silence. The Baka pygmies of the Congo defy death by scaling 40 meter-high trees — using nothing more than a vine — just to get a honey treat for their families!

Playtime for the Piaroa children of Venezuela means a tarantula hunt — for a lunchtime snack.

In West Papua the Korowai tribe show off their engineering skills, building a high-rise ‘apartment’ 35 meters up in the tree tops.

And in Brazil we join a special monitoring flight for a filming first: a glimpse of a remote tribe. Only in the jungle could an entire community of people live in complete isolation from the outside world.