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Cities: Surviving the Urban Jungle

This the final episode of Human Planet looks at the environment which has been made by humans for humans.

Cities are our greatest success story and now over half the world’s population lives in the urban jungle.

They are built to keep untamed nature out but nature cannot be pushed away. From bed bugs sucking our
blood at night, to rats in our restaurants, gangs of monkey muggers and rutting elks in downtown USA, many animals have adapted to living in a world of bricks and steel.

Not all urban animals are seen as pests. In the ancient City of Fez in Morocco the leather tanneries depend on poo from wild pigeons.

Even futuristic Dubai would falter without falcons. In the suburbs of Jaipur we meet a Bisnoi women who breastfeeds an orphaned fawn. On Manhattan’s rooftops we join City Slicker beekeepers. And on a much larger scale people are starting to realize that nature is key to the continued success of humanity.

As consumption in our Cities increases so does the need to protect the natural world with it’s finite resources. In Masdar in Abu Dhabi, British architect, Norman Foster is helping create a carbon neutral future city.

The human planet is starting to realize that the City is the place where we need nature most.