What Do You Love Most About Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor?


Needless to say, there are a ton of Eleventh Doctor idiosyncrasies we’re going to miss… But what’s been your favorite? The bow tie? The fez? His whimsical gesticulations and twirling??

Add a comment to this page naming your favorite Eleventh Doctor moment or personality quirk – keep it to a sentence or two – and don’t forget to share with your friends! Most popular comments will be featured in the slider up top.

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  • http://www.boweryboogie.com/ Dave Gustav

    Let’s go back to the very beginning. I’ll miss the fish fingers and custard. You clever boy.

  • Sara B

    I love how he can be just like a kid one moment and then a solemn old man the next! Matt’s an awesome actor.

  • Faith Gibson

    I’ll miss the sheer joy and enthusiasm he brought to the role. Such a clever raggedy man!

  • geoffrey1986

    I’ll miss everything being cool… Bow ties, fezzes, Stetsons, bunk beds, space suits, etc.

    Matt Smith, YOU da man!

  • R.J. A

    I’m going to miss his quirkiness and his fairy tale esque era. It was sheer magic. We will miss you, clever boy! A wonderful Doctor! Best wishes, Matt!

  • Vendea

    I’ll miss his childish behaviour and bowtie and fez of course :)

  • Lisa Martinez

    I really love his energy and quirkiness – really gonna miss Matt as the Doctor!

  • Debby

    The look in The Doctor’s eyes when gazing fondly at Amy, Rory or Clara. It’s full of love and wonder. Such a brilliant actor to be able to say so much with just his eyes.

  • Whoworld

    What will I miss? The speeches, the humor, the physical comedy, the laughter, the tears, the hats, the bow ties, the wit, that face, that chin, mostly I will miss everything. Goodbye Raggedy Man. You did your job well and can be proud of the work you did. Good Luck to you in all your future adventures.

  • Jen Lynn

    I’ll just miss his adorable face! And the bowties!

  • http://twitter.com/imagewear Gary Powell

    He’s my favorite Doctor, since Tom Baker. His fun natured, child-like quality will certainly be missed.

  • Jo Ann Cook

    his innocence one moment then genius the next.

  • Patty fm Philly

    His ability to make us forget he’s “a madman with a box” and take us with him, where ever he goes.

  • David Ryan

    I’ll miss the energy he brought to the role. From the very start he’s been like a whirlwind.

  • Parth Thakor

    Matt Smith, the man who made bow ties cool. The madman in a box who introduced me into the world of Doctor Who. The man, who has become my favorite Doctor. Thank you for everything!!!

  • Mike Maillaro

    Matt Smith was funny and charming as the Doctor. He also really managed to make the character feel alien while still maintaining his humanity and heroism.

  • Lloyd Dodgen

    I’ll miss everything. I’ll miss the child-like wonder, the curious professor, the furious Time Lord, the old man in a young mans body. I’ll miss how he made everything not cool so very very cool. Of all the Doctor’s, You Are My Doctor and will always be. Thanks Again!!!

  • Rachel V Ross

    I’ll miss the geronimos he yelled, the fish fingers and custard, and who could forget the bow tie and fez. Run you clever boy and dont forget us (your fans). ♥♥

  • Lynn Michael Rappolt

    I will miss how he is always saying something that sounds like something I would say.

  • naturegirl015

    A man of many amazing talents and an inspiration to us all. Both the Doctor and Matt Smith. Thank you.

  • Rachel Wheeler

    I will miss everything about Matt’s doctor. He was my first Doctor and there will always be a special place in my heart for our Raggedy Man.

  • Sylvia Harlow

    I will miss you enthusiasm and your ability to relate to your companions. You have set a new standard for the Doctor. I hope someone finds you a wonderful new character to play. Thanks for a great run.

  • Nishtha Gupta

    Matt Smith’s Doctor was essentially the MADMAN IN THE BOX. That made him so lovable. Despite being the youngest Doctor he played a 900+ time lord effortlessly. He could be angry in one moment and extremely hilarious in the next.Thank you so much Matt!

  • Kacey Lane Charles Bailey

    Bow ties are cool! He’s child like wonder, his ability to find the good, and of course GERONIMO!!!

  • Jess

    I will miss the wide eyed wonder with which Eleven saw the world, and his joy at everything the universe offers. Thank you for bringing that to the Doctor!

  • Erika Urbancic

    I will miss the days just waiting anxiously to see him on the screen, making me forget about the world outside and taking me to these far away lands and making my day amazing with his everything! We’ll miss you Matt! You are and always will be MY doctor.

  • Stephanie McDonald

    Matt, you helped me see that it’s okay to act young even when dealing with a tough adult decision, but to turn it right around when you need to. I will forever miss your Doctor, the fish fingers and custard, and the fez. I know you will do Hollywood some good! We love you Matt!

  • Amanda Lux

    I will miss The way his actions screamed: “Alien” when he was trying to be human. How well he went together with his companions. Especially Clara. How he managed to bring out the best in them. He had a loud, powerful, domineering presence, and two gentle, extraordinary, brilliant, funny, and loving hearts. He was a cute sort of childish at times, made him very endearing, but he always was exactly what he needed to be, silly, strong, serious, angry, or confused exactly when he needed to be. His wit. Crazy style, ridiculous hats. Pretty much everything.

  • Donna Standridge

    The drunk giraffe. I’ll miss you, twinkle-toes.

  • Christopher Nguyen

    ” I walked away from the Last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe, and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time, no space – just me. I’ve walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman. I’ve watched universes freeze and creations burn. I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. I have lost things you will never understand. And I know things. Secrets that must never be told, knowledge that must never be spoken, knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze! So, come on, then! Take it! Take it all, baby! Have it! You have it all!”

  • Marc Rubio

    I’ll miss the silly goofy Doctor with a name tag so that he could remember his name, who could speak baby, and was truly a Madman With A Box. I’ll miss the Doctor with all if his rules and nobody knew why, a man with a tragic past and new hope for the future. I’ll miss the fez, the bow ties, and most of all, I’ll miss Matt Smith, whom I grew to love even though I was skeptical of him. You truly made The Doctor your own, and I’m glad you chose to do so.

  • Ingrid Herrera-Yee

    I will miss your sense of style (bow ties, Fez, Stetson), your humor (I’m the clever one, you’re the potato one!), your culinary prowess (Fish Fingers and Custard anyone?) and the protector in you (Hello. I’m the Doctor. Basically…run). You will be missed Matt, thank you for an amazing run! GERONIMO!

  • Ana Sofía

    Matt’s Doctor taught us that true joy is in the smallest things, like fish fingers and custard, bow ties, and fezzes; and that friends can be the best family in the darkest moments. We’ll miss you raggedy Doctor!

  • Fawn Luna Jovingo

    I will miss his openness to all things , and of course the fez and hand waving around when talking . Mostly though ill miss Him . You never forget your first doctor . And Matt ill never forget you .

  • Aaron Courtney

    I’ll miss your wonderful ability to enthrall all of us Whovians. The way you make us forget the terrible things that go on in our world and allow us to escape just for a little while. I’ll miss you Matt, you’ll be great in Hollywood!

  • Jay V

    Matt Smith. I’ve watched three Doctors’ entire televised run. Four if you count the War Doctor. You brought together the best bits of Nine and Ten, the most intricate pieces of Christipher Eccleston and David Tennant, wrapped them all up in a little bow, and tied it all together with your own unique … oh geez I just practically said bow tie …. wait where was I? Yeah. More than just a conglomeration of characters, you were a cranky old grandfather, a crazy old grandfather, a man with a past, and a wacky child all rolled into one lanky piece of amazing. I was won over from the start and when all those other fans say, “Your first Doctor is your Doctor,” I tell them, “LIES! Matt Smith is my Doctor!”

  • Rachel

    I wouldn’t even know where to begin! But, I know I’ll miss your endless enthusiasm, whirlwind energy, quirkiness, wit and warmth. Thank you, Matt, and best to you wherever you go. GERONIMO!

  • Karina Mae Kowalski

    I will miss your flirting and clumsiness. Not to mention the goofiness. THE BOW TIE!! Idk.. Just everything really. Every doctor is unique. I love you all. Miss you all!!

  • Katie Henderson

    He was amazing, full of energy. “I’m being extremely clever up here and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed, what’s the point in having you all?!”

  • Andrea Edwards

    Going to miss you, Matt Smith! It’s been wonderful seeing you, and watching you go on all of those great adventures through time and space. I hope you don’t forget your fans.

  • Jazzbo

    I will miss the 11th Doctor, also have an odd twist, I was 11 years old on my B-Day on 11/23/1963…Matt, you both carried on the fine work by the 10th Doctor, and moved it forward from there…great also to see older enemies like Ice Warriors and the usual ones, and the creepy-creeped out Angles from David T’s time…wish you success as you go forward…oh, if you could make a suggestion to the 12th doctor for me…he needs to extole his Scottish roots…maybe a vest with his Tartain Plaid?…go Doctor Who, and we will miss you Matt. From the States in Kalamazoo, MI…James A. Miller.

  • Peggy Weaver

    I’ll miss his energy,love of life,boyish charm and oh,yes his fashion sense. Bow ties,fez and stetson hats anyone?

  • Zippylady

    I will miss his child-like wonder of all things in the universe. Thanks Matt for a great time!

  • http://www.bpmediarelations.com Ballyhoo

    The steel underneath the child – you made me smile + were I a Dallek I would fear you :). Thanks, Matt!

  • Just a fan…

    Matt was my 1st experience with The Doctor. The next Doctor has some mighty big shoes to fill. I know this is the tradition of the show, but for me there really is only 1 Doctor…

  • Leah Hilton

    I will miss your wild twirling and gestures Your incoherent squee noises upon meeting River. Your adorable blushing when Clara kissed you. Many people say your first Doctor is your Doctor, well…..Matty you were my Doctor.

  • Sadchristmas

    You are an old soul. Funny, sad, clever, energetic and simply brilliant! I’ll miss you!

  • Hope Graham

    What you brought was fairy tale magic and the extraordinary love and kindness already natural to your personality! You bring hope and joy to many as the Doctor, and are changing the lives by being the Doctor! What a gift you are to us!

  • HelenRuth

    Me: Speechless.. Matt: I know… (with a twinkle in his eye and awe in his voice)

  • Leah

    Needless to say, as the eleventh doctor Matt has showed the audience just how wonderful and herioc the doctor truly is. He has shown a side of the doctor never seen before. Matt, thank you. You will always and forever be the raggedy man with a big blue box.

  • Mandy Kay Wilhite Hense

    someone said “ur 1st dr. is UR DR.” I say not true!! ive loved others, but not like MAtt Smith!!his crazy funny, loving, adhd kinda comedy cant b reproduced!! we will miss u, old raggedy man!! I wish u luck n future endeavors!!

  • Margi Harris

    Matt Smith is why I became a Dr. Who Fan. I Love Matt’s Doctor, for his – playful, childlike, quirky, lighthearted, caring, personality. Then that he will “Go All Out” to battle the enemies of the Earth and The Doctor! I will be crying my eyes out Christmas Night. So very sad…….. but look forward to seeing him in other endeavors…such a great actor!!! Those Eyes say so much!

  • Catspaw

    Dearest Matt-that smile, that smile, that smile….and the way you say ” Ha HAH!” Farewell my beloved Doctor. Run, you clever boy….and remember.

  • Tammy Lampert

    From the youngest fan in our family: “I will miss you the most “Raggedy Man”. You will always be my doctor.” Simon, age 5.

  • Commodore Tom

    This is the man who single-handedly got me into Doctor Who, and for that, I am eternally grateful to Matt Smith. His Doctor was one of the most fascinating, entertaining, and enjoyable characters I have seen on television this century. Absolute brilliancy. Oh and he totally made bowties cool again.

  • Christian Garza

    You are seriously one of my favorite Doctors. Your funny personality is cool. (See what I did there?) But no you’ll be missed so much you were great! It’s gonna suck to see you go. :’(

  • Miranda

    The rage of a Time Lord when you try to use the people he loves against him. The broken hearted old man when he had to say goodbye. But most of all I will miss the man who could never walk past a fez.

  • angelirish21

    He brought an unexpendable energy, and inability to sit still, to The Doctor. This magic will truly be missed, along with a quirkiness that just kept giving and took you “wherever you would like.”

  • Detroit Rae

    The smile and the twinkly eyes!

  • Bridgit

    Thank you, Matt. For everything. You’ve added to my pile of good things :)

  • Shannon Kiser

    I will miss the spinning and snapping. But more than that, I will miss the brooding madman you could see under all the laughter and frills. Matt Smith pulled this doctor off so well. You will be missed!

  • Gerardo Joseph Martinez Soto

    Dear Matt Smith, I just want to let you know on behalf of every Whovian in the world that you were fantastic; Absolutely fantastic and you know what? I don’t want you to go. But,sadly like all great things in life your life was a pile of very good things and a pile of bad things and you’ll just be a story in the end…but it was a good one. It will forever the best story ever to be recorded in the hearts of Whovians young and old I know that thank’s to you every whovian will be wearing their Fezzes and Bowties proudly in tribute to how great you were to us all and i just wanna say…Thank you.

    Geronimo,Across Dimensions from the Whovians to you.


  • Caitlin

    Do your crazy dance, tip your fez and take a bow, Raggedy Man. You’ve earned it. You clever, clever boy…we will never forget you.

  • http://thetardismatrix.weebly.com/ Esterath

    I’ll miss his uniqueness, he truly was the best actor to play the role, he made the character seem so old, his eyes said it all and he gets the role. He knows the Doctor inside out. And of course, I’ll miss his fashion sense! “Bow ties are cool!” Yes. You made them cool. Bye Matt.

  • Benjamin Davis

    I’m gonna miss a lot about Smith, he was the best Doctor ever and he was truley fantastic i connected to him on screen i felt his doctor’s pain, and the one thing i will miss the most is his variety of compassion he had for the role, he loved it and in some sense this felt like the right time to go, another thing im gonna miss is him saying geronimo and correcting his bowtie he was just the best in my opinion. I am gonna miss you man a lot. Bowties were never cooler :D

  • Raishel Wasserman


    I’ll miss the brilliant way you managed to play the Doctor as ancient and child-like all at once. I’ll miss the how alien your Doctor was, and the enthusiasm and zaniness with which you played your role.


  • Karen Gael Wolf

    Dear Matt, I will most miss your own zany self, your wonderful smile and joie de vivre and whacy sense of humour, all of which make up your very personal version of The Doctor. Alas, I have come to rely on your presence as the Doctor and shall cry when you go away!

  • Arron

    The Fez

  • Rachel Smith

    Dear Matt, you were my Doctor. Not my first, but the one I fell in love with, the one whose adventures I wanted. The number of times I dreamed of the TARDIS landing on my door step, and you popping out, is probably alarming. Your Doctor, and you, was the main thing that got me through my darkest days .I will truly miss you.

  • Michael

    You were the Doctor who showed that no matter what has happened in your life you can still put a smile on your face and have fun. Also it was the bow-tie cause after all bow-ties are cool.

  • Katiehh

    I love 11. I love his quirky humour and his dark side. I love the quirky accessories. I just think matt plays the ancient old man and young boy very well. Matt will always be my doctor

  • Mariam Kobras

    Dear Matt, when David left and you emerged as The Doctor I didn’t want to like you because I loved Ten. But you have a way of stealing hearts with the joy, the sadness and the curiosity you brought to this role. I wish you wouldn’t go. And if you must, I hope it’s a happy parting. Thank you for being a glorious Doctor! x

  • Sarah Pittaway

    Matt Smith you were my first Doctor as was converted by my oldest son last year. I will miss you because I only seen you as the doctor for one year ! You will always be my number one Doctor, you seemed to have made the part your own and your skill to age the doctor in the way he spoke and walked in the last season was a stroke of genius which the other doctors never did. I hope you will come back for any specials BBC have coming down the pipeline as love to see YOUR DOCTOR once more (like Paul Mcgann coming back for a once off) . I cannot wait to see you in another series in the future and GOOD LUCK from MYSELF and my son .

  • Sheila Atwater

    I will miss your complexities, the pure joy, the deep sorrow, simmering anger and unconditional love.

  • Delilah K. Stephans

    Matt Smith, I’ve watched all the Doctor’s since Tom Baker. Your Doctor is definitely a “Mad man with a box”. You may have been one of the youngest actors to play the Doctor, but you brought age, wisdom and wonder. I will greatly miss you when series 8 opens. Good luck in the future.

  • whovian

    Dear Matt I didn’t like you much to start with but as soon as I watched a few episodes I grew to love you too. It will be sad to see you go but I am happy that you were picked as the doctor!

  • Flavious Maximus Vox

    Will miss the quirky sense of humour that Matt displayed. The child like curiousity in the show that made the show fun to watch and the overall Witt and Charm displayed making the show even more fun to watch.

  • Melissa

    Matt, you will always be my Doctor. Thank you for the mad, hilarious, heartbreaking fun. My children and I have been mourning your departure ever since we heard the news. We will miss you intensely, but we wish you all the very best on all of your future endeavors. See ya ’round, Raggedy Man. <3

  • Allen Benningfield

    I will miss his romantic view of humanity, displayed in his every expression and word when talking about “us.” I will miss his way of making you believe for even a short while that the imagination we held so dear as children does not have to fade away as adults. He truly makes you believe he is both young and old at the same time.

  • Linea

    Dear Matt. I will miss you as much as you missed the fez, when River shoot it. :)

  • Felipe Januário

    Matt, I’ll miss how well you could deliver a epic speech, like the “Hello, Stonehenge” or the one in Rings of Akhaten. How you brilliantly could show us the light and the darkness in the Doctor’s heart(s), but in a way we could understand his pain and be happy when something went right. It was a honor to follow your travels, mad man with a box!

  • Joella

    I’m going to miss the jelly babies, the Drunk Giraffe, you and River flirting…..and I’m especially going to miss how you dance. At weddings. ;)

  • Caitlin Matts fan

    Matt Smith who was Matt Smith? Oh haven’t you heard? He is a brilliant man who made bowties cool, and fishfingers and custard a treat. He is fun, quirky and delightful, such a wonderful Doctor. Once again we will have to say goodbye, but that’s the thing about Doctor who, it changes. I will Miss him when he goes but never forget our madman in a box, thank you matt Smith. We will miss you.

  • Andi

    Matt, you have been completely amazing as the Doctor, so thank you. At first, I thought David would be difficult to pass up, but you brought a Mad Man that filled his viewers with joy and sadness. I’ll miss the bow tie and the fez from my favorite Doctor. Thank you so much.

  • Libby Christine Thomas

    i’m just going to miss his whole character. The way he dresses, his sense of style, obsession with fez’s and how ‘Bowtie’s ARE cool’! I really don’t want to see him go but i know that all great things must come to an end one day or another, just because he won’t be on the screen any more doesn’t by any means mean that he won’t still be in our hearts. Matt, you’ve done the show so very proud and us whovians are so thankful for the fantastic time you’ve given us. Just always remember that we will all be behind you in whatever your future leads you to next. And i simply just want to say a whole hearted Thankyou.

  • Raymond Doubrava

    May favorite part was watching you be an old man in a young man’s body. Everyone expected you to be goofier than David, and you were, but you also were extremely old and serious. Much like Troughton, you had big shoes to fill when you took over and no one thought you could do it. But, just like Troughton, not only did you fill the shoes, but you stretched them making them even bigger than they were before.

  • Wade Wallenstein

    Matt Smith, you are my Doctor.
    I spent time before Series 6 aired to do research on Doctor Who and even watched some of the other new series as well as the classics. I enjoyed the 9th Doctor, had some fun with the 10th but truly fell in love with the 11th. Matt Smith brought so much energy and playfulness to the Doctor and it’s been a joy to watch, read and listen to his adventures. I will miss seeing new adventures but happy the show will continue. Goodbye, Raggedy Man!

  • Connor Murray

    When you first became the Doctor I was dead set against it and for that I am sorry because by the end of your first episode I was massively impressed and now I have to say you are my favourite Doctor to date! Well done for making the character so good! GERONIMO! Oh and wear a fez!

  • Hnatiw Family

    You came into Doctor Who and captured hearts that were hurting from the loss of David. You have brought an amaxing pressence and force to DW that brings so much joy, sorrow and makes you really feel what the story was meant too. You will never be forgotten for you work as the Doctor and your even better performance as Doctor in the 50th Annuversary will have you immortalized. My three year old adores you, as you were her first. She cried when she found out you were leaving. Christmas day we will shed a tear for our loss but will wish you great many things for you in the future. We hope all you dream of comes true and we send much love. Good luck with everything from here on in. You will always be one of our favorite stories in the end.

  • Dylan Shaw

    I will miss the way you seemed to look at the world, with all the weight of age, but all the exuberance of youth.

  • Lillian Graves

    Everything…. I’ll miss it all. My son loves Doctor Who so much, we watch it together, so along with all of the memories I have of the show, I have all these great memories of watching it with my husband and kids. Thank you so much for being the kind of show I can let my kids watch. Matt… on an even more personal note, my family has had the most changeling couple years, and having the 11th Doctor’s world to get lost in, even for an hour a week, has been a welcome and delightful distraction. Thank you, Doctor, and Happy Christmas! You will be missed.

  • Danielle Nichole Stutler

    Matt, it has been one heck of a journey! At first, I didn’t know whether I liked you playing the doctor or not… But I grew to love you.. You are not my first doctor, but you are MY Doctor! I will miss you more than I can even attempt to put into words. You revolutionized the role of the doctor. I will miss the quirky professor esque style you have to the doctors childlike ness. The way to spoke, flirted with river, and joked around. You made it fun, adventurous, and kooky. My mad man in a box.. My doctor. I will miss you. No one will ever be able to measure up to you.

  • Hdn

    What will I miss thew most about Matth Smith? Hm, thats easy. Where is is THE DOCTOR.


    We will miss you , Matt. Best of luck, and THANK YOU!

  • Lou Pare-Lobinske

    So many emotions, so many good moments, but I think I’ll miss the whimsy the most. Thank you, Matt. You were awesome and we’ll miss you!

  • Garrick Mark

    Matt, you’ve been brilliant as the Doctor! One of the things I’ve loved best about your Doctor is the age and youth you’ve managed to display all in one character. You’re a very talented actor and I’ll be praying for your success! Thank you for being MY Doctor! :)

  • Sarah Zmina

    Matt, you were my first Doctor and I’m grateful to have such a fantastic start to the series. I love your Doctor’s quirks, childlike attitude toward life and loyalty to friends. Your Doctor has set such a standard for the part and your legacy to the series will last a lifetime. I will greatly miss your Doctor but look forward to the future of Doctor Who! Good luck and Geronimo!

  • Hannah

    Matt, you did childlike wonder and the dark, scary part of the Doctor so well. Nightmare in Silver was a masterpiece. The heart you had for the show and for us as fans was so visible throughout. Thank you for sharing these years of your life with us, and letting us share with you!

  • JD B

    I loved his ancientness in a young mans body. He was able pull of the Doctor years better then anyone before him.

  • Blake Carter

    Dear Matt, Thanks for being so amazing these last few years as the Doctor. You did such a great job playing an old man with young skin! I could go on and on, but just know you are loved! Blessings on your journey from here on in! Thanks again!

  • Jenna

    Matt dear, I must admit I wasn’t sure about you, having gotten so attached to David Tennant. But I will miss your smile, your tears, your silly hand gestures and Eleven-isms. I will miss you as the Doctor. My Doctor. Goodbye, Raggedy Man. Thank you

  • Madison Malone

    Matt Smith, i will miss everything about you! you were/are soo funny and made the worst days one of the best! i am really going to miss your funny comebacks and sayings, your style (bowties are cool!). Your childlike essence made you so much more interesting, your adventurousness (that’s not a word but now it is), you were just brilliant! You were not the first Doctor i watched but you are by far my favorite! i will miss you and everything you brought to the sow! Matt you are AMAZING!!!!!

  • Ashley Wisnoski

    I loved your quirky amd strange personality. The relationships you made with your companions showed how much you cared for and loved them. I will miss that. Ive loved you since your first episode. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors.

  • Deena M

    We will miss everything about Matt Smith as The Doctor! The hardest thing to watch is when The Doctor regenerates into a new body but you stepped into the role previously played by 10 other actors and made it your own. We have enjoyed watching you and wish you luck on your next endeavors. One of our favorite things about you is your bowtie!!!!

  • Danika Jackson

    I’ll miss everything about you, Matt. Especially your fun personality :)

  • Lohanna Dos Santos

    Matt I’m going to miss you so much!!!! You were my first official doctor and I just can’t see Doctor Who without you! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! I love you and wish you the best you clever boy!!!! “Run you clever boy and remember me!”

  • Andrew Barlow

    I’ll miss the cool bow-ties, and fezzes.

  • Appalachia Joy

    The vulnerability of Matt’s doctor was touching, and I loved the “____ are cool” phrase, which I use all the time although my non-Who friends don’t get it. Wish you well, Matt.

  • Indigo™

    Matt, I love your speeches. You did the Doctor right, from the quirkyness, to the harsh, dark Doctor – but above all, you gave the best speeches. From the Pandorica, to Demons Run, to Akhaten (my favorite), you spoke in a way that made each and every word ring with truth, and with passion. We’re going to miss you Raggedy man! Geronimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie O’Bryant

    I am going to miss MY Doctor. You were the one who grabbed my hand and told me to run. You were the one who introduced to me just how wonderful everything in this universe is. And You were the one who gave me a friend when I desperately needed one. I’m going to miss you, Raggedy Man! <3

  • Michael Miller

    I love his stories and his companions. Raggedy man we will miss you.

  • Matt

    Matt, When David Tennant regenerated into you, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what we got from you was a terrific doctor and it has been a marvelous journey on the Tardis with you. Best wishes as you venture out to other opportunities, but we will still look for the Doctor with the bow tie, because bow ties are cool and the fez, because fez’s are cool.

  • Emily Rauch

    The way Matt Smithy was able to go from absolutely ridiculous to absolutely terrifying, childlike to a grand elder, within the same scene was brilliant. He is also able to convey the love he has for all his companions and especially River with merely facial expressions is amazing. He is my favorite Doctor.

  • Max

    Bowties. Bowties are cool.

  • Kelly

    Dear Matt. You are the Doctor. I will miss the way you played him as a tired old man in a young mans body. The way as weary as he was you expressed that the Universe could still surprise him. I will especially miss when he exclaims “HA!” The announces something. I will always remember that as a man who has seen it all he still show joy and facination with the little things fezs, bow ties, and the like. Geronimo, Doctor.

  • David Struve

    Matt, I just want to thank you for the powerful episodes in which you portrayed the doctor. I will never forget your Vincent and the Doctor, which I know for a fact saved a few lives with people realizing there was no shame in getting help for depression. Truly, you are the Doctor, and will always be MY Doctor.

  • September Courtney

    You have been better and will be missed more than you realize. Thank you for an incredible journey.

  • Lisette

    The dark Doctor that bubbles just beneath the surface of the childlike Doctor. The life that you brought to him and of course the bow ties. Which by the way, are cool.

  • Steven Glaspey

    I will miss you’re energy,,,,The Fezzes and bowties are forever cool…How you were the old man but the young child also. Mostly I will miss Fish Fingers and custard, the slightly cocky attitude of the Doctor and the Ability to bring hope when the people needed…GOOD BYE RAGGEDY MAN!

  • Sara Wald

    Dear Matt Smith; how do I sum up how much I love and will miss thee? One moment a giddy boy, the next a weary, lonely old man. Oh, you’re brilliant at that! Your energy, your passion, your sheer delight in this role shines through every scene you’re in. You stole my heart and whisked me away, you madman with a box. I will dearly miss, and fondly remember, our adventures. I wish you the very best. Geronimo!

  • Jimmy Letterhos

    Matt Smith, I’ve come to admire your Doctor in the same way I’ve come to admire Patrick Troughton’s. Your quirks and the way you talk with your hands are the things I’ll miss most about your Doctor. Even when the stakes were high you always managed to make a joke, but I’ve come to appreciate the power you brought to the role. You stood face to face with some of the worst monsters and dared them to fight you. You know what? I’m going to miss everything about you. Thank you for your years as the Doctor!

  • Nicole McLernon

    You were both a joyful child and a lonely old man, sometimes at the same moment.

    I’m glad I only have one heart. The pain of two hearts breaking at your departure would be too much.

  • Robert Jr Gammariello

    Matt, you may not have been my first Doctor, but you sure were MY Doctor. I carry your sonic everywhere with me, and dress like you everyday (coat, stetson, suspenders, and yes, the bow tie). I have even been called the Doctor by many strangers, all of which led to great friendships. Thank you for the inspiration for a prank on my high school band director, and thank you most importantly bringing people together, for bringing the crazy, fun-loving Doctor back, and being the best Doctor ever.

  • Lexie

    Most of all, I’ll miss the way he loves River!

    • Rory

      I second that! Alex Kingston and Matt Smith are brilliant together!

  • Cassandra Jarrell

    Dear Matt, while i only starting watching doctor who this year in Feb, it was the way that you play the doctor that has keep me sane this past year, i love you, and i dont want to see you go as the doctor. But as doctor who is about change but youll always always be my doctor. :)

  • Nerd Ranter

    Matt Smith….you will always be our favorite Doctor!!! We will miss your energy and outstanding performances in every episode. You have truly grown as an actor from “The Eleventh Hour” to today. See you at the Oscars someday! Geronimo to you!

  • Jessi Didway

    Thank you Matt, for being MY doctor. You weren’t the first but you will always be the first person that comes to mind when I hear: “Doctor”. Thank you for all the adventures. Thanks for saving the world.

  • Tiffany

    EVERYTHING. Every Doctor is one of a kind and you were no different.

  • Kristan Pasch

    Matt, thank you. Thank you for being My First Doctor, My Doctor, the one who started my addiction, the one who kept me so involved in The Doctor that now even my kids can’t get enough of you or The Doctor. You are the only reason I’ve ever geeked out, and drove 4 hours to see the 50th in 3D in a bowtie :) Thank you for giving my kids and I something to watch together and bond over, cry over, and celebrate over. I look forward to following your career as Matt Smith, not just as The Doctor. Thank you for being you.

  • Adrienne Lazes

    I’ll miss your interactions with River Song!

  • Sarah M

    Dear Matt, You were absolutely wonderful. I’m desperately going to miss your wild physicality – the twirling and clapping and all that wonderful jazz! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next, but we’ll miss you here in the world of Who.

  • David Theriault

    Your ability to go from upbeat, joyful acting to serious and dramatic will be missed. Geronimo!

  • Sam

    Matt, I’ll miss the humour and emotion you brought to the Eleventh Doctor. You will be missed!

  • Hannah

    Matt, you were my first Doctor, and you’ll always be my favorite. I’ll miss your sense of humor. I’ll miss the bow tie, the hats, and hearing “Geronimo.” I’ll miss the man who had never met anyone who wasn’t important. And I’ll miss the actor who could always make me believe he really was a Time Lord, the madman with a box.

  • Stefanie

    I’m going to miss how you perfectly blend a matter-of-fact attitude with quirkiness….. “Bow ties are cool. And fezzes, fezzes are cool, too!” No doubt whatsoever, yet so quirky and human. You made the Doctor so very human and lovable! Thanks for a great experience! Geronimo!!!

  • dmh

    heres good on ya mate! job well done. you will be missed

  • Charles Rex

    Matt Smith I think you sold the part of the doctor better than anyone else could have. I truly wish that you would have stayed around for a few more seasons. I hope to see more of your performances in the future even if they are not as the doctor.

  • Christy Carter

    Matt I am going to miss you being my Doctor. I love everything you brought to the Doctor from the bow tie to the fez to the funny gestures you made when River kissed you. Thank you for being a truly amazing Doctor.

  • Katniss

    Dear Matt,
    You were made to be the doctor but all things must come to a end. We all love you and every Whovain will be crying and say this is the saddest episode…they will also say this is the worst Christmas present ever.
    You will be missed

  • Ashley Houtz

    Dear Matt Smith,
    Thank for being the Eleventh Doctor. You were brilliant. You were funny, caring, child-like, and sincere. You’ve made a difference in many Whovians’ lives, including my own. So glad you’re part of the legacy that is “Doctor Who”. Good luck in whatever you choose to do next, but know that we’ll all miss you, and it’s so hard to say “good-bye”, Raggedy Man. God bless! (PS – Bow ties, thanks to you, will always be cool.)

  • Grace

    Matt, you were my first doctor and I couldn’t have picked a better man to help get me into Doctor Who. I’ll miss your amazing ability to transition from being adorable and “drunk giraffe”-like into a lonely and broken man. You display the complexity of the Doctor so brilliantly and I will always miss that. Matt, I’m sure you will go on to do great things and know that no matter how much I love the Doctors to come in the future, you will always be my Doctor.

  • Nuveena777

    I will miss the way you mumbled good things under your breath, how good you looked in a beard, and the fact that my 7 year old daughter knows what a bowtie is because they are cool! You are the madman with a box!!

  • Kristin Snyder

    The genuine, persistent, almost hell-bent slant towards optimism is what really caught me about Matt’s portrayal. It was both humbling and extraordinary to watch such a character, with such a young face but an old, weary past, never settle for giving up.

  • Kelly from Brooklyn

    Matt Smith is the Tigger Doctor – his opening scene where is trying the assorted foods Amelia Pond serves him and bouncing around with such glee is just pure joy to watch. I watched about 5 episodes before I realized just how young Matt is. He is able to be old and young at the same time, a sign that he is not only a great Doctor but a great actor, too. MATT – PLEASE BRING HAMLET TO BROADWAY – you would be a brilliant Danish Prince! I’ll miss you, Raggedy Man.

  • Destyni Upton

    You were perfect. you were both awkward and graceful that no other doctor has managed to be. You were happy, kind, and young while still being wise and ancient. Thank you for bringing unique things like bow ties, fezzes, stetsons, and fish fingers and custard. Whovians everywhere will miss you! Thank you for telling another chapter of the incredible story of The Doctor.

  • Whoface

    I’ll miss the awkward tumbles, the fumbling around only to turn around and make it look purpose. I’ll miss the moments he really shined (albeit the last season wasn’t all that great after the Ponds left) like “A good man goes to war” that shows the depth of Matt’s skills. Most importantly, I’ll just miss his gummy face.

  • Amanda Lay

    I will miss everything! But most of all the brilliant way Matt was able to portray both the old and young in the Doctor. I will miss the fun and the goofy sides and the epic speeches that made me cry. I want to thank Matt Smith with all my heart(s). Because of the 11th Doctor, I will always be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Anaïs Bray

    I’ll miss his clumsiness and his smile, This eleventh doctor will always makes me smile. We Will miss you Matt. Thank you Sweetie :)

  • Samantha Gluck

    no matter what anyone else says, bowties ARE cool

  • Joe

    Thank You, Matt Smith, You truly have been an amazing Doctor. From fish fingers and custard, to bow-ties, to fezzes you made the role your own. I’ll miss you a lot and we wish you all the very best on all of your future endeavors. See ya ’round, Raggedy Man.

  • Rory

    Dear Matt, Thank you for being brilliant at your work. You’re a fantastic actor and I’ve enjoyed watching this show. You’re my Doctor, and always will be, and I’ll most certainly continue watching this show. Best wishes in all you do in the future, keep up that wonder and awe and your success will continue! I look forward to seeing where you go from here!

  • sarah mitchum

    Thank you for the fun journey across the universe! :)

  • Michelle

    From the childlike exuberance to an old man who has seen far too much in the blink of an eye, your Doctor kept me laughing and crying. And the hats, oh god the hats!! I’ll miss everything about your Doctor, Matt!! :) My five year old adores you too and insists that bow ties ARE cool. You are the man who made me love the Doctor! Geronimo! <3 <3

  • johngilesyoder

    Matt’s dichotomy of innocence and intensity. He has married the two in such an authentic way. It made for such an entertaining Doctor. Also will miss the trailing verbal processing. It’s so funny sometimes and he pulls it off wonderfully.

  • Ryan Keeney

    Matt I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. David was my first Doctor, and I love him so much for bring me into the Who universe. But when 10th regenerated into the 11th, and I saw your first episode, I fell in love with Doctor Who all over again. And then I found out we share the same birthday, a connection that helped me love the 11th even more, but most importantly your Doctor helped with one quote that has changed my life, “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. Good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.” I know it was written for you, but hearing those words made me reevaluate everything I ever thought about life. So in a sense, you allowed me to regenerate into a new me, a new self, one who can carry on and forge a new path for myself. Free from the anger, hatred, and regret that I used to carry. You gave us a Doctor that was a Doctor, not a hero, not a warrior, but a Doctor. And like your Doctor, I don’t like endings. Thank you so much Matt Smith, remember that us Whovians will cherish you forever as you go on to new things and that we wish you all the success in the world. Thank you for being MY Doctor.

  • Sarah

    Matt, thank you so much for all the fun, all the laughter and all the tears. You (and your bow tie and fez) will be greatly missed. Best wishes for everything you do wherever time and space take you! Geronimo, Raggedy Man!

  • David Culliton

    Matt, you ARE the Doctor. From the moment you popped up on screen, you embodied every single one of your predecessors perfectly. Your Doctor has a smile to bring the happiest of happiness, and a deep sorrow that your brilliant portrayal allows us to all feel. Thank you, you are my Doctor. GERONIMO!!

  • Marissa

    I was ready to go into mourning approaching David Tennent’s regeneration, but as soon as I saw you in the TARDIS I knew The Doctor would be in good hands. Fezes, bowties, and bunk beds will always be cool.

  • Kandi


    The reason I started watching Doctor who was to get to you. I got to David’s Doctor and fell in love with him and when I made it to you I was not really feeling it at first then as I kept watching I realized you are my Doctor . I am pretty sure I will cry once you live the stage. You will always and forever be my Raggedy Doctor. So long and Thanks for all the fish… I will miss you Raggedy Doctor

  • MusicManNick

    Matt’s run on Doctor Who was one of the most fun things I’ve had the pleasure of watching. All the quirks and speeches and fezzes, it was one great ride and I’m glad I was a part of it!

  • Matthew`

    You have made a wonderful list of Doctors even better. It was an amazing journey and I wish you all the luck and success in all of time and space, and in everything that ever happened or ever will. You most certainly were a madman with a box Geronimo!

  • Alicia Morris

    Dear Matt Smith,
    I wanted to hate your doctor so badly, but before your first episode was even half way through I knew that would be impossible. You are fun, quirky, exciting, and lovable. Your romance with River is probably my favorite part of your time on Doctor Who. As well as your time with Amy and Rory. I will miss you so much! You are absolutely, without a doubt MY doctor <3 Good luck after Doctor Who! GERONIMO!

  • Rachael

    Matt, there are so many things that I will miss about you being Eleven, I think it will be impossible to list them all. But I will try. The way Eleven smiles, the twinkle in his eyes when he looks at the people he loves. The way he talks with his hands and the curve of his chin when he’s thoughtful or sad. How he kisses his companions on the forehead and how tenderly he loves River. When he wears Amy’s Glasses, the way he straightens his bow tie and puts on his Fez. How he is fluent in Horse as well as Baby. I love how he’s so obviously a very old (and wise, though he doesn’t always act it), “trapped” in a young man’s body. How he’s gangly and awkward, but still as sweetly endearing as any man or time lord ever could be. I love that Eleven is the consummate Doctor. I love that he is MY Doctor.

    THANK YOU MATT! Thank you for everything you’ve done for the show and fans like me. You’ll be so truly missed.

  • Colleen Conway

    Dear Matt, You are such a great actor! I will miss your ability to convey that complex range of emotions, that one would expect from a 1200 year old time traveler! You could make me go from laughing to crying within moments of one another! I will certainly miss your portrayal of everyone’s favorite Time Lord! Best of Luck!

  • Alex

    Dear Matt,
    You bring such joy and fun to the Doctor. You have caused us to see him in a different and better light. I truly enjoyed you time as the Doctor. I wish it wouldn’t end.

  • Joe Sorbera

    Thanks, Matt, for all the speeches, laughs, and hand-flapping. Your enthusiasm for the part, the show, and the fans will be missed. Geronimo!

  • Steve Craft

    Matt, I just wanted to let you know that it was a privilege to be able to watch you play the Doctor. You’re an amazing actor and I wish you all the best. See you on the 100th anniversary!

  • Taylor Bennett

    I will miss the fact that he was so young and so old at the same time. He was a father and a friend, the raggedy Doctor in his blue box, so fairy tale and so whimsical. Truly unique and will forever be my Doctor. He gave me faith, taught me to dream and that I could go anywhere and do anything, and that sometimes people are completely amazing. He taught me to never stop running, and that it’s okay to turn around and face what’s chasing you. He taught me to see the world through the eyes of a child again, big and full wonder. He taught me to think and to be strong. He was exactly what I thought the Doctor should be and he honestly saved and changed my life. So thank you so much Matt Smith, it’s time for us to part ways, but you will forever be the raggedy mad man with a box. Again, thank you and Geronimo! You were perfect.

  • Gwendolyn Billings

    One out of about a million reasons why I value The Doctor as a brilliant role model, is because he is incredibly and completely himself. He is blunt yet logical, compassionate and enthusiastic. Not too over zealous but optimistic for new opportunities. He is extremely intelligent and has a delightful sense of hilarity. I think that The Doctor nicely balances a rather lovely peculiar quirk. He loves life. As I mentioned before, he is utterly himself with no exceptions. No matter what new attributes each actor brings to this role, within each incarnation you can find this same aspect at the core of The Doctor. Perhaps this idea sounds unusual to you, nevertheless, I believe that The Doctor transfers this fearlessness and passion for life into his outfit choices. I experienced a deep joy when the 11th Doctor appeared for the first time in his tweed jacket, suspenders, bow tie and action-y boots, which is entirely my style as well. The 11th Doctor’s style has that sense of adventure and old fashioned glimmer. In addition, I think that his style encompasses this particular doctor’s eccentricity and quirky aspects, along with his almost innocent behavior. His style is rather versatile too. It is smart and sophisticated yet youthful and adventurous all at the same time. His clothing is completely him, just as he is completely himself. I feel a deep connection to this Doctor’s personality and I would gladly go shopping in the 11th Doctor’s closet. I can’t quite explain it but I feel really connected to Matt Smith’s portrayal of The Doctor! Farewell to a brilliant Doctor and a brilliant actor. We will always remember you. I will miss this madman with a box. Geronimo!

  • Whovian from across the Pond

    Matt had the amazing ability to go from a silly fez wearing kid to a man with weight of over 1000 years of existence on his shoulders. Matt, as a person has been a great face for the show. He is the main reason why it has gotten so big here in America.

  • Bill Briden

    Hi Matt. I started watching The Doctor with #4 and over the years there have been many Doctors some Great and some not so great. To me you are more the common man Doctor, thinking more like us and less like a super brain. You, Amy and Rory have been great fun and my wife and I went to the movies and watched The Day of The Doctor and enjoyed it alot. I will miss the way you make me feel part of the action. I wish you good luck in whatever comes your way,

  • Jesse Wilson

    Dear Matt, I loved how absolutely alien your Doctor was. After David’s run of trying to make the Doctor as human as possible, it was really refreshing to have you remind us how very different and special the Doctor really is. You are and will always be my Doctor. Run you clever boy, and remember your time with us fondly.

  • Sabrina Snyder

    Matt, thank you so much for everything that you have brought to the character – the childlike abandon mixed with the heavy emotion of realizing the Doctor’s path. I will always remember your monkey dance, that tip of the stetson and to always be weary of cracks in my walls. We’ll miss you! Bow ties and fezzes forever! <3

  • Kailyn

    I’m just now starting to realize how sexy he’s been this whole time. You were an endearing Doctor, Matt, and we’re going to miss you!

  • Chris Blodgett


    It has been an absolute pleasure to watch you as The Doctor. Your acting abilities will take you far and I anxiously await to see your future endeavors. I’m going to miss all the dimensions you brought to the character, a youthful exuberance, yet still able to come off the the weathered 1,000 year old Time Lord.

    Best of luck to you!

  • http://www.lilithofsherwood.com MarsAcademy

    Matt, I knew you’d be a great Doctor when you did your first interview after being cast. Your enthusiasm – and the way you talk with your hands – just your passion for the role was so evident from the very beginning. I’ve been involved in this fandom since 1975 – I even ran a club in the 80s – and you quickly became one of my very favorite Doctors. I will miss you, but wish you all happiness and success

  • Jackson Hindman

    You will always be the definition of the Doctor in my mind. Even now, when I watch other doctor’s episodes, I think of how they will one day be the real doctor, you. You so perfectly captured the part of “madman in a box”, estatically, maniacally happy and goofy yet incredibly old, sad, lonely and heartbroken all at the same time. Good luck in your future endevors, and hopefully I will see you as the doctor again in the next anniversary special.

  • Aaron Davis

    Dear Matt Smith,

    You have made bow ties, fezzes, stetsons, bunk beds (especially with ladders), and fezzes cool. You have made Fish Fingers and Custard and Jammie Dodgers more delicious. I will forever think of you whenever I think of any of these things. I will forget every moment of silence I have, all thanks to you. I will never forget when you said Fantastic! and Allons-y! I will never forget your wedding. I will never forget your death. I will never forget the moon landing. I will never forget. I will run. I will run, since I am a clever boy, and I will remember…

    Aaron Davis

  • Adam Chevalier

    Dear Matt Smith, I wanted to say you were the first Doctor I ever Watched. You Were a cool Doctor, you made Bow ties very cool and fezzes cool too, you were an awesome doctor, and thanks again Geronimo! You will be missed.

  • Montronique Irby

    I’ll miss most that the eleventh doctor matched my personality perfectly happy, calm, rage and just everything. I will almost miss that wonderful smile and eccentric style. LOVE YOU!!

  • Beverley

    Thank you Raggedy Man. You will always be my Doctor.

  • Justin Fiser

    Matt even though you weren’t my first Doctor you eventually became my Doctor. You truly made the Doctor even more compelling than ever before which I didn’t think was possible until you showed up. Thank you for the great memories and I wish you the best of luck in the future….or past….or present. (Time travel is confusing.) :)

  • Robert Gomm

    Dear Matt, thank you for all you have given to this great show. You will be sorely missed. I mean it when I say that I have really enjoyed other actors portryal, but yours was the most joyous, the most physical, the most funny incarnation we have had. And I know some of that is down to the writing but I also know a lot of it is down to how your ideas of how to play the character. I am absolutely amazed by how you made the Doctor both childlike and yet at other times incredibly dark and old. It’s a huge testament to your acting skills and the sheer energy that you have brough to the role. We will miss you hugely Matt, wishing you the very best of luck in the future, or the past…..

    • Debbie

      Well said.

  • Sanj Mohip

    I have always loved his non-negotiable stance on the coolness of bowties and fez hats.

  • Lauren

    Thank you for making me into a fan! I don’t know how my Mum feels about my non stop bantering about Doctor Who though.

  • Monica Codina

    Matt, I will miss everything about your Doctor! The depth and “cool” style the doctor has is just awesome. You brought a whole new perspective to a much beloved character. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m going to miss seeing you on this show! Goodbye Raggedy Man. Much Love. Peace. xoxo

  • Jeni Lynn

    i’ll admit, it took a while to get used to the transition from David to Matt. But I absolutely love the way he’s played the Doctor. He has shown so much depth and emotion, and truly made me feel almost like I know WHO the Doctor is. Matt’s Doctor is the one who made me, as just a speck on this Earth, feel protected. He helped me really believe in the Doctor. Eccleston was my first, I fell in love with Tennant. (Who didn’t?) But Matt gave me friendship and strength and most importantly, a feeling of safety. Matt, you’ll probably say you’re just an actor, playing a role. but to us, you embodied the friend we needed, a fantasy to feel a part of, and a reason to not feel so alone. Thank you. Thank you so much.

  • Alex Grieshaber

    Matt, you will always be my Doctor. Thank you for the hope that you have given me for better days to come. Despite all the darkness that came across your Doctor, you still managed to give him a wide range of emotion. When darkness and silence fall, you are always there to turn on the light. I’ll miss you 11. Geronimo!!!! DOOOO WEEEE DOOOO. :D

  • Brendan Rome

    Dear Matt Smith,
    I want to say thank you for four great years that have now become a part of my life. My first experience of you was in 2012 when I first watched the “Christmas Carol Episode,” and I was introduced to the madman in a Police Box that instantly got me hooked into the show and made me want to write my own fanfic that I think Jenna Coleman may have given you (I met her at London ExCeL for the 50 Celebration and gave her a copy of my story for her and you. If she doesn’t have it, it’s ‘Companions of Time.’) I will never forget you Matt, and I will never forget the most important lesson you taught me; “Bowties, Fezzes, and Stenstons are and forever will be cool.”
    Farewell, Doctor 11,
    Your Biggest Fan Here in America,
    Brendan Rome

  • quippley

    Matt Smith was the first Doctor I met, the first one these eyes saw. His exuberance and intensity is what made me a Whovian. He was my Doctor. I’m miss him dearly, but I’ll never forget him.

  • acataldo

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for the amazing adventures, they have been fantastic. I was apprehensive when Tennant left, but when you showed up on little Amelia’s doorstep to look at the crack in her wall your performance absolutely stole my heart. I have loved every minute of your portrayal of the Doctor, the speeches and the relationships with other characters, going to miss the bow tie a lot!Thank you for being the Doctor. You will be missed. Best of Luck.

  • Barry N

    I have been watching the show since before you were born, young man, and I can say you nailed the role, with that carefully balanced blend of gravitas and whimsy that has been the Doctor since the beginning. Well done!

  • Debbie

    Dear Matt, I’m from Colorado (USA) and I think my favorite moment was when you embraced your inner “Cowboy”, not everyone looks “Cool” in a Stetson, but you do!! You added your own unique “crazy” to the Doctor that cannot be ETERMINATEd!! Thanks for the wild ride…

  • Vince Salerno

    Matt Smith, your Eleventh Doctor is my Doctor. Your the guy that I will always remember as THE DOCTOR. I’ll miss the way you were able to act like an old man but still like a little kid at the same time. I’ll miss how you always waved your hands around and never kept still. I’ll miss your bow tie and fez….both are cool. I’ll miss your tweed blazer and your awesome purple frock coat. I’ll miss your awesome hair. I’ll miss everything about you. To me, you are The Doctor. I hope to see you in a Anniversary special! Maybe the 60th or 75th? Either way, you were The Doctor at the time when i first started watching Doctor Who and I wasn’t sure if i liked the show. But then I saw you as The Doctor and I immediately fell in love with the show. Thank you for making me a lifelong fan of Doctor Who. I wish you the best of luck outside the Doctor Who world and I hope to see you in some great upcoming films (I’m so excited fro HOW TO CATCH A MONSTER!) Thanks Matt. Geronimo!
    Your fan,
    Vince Salerno

  • Devin

    Matt, I just wanted to say thank you for the memories. My girlfriend lives in Scotland, and introduced me to Doctor Who (I’m in Nevada, US). It has been one of our great bonding moments, and a staple of our relationship. I was sad when Chris left. I was devastated when David regenerated. And I can’t even begin to put into words the pain my heart feels at what we as viewers are going to witness on Christmas. I had my doubts, sir, but you have out-shined all criticism. I’m sure I share the feelings of all of your fans when I say that I wish you the very best for your future – and I hope that this was just the first stepping stone in what I hope is a long, successful career. Thank you, Doctor! Geronimo!!!

  • Jamie Szymanski

    Matt, you are my favorite Doctor. The way you played the dichotomy of child-like enthusiasm and the wisdom, sadness, and rage that comes with centuries of life experience is unparalleled. Thank you being the madman in a box. You may be leaving the TARDIS, but “next stop: everywhere” still holds true for you. Here’s to your future piles of good things. Love and cheers to you.

  • Catie

    Matt, I am so glad you were the 11th doctor! You are by far my favorite doctor (thought not my first) and I plan to hold you that way forever! You had me within 10 minutes of your first episode and I will never forget it! I will miss your sense of humor and your amazing taste in fashion. I’m so sad to see you go but it wouldn’t be Doctor Who any other way would it? So geronimo! Here we go :]

  • Teresita

    Dear Matt; you were absolutely wonderful. You were funny, caring and sincere. We are going to miss you.

  • Bianca Pursley

    My favorite thing about Matt Smith as the doctor is that he is pure magic! The thing I will miss most is his humor, and honestly the amazing feeling of excitement and wonder I get when I tune into doctor who. He was my Doctor for sure, and although I know Capaldi will do an excellent job, no one will ever replace the magic that is Matt Smith.

  • Taj Sabih


    When I first started watching Doctor Who I was catching up via DVDs. I had never experienced the whole regeneration thing “live”
    as a fan. I was so sad to see Ten leave and wasn’t sure what to expect from our new Doctor. The scene in the “Eleventh Hour” with the various food failures leading to the fish fingers and custard — that was when I knew everything was going to be great! I cannot say thank you enough for giving us Eleven, with all his quirks, foibles and penchant for fezzes. You and he will truly be
    missed. Best wishes in the future! Geronimo!

  • JeredenDonnar

    Dear Matt

    You were my first Doctor and will always be my favorite (sorry David). I’ll miss your bow ties and stetsons and your manner of speaking, the way you can sound so old and young at the same time. You are definitely the funniest Doctor but also the most ferocious when in a corner!!! Thanks for the Adventures!!

  • Lydia

    Thank you so much for bringing your unique charm & style to Doctor Who, for making me and my family laugh and cry almost every day of the week. You’ve given me a connection to all kinds of people across the globe – what can I say, the Eleventh Doctor has brought us all together!

  • Alex Stevens

    I’ll miss the way you portrayed him. Young and old at the same time, fumbling and twisting around and pretending you looked cool doing it. You were my first Doctor, and I will never forget how great you’ve been, I only wish that I could come up with more words to describe how I’ll be missing you as the Doctor, but just know that you’re my favorite, and always will be! I’ll miss ya raggedy cool man!

  • Khyle Fox

    Its going to be sad to see you leave matt even though David was my first doctor I have and always will think of you as my doctor while David was good, I think you were brilliant and am not looking forward to seeing you leave. But I also cant wait to see what Peter brings to the table. Good luck on your further adventures, and cant wait to hear the Raggedy Man’s last GERONIMO

  • Clarke Peterson

    The first experience I ever had with Doctor Who was watching you rummage through Amy’s kitchen looking for something to eat, and I instantly fell in love. To me you’re more than just the Doctor. You exemplify the kind of person I want to be: brilliant, cheerful, and so loving you need two hearts to contain it all. Even more than the bow tie or the fez or the crazy gestures, I’ll miss having you as a role model. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

  • dahurdler

    Eleven and River. I love their story most of all and Matt is so wonderful. Thank you, Matt, for not being afraid to try something new.

  • Bernadette Raisa Sebastian

    how he always made me laugh and excited with each of his adventures. he made imaginations real and witty. nothing else but fun and wicked adventures! i will miss him sooo soo very much he’s always going to be my favorite Doctor

  • Sherry Sherrer Holmes

    I must say, when you first came in as the Dr. I was grieving over the loss of #10. I thought you were too young and kind of goofy, but I have to say, I have loved watching you as young as you are be so convincingly OLD and eccentric. I will miss your energy and quirkiness. You have been amazing.

  • Matthew Soberman

    Matt, you made bow ties, fezzes, and Stetsons cool. You scared off invaders at the mere mention of your name. And you made Gallifrey rise once more. But most of all, you took the Doctor and made him an epic hero. No matter what he was doing, the Doctor always enjoyed the adventure. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into Doctor Who, and good luck on the next chapter of your career. Don’t be a stranger. After all, it’s only five years until the 55th Anniversary Special…

  • Aaron Erickson

    Definitely your humor that sir is what I’ll miss the most. Glad I started watching with you as The Doctor! You will be missed sir Geronimo!!

  • Jack

    Matt, your first episode of Dr. Who was mine as well. We grew together. Now you are leaving but will be part of this wonderful journey called Dr. Who. That goofy way you tossed about arms, eyes and that quirky voice I will always love. Godspeed on your new adventure. I will be watching and loving all you do. You talented son of a gun. <3

  • Todd Phillips

    He did have an amazing act at points for just being really sad, he didn’t dwell on the past but I liked it how his companions could see how sad he was.

  • judi

    matt smith, i love your speeches, your twirling and the bow-tie, i love geronimo, and the fev, i love the way you are the doctor i am going to miss you so much, you will always be The Doctor to me

  • Christopher Dale Labra

    The Fez!!

  • Daniel Sims

    Matt, you have been my favourite Doctor out of the lot. You just brought something to the roll that to me the others just didn’t quite have. To me, you will always be the best Doctor. My favourite episode will always be the Eleventh Hour. Just the way you brought your Doctor to life, for me was an amazing thing to watch. Along with your amazing speeches and those moments where you make everyone’s heart break, no one else will be able to pull it off as well as you. you’re going to be missed.

  • D. H. Wallenstein

    Matt, you brought an energy and intensity to your character that got me hooked on the show from the first episode of Series 6, and The Day of the Doctor was BRILLIANT! Gonna miss you – you’ll always be my Doctor, man! Don’t stay away too long!

  • Noah

    Your witty comments followed by spontaneous hand movement’s while explaining everything. Matt Smith you will always be my Doctor!Geronimo raggedy man

  • Morgan Dantin

    Dear Matt, thanks so much for all your hard work you put into Doctor Who. I have learned so much about just to enjoy life and not care what others think of me. You have helped me get through my first semester of college. I have your quotes posted all over my dorm room and every time I see them they always make me smile. I am going to miss you so much! Good bye Raggedy man! I love you!

  • Shannon Anderson

    Mr. Smith, I will most miss the way you have shown that even at 1200, everyone can learn something new. And how magical that new thing can be. Also the way you snap your fingers. I’ve always loved the way you snap your fingers.

  • Wilyjess

    Dear Matt,

    You had me at “I’m a girl!” I was so ready to not like you and then within 5 minutes I was completely and utterly yours. Thank you so much for what you did for the show! You are truly amazing and my Saturday nights will not be the same without you. Thankfully, I’ve got DVDs and DVRs galore to keep me warm. Thank you, Raggedy Doctor, you were wonderful!

    All the love in the world,

    Jessica Stone
    Plymouth, IN

  • Darsh

    You were my first doctor! You were the reason I was Doctor Who in the first place! I love you more than the number of places the tardis can go to
    We’ll miss you SOOOOOOO much!!! But we respect your decision, and I wish you luck on your future performances!
    XOXOXO!! Lots of hugs and kisses! And don’t ever forget your fans! :)))

  • Caitlin MacDougall

    I still remember the first time I watched Doctor Who; I had come home from a babysitting job and my Dad was watching The Beast Below. I clearly remember because I walked in just as the Smilers heads were turning around, and I had questioned what he was watching because I hadn’t seen anything like it before. Your quirky performance drew me in, and ive been a fan ever since! Thank you for a fantastic four years and “See ya around.”

  • Darsh

    You were my first doctor! You were the reason I watched Doctor Who in the first place! I love you more than the number of places the tardis can go to
    We’ll miss you SOOOOOOO much!!! But we respect your decision, and I wish you luck on your future performances!
    XOXOXO!! Lots of hugs and kisses! And don’t ever forget your fans! :)))

  • Nicole B.

    I love and will miss that your incredibly complex, often dark, Doctor could suddenly display the most endearing child-like joy and enthusiasm. I will miss 11′s “dicky bow,” flippy-floppy hair, amusing awkwardness with human displays of emotion, and obsession with headwear. It was joyous, heart-wrenching, and uplifting to see you take 11 from fish fingers & custard to the Time War. We’re all stories in the end and yours as 11 was the best. :D

  • Scarlett

    I will miss you Matt Smith, first I thought you were going to make doctor who a terrible show but instead you became the best doctor every, your companions were great you were hilarious and you made this show worth wild I will miss you Matt Smith

  • Amanda Fujita

    I’m going to miss the old soul you were able to convey so much better than anyone else. Every time it melted my heart to watch you as the Doctor on screen when you were concerned over something. I’ll also miss how amazingly childishly innocent you could also be. To me, you’ll always be my ideal Doctor. Thank you. I’ll miss you, Raggedy Man.

  • YamiKakyuu

    He brought a physical aspect to The Doctor that I don’t remember seeing before. Aside from the running, there was the Dying Giraffe,Giraffe but he could also be series with it. His performace in a Nightmare In Silver was amazing, the back and forth between The Doctor and the Cyber Planner was simply brilliant. Plus let’s not forget that gorgeous Victorian suit and bowtie. I’ll miss his bad jokes, bowties and puppy dog eyes. He’s my Doctor forever. Thank you Matt!

  • doctorzen

    I’ll miss the way the eleventh Doctor’s brain was often about three ideas ahead of his mouth. Thinking a lot, hard to keep up!

  • Michael Crooks

    Matt Smith’s The Doctor brought us a young man with a very old soul. He wasn’t afraid to be harsh to his enemies and give those a chance to redeem themselves. He wasn’t afraid to be sad when he had to say goodbye to those he held close to him. He was never short of always being amazed by the smallest thing in a vast universe. He is a Doctor to remember. It was his silliness through out the series that will stay with me always.

  • Sam Riche

    Matt, I love your ability to switch so drastically between moods as the Doctor. From maudlin to gleeful to alien to kind to haughty to manic to confident, not only have you displayed a wide range, but an amazing ability to blend it all together in a very short scene. Well done. You’ll be missed. Good luck in all your future endeavors, and know that you’ll always be part of one of the greatest shows ever!

  • Dafta

    The moment you said “Hello, I’m the Doctor”, you were MY Doctor. I will miss your quirkiness, the way you swaggered on and your fumbling and twisting around the TARDIS. You perfectly portrayed the character, the way you were so enthusiastic, happy and basicaly mad, but still very old, broken and lonely. You became my role model, and you will always have a special place in my heart.
    Raggedy man, good bye! I will never forget you.

  • tgillingham

    Dear Matt

    What you brought to the Doctor was funny and charisma
    that frankly only one other actor brought to the role that actor being Tom
    Baker but you did add so much more. The Eleventh Doctor was an imaginary friend
    who got his companions in trouble and came in and saved the day the way you
    could act like a kid and at the drop of a hat show the wait of all 1200 years
    of sadness and loss. You will always be “My
    Doctor” and will be missed till the next multiple Doctor Story comes along.

  • Mel

    I was so against watching Doctor Who because I was being a hipster about it. Then I saw “The Snowmen”. It wasn’t your looks that got me hooked; I was the quirkiness of your dynamic character. Then I watched it all from the beginning because I had to know more. It was you. You are MY doctor. I love it all! The classics and the New doctors. I am heartbroken to say the very least to say goodbye. Peter Capaldi will be great for sure but thank you for being totally fantastic. Geronimo!

  • Kristine Westman

    You know you will always be MY Doctor, Matt. From the word Geronimo! I haven’t stopped loving you. My favorite food is Fish Fingers and Custard. I wear Fezzes now. Cool is back in my vocabulary–who am I kidding it never left. You brought the cool back in bow ties and when I see someone wearing one I always say yup he’s cool. You’ve touched the lives of millions. Matt Smith you are forever ingrained into my heart and when I eat my favorite snack or wear my favorite Fez I’ll remember my Doctor and smile. Thanks for the three of the best years of my life.

  • Angela

    Matt, you were simply fantastic. I seriously did not think I could ever like anyone better than Tennant… but you proved that so wrong it’s not even funny. Your energy adds a whole new layer to Dr. Who as a whole, along with the small quirks here and there, you’re truly going to be missed. Oh Doctor, MY Doctor, I hate to see you go, but I know that you will go on and do great things. You’re simply amazing.

  • Carlos

    I loved how Matt could be so goofy, loving, caring, and serious throughout his series. It will be hard to see you go Raggedy Man. Christmas Day will be a mixture of emotions, as it will be sad to see you go I am also glad at the fact on his long you spent with Doctor Who. Thank you Matt. Geronimo!!

  • Delaney Elizabeth

    Dear Matt,
    I really, sincerely want to thank you for being an incredible addition to Doctor Who. At first, I was apprehensive of what your Doctor would be like, and I must say I am deeply pleased. Your Doctor has been there at my lowest and my highest. You’ve lifted my spirits and made me weep from a touched heart (especially during ‘Vincent and the Doctor’). You’ve taught me that I am unique in the universe, that life is a pile of good and bad things, and neither truly cancels out the other. These are life lessons I will never forget from my Eleven. I will cry extremely hard when your Doctor takes his leave, my little drunk baby giraffe, but I’ll remember what you’re leaving. I’ll remember the best. You, your companions, my friends have always been the best of me. And as you go on into future endeavors, myself and your fellow fans will support you no matter what. When I see you in a motion picture, I’ll remember that quirky man in a tweed jacket wearing suspenders and a bow tie, and remember that you’ll always be the Doctor to me. Bow ties were never cooler, Matt. Thank you, and God bless you in years to come.

  • Maria Mintz

    Matt Smith, I absolutely love you as the Doctor, because well you were technically my first as well, because I did not watch this show as early as some people did, but alas, I have seen some of the other Doctors, and they were good, but so far you have by far been my most favorite of all, simply due to your character and portrayal of the Doctor! :) Wishing you all the best!!!

  • Scott Francis

    Dear Matt, I grew up with the Doctor. And loved most of them for different reasons. Your performance has been amazing. I felt at times that you gave us glimpses of past Doctors, just for a second… making me believe that your Doctor was still the same Doctor he as always been. Something old and something new. Bravo, sir. I’ll miss you greatly.

  • Darth By-Tor

    Matt, you were the best follow-up to David Tennant I could have ever imagined. The way you spoke your lines, the chemistry you had with Karen, Alex, Arthur, and Jenna was brilliant, and your epic moments when you spoke with authority and sprang into action as The 11th Doctor to save the day were the finest acting I have ever seen. Every hour, minute, second, and millisecond that you spent onscreen as The Doctor was worth more than the richest man in the world, the brightest star in the galaxy, and the biggest supernova in the universe. You will be missed, and I hope you find as much success in your future endeavors as you have on Doctor Who!

  • Brittany

    Matt, you were a really great Doctor. When you started you were the youngest Doctor and it showed, but in a good way. Thank you for blessing your fans with laughter and a certain goofyness that will stay with the Doctor for years to come. 50 years down the line you will be remembered and some of your actions may even be repeated by actors to come, and that’s an amazing feat to accomplish for starting so young in such a huge franchise. Thanks again :)

  • Ashlyn

    I will miss matt so much! His cuteness, flirting, his love for the ponds, clara, and river. And how he always had a good thing to say… even with guilt. But he will always be my doctor. :) And he was the first doctor I watched on DW. And im glad I became a fan :) goodbye Matt! <3

  • Connor Mullins

    I’m going to miss your youth. I thought it would be your downfall at first, but you turned it into something incredible. You provided depth and contrast that were a pleasure to watch. Thanks for everything.

  • Lo

    It is said that there are three important Doctors in a whovian’s life. The first Doctor they ever watched. The Doctor that made them fall in love with the series. The Doctor that would be our best friend, if we ever hopped in the TARDIS. Matt Smith, I’d travel the universe in your TARDIS for ten more series if I could!!!!

  • Heather

    I could never sum up in such a short space what you’ve meant to all of us; but I understand, now more than ever, how River felt when she said “my Doctor”. You’ll always be mine and you will be truly missed. Best of luck in all that you do. You’re going to be brilliant! XOXOXO

  • Alyssa May


    Thank you so much for you run as the Doctor. You made bow ties cool again. :)

    I was extremely apprehensive of a new Doctor after losing “my Doctor,” but you have done so well. I fell in love with you by the end of “The Eleventh Hour.” I am so sad to see you go. I know you will go on to bigger and better things as you are a talented man. I hope we are able to see you play the Doctor again in the future.

    Thanks from the bottom of both of my hearts.

  • Hallie Ann

    Matt, I want to thank you. You were amazing and I don’t even know how to tell you how much you effected me these last few years, You gave me hope in the world again and taught me that being weird and different is a perfect excuse to bring out the best in the people around me. We all are weird in our own way. Thank you so much. I miss you already.

  • Amy

    Matt, you were my first doctor, and you’re definitely my favorite. I like every doctor’s take on the role, but my absolute favorite is your quirky, manic doctor with his thinly hidden darker streak. I love the fact that Eleven actually can’t talk without flapping his hands about, that he loves fezzes and bowties and wears bizarre, round glasses. I think yours is definitely the funniest doctor (speaking baby? hilaaaaaaaarious!), and that’s a good thing, because he’s had to deal with some terrible stuff. Above all, though, I love that you treat all of us Whovians with respect, regardless of how genuinely crazy we get at times. Thank you for an amazing four years. I wish you the best of luck in all your future projects (and I’ll definitely watch them all). I know you’ll be fantastic at whatever you do.

  • Shari

    Thank you Matt for making it okay to act childish even if you are an adult! I will miss that the most about you! Good Luck in all of your future projects! I can’t wait to see them!

  • Amanda

    I love how you’re so silly all the time, but when it’s time to be serious you’re serious, but at the same time sweet and caring.you’ll always be my doctor. I’ll miss you and you’re bowtie (I’ve always thought they’re cool) Good-bye raggedy man.

  • Adaman

    You were my first doctor and your wit and quirkiness can never be outdone. You truly made the doctor a fun and lovable character who wasn’t afraid to be off the wall at one moment and standing up to the greatest foe the next. You made bow ties cool, Fezzs cool, and overall Doctor Who cool.

  • Kylie Ailene Gorski

    I will miss his range from childish happiness to absolute, hot anger. Beautiful, scary, sad and it made me fall in love with him. He is MY doctor.

  • Christina Vourcos

    I will miss everything about him. I love how his emotions are on his sleeve. He can be adorable, happy, frustrated, mad, silly, fun, strong-willed and just completely perfect. He’s my Doctor, and always will be. I will miss the 11th Doctor so much, but just like life, we have to let go and continue on.

    Thank you, Matt, for all you’ve done to create such an amazing character. Even though I like the other versions of the Doctor, yours will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Susana Dagestino

    you are and probably always will be my daughter’s Doctor which makes you very special for us as fans of the show. i, personally really love those quiet moments of intensity you create. you speak volumes by using very little volume at all. i look forward to your future endeavors. you are fantastic!

  • Tuck

    Matt! You handsome devil, you. Thank you for everything. The smiles, the laughs, the tears (good ones!), and all the fun. I’ll always remember you.

  • Kelly Prenger


    Words can’t describe how much I’m going to miss MY Doctor. Your enthusiasm for the show, your infectious smile, your energy, and your silliness are just a few of the many things that I absolutely adore about you.Your performance as the Doctor is the most brilliant piece of acting I have ever seen. Thanks for changing my life and making me a Doctor Who fan!! I’m looking forward to seeing you in new projects. I hope you remember that your Whovian fans will always love and support you in everything you do. Best wishes to you, raggedy man!!!!

  • Darryl Foster

    way that he can pull off ANY look! From bow ties and fezzes to cowboy
    hats and suspenders. He even managed to make the scruffy beard and
    straight jacket look cool!!! You’ll always be MY Doctor.

  • Dan Shippey

    I’ll miss the sense of gleeful mischief you brought to the part. Thank you for all the fun.

  • Chaim

    Matt, you were the best Doctor. I loved how you could go from childlike wonder to dark and powerful in a second. Your stories with Amy, Rory, River, and Clara were the greatest thing Doctor Who could ever come up with and I think your Doctor took an already amazing show and made it the best it could be. You were the youngest and the oldest at the same time, and it just worked so well. I always hoped you’d try to break Tom Baker’s record, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. You’ll always be the Doctor to me, Raggedy Man! #Bowtieswillforeverbecool

  • Alex Willemain

    His quirkiness and fun-loving personality that he brought to the doctor. He made him more approachable by making him a “kid at heart”, which we all are deep down inside! Thank you!

  • Darren Fulton

    bowties are cool. His energy. He is a grand Doctor! Will miss you!

  • Kayla Russell

    Matt, From fish fingers and custard to the fall of the Eleventh you’ve made us fall in love with the Doctor all over again. I love that you made such a “young” regeneration of the Doctor still seem just as ancient and wise (and absolutely bonkers!) as he actually is. You’ve been absolutely extraordinary as the Doctor and you’ll be missed! (but I expect to see you at the 100th anniversary special!)

  • Leanne

    Hi Matt! You were my first Doctor and the one that got me into the show! I loved seeing you play the role and each time I saw you you made me smile! I’m going to miss you but I know that you’re moving on to bigger and better things!

  • Victor Medlin

    Matt, I never imagined it possible to so seamlessly meld child-like innocence and a wizened weariness as you did in your portrayal of Dr. Who, and all with such humor, I was always left anticipating your next appearance. Thank you for the sheer pleasure of your talent and big personality. All the best, too, for your continued success, wherever your future roles lead you! You made me a fan, not just of the character, but the performer.

    Victor Medlin
    Las Vegas, Nevada USA

  • Glen

    Matt, where do I begin? I love your Doctor’s fearlessness. I love the way he’s the smartest man in the room, but doesn’t understand when he’s being hit on. I love the way he can take on an army with nothing more than a half-baked plan, a sonic screwdriver, and a lot of shouting. It was the brilliance and insanity you brought to the character that drew me to the show. Thank you for showing me the magic of Doctor Who. You will always be my Doctor!

  • Kyle Sell

    Matt, you were my first Doctor. Being a fan of only 9 mo.’s it was you that got me hooked. The randomness that you portrayed with your version of the Doctor was very interesting. I’m sad to see you go, but also excited to see your exit, I have a hunch that the eleventh Doctor will make a great exit. Thanks Matt.

  • yanzlow

    I love how you imbued the doctor with sartorial certainty, even in the face of universal disdain for said choices.

  • Ali Chambers

    Matt, I am going to miss every little thing about you, you clever boy. You were an absolutely amazing Doctor and you just floored me by how good you were. I’ll admit I was not read to let go of David, but you beat every expectation that I had for the Doctor. Enjoy the small things in life, like a bow tie, and think of us whovians when you see one <3 <3

  • Christi

    Matt, I’ll miss the way you would spin around when you got really excited about something. Geronimo, sir! You were the best.

  • Karen

    Everything! You have been truly entertaining as the doctor. You played a smart funny and caring doctor. You will be missed. You as the doctor led me to watching the series. Thank you.

  • Lilith Heller

    Coming from a long time Doctor Who fan, and from someone who used to tell people their favorite Doctor was David Tennant, I’m sorry (to David) to say you’ve officially usurped him. Thank you so much for the years of emotional energy you brought to the role, always invoking just the right feeling at just the right moment. The Eleventh Doctor, and you, who brought him to life, will be missed. Thank you, you will always be my Doctor.

  • Sarah D.Over

    Matt, You were the first doctor I saw and because of your quirkiness, enthusiasm,and love for what you do, I fell in love with this show. I will cry when you regenerate. Thank you for every laugh, every tear, and every amazing performance. You will always be loved by millions. You will always be my favorite Doctor.

  • madame_serì

    Ohh crazy man in a box… You were just so Cool! I’m gonna miss badly bowties and fetz…and of course your gestures! (“Are you capable of speaking without flapping your hands about?!”)…and your sweet smile…and fish fingers and custard (delicious!)…the way you managed to reach children…and “who da man?!”…and so many other things! Maybe I should stop here…yes…NO! One last thing…GERONIMOOO! And Good luck Matt…You are the best!

  • Misheal

    When people sit down to talk about the doctor each person typically has a Doctor that is ‘their’ Doctor. Matt, you have been and will always be my Doctor. I will love the show and it will go on despite you sadly leaving, but I will always look back on your episodes with a certain level of fondness above all others, you are ‘my’ Doctor. Always there with a quirky style both in dress and personality. You accomplished being new and ancient at the same time, always a kid at heart and yet that dangerous old man who had seen oh so much. I loved every minute of it and you will be missed. Thank you for being ‘my’ Doctor, may you never be forgotten.

  • Joseph Jurecki

    Matt you are everything the Doctor should be. Weird and alien, strong and confident, loving and empathetic, powerful and dark. In short you are my favorite Doctor and I’m so sad to see you go.

  • Gül Ayhan

    I would have never imagined how dear 11 would come to be to my heart. I will miss how you portrayed the Doctor to be infinitely young and ancient at the same time. And I will definitely miss the bow tie. Thank you for everything!

  • HelloSweetieTARDIS

    I refuse to choose what I love MOST about Matt Smith.. his silly quirkiness, his dark secrets, his love of Stetsons and fezes, the relationships with his companions, his turning common sense into pure genius. I love EVERYTHING about Matt”s doctor. His personality mimics mine and I tie in with him that way. I love matt smith’s doctor and hate to see him go =(

  • Christina B

    I sat and looked at the screen for and hour, trying to find the words that would tell you how much I loved your Doctor. There are literally no words in this world that would be able to help me express my feelings. I can tell you that I will miss your sense of style, the way you make me laugh, the way you made me cry, and the way you became my best friend.

  • Cody Anderson

    I’ll miss his charm and whimsical nature. How he could make you laugh and in a split second make you cry with the most profound speeches I’d ever heard. I’ll miss the way he blushed when River and Clara flirted with him. But above all I’ll miss my friend who took me on an incredible journey through space and time. It’s a story I’ll tell my kids and grandkids. And should this show go off the air, I’ll keep the memory of the Doctor alive. So thank you, Matt. In the end, you made it the best story you could and it will stay with me forever. Geronimo.

  • Abi C.

    Matt, you will always be my favorite Doctor. No one ever forgets their first Doctor! I will miss your beautiful face & how you are able to emote so much with doing so little. I’ve loved all of the adventures, quirkiness, & emotional ride that we have had with Eleven! We love you! And yes…bow ties ARE cool!

  • aslanscompass

    I’ll miss the way he interacts with his companions. In Amy, Rory and River, he had a family who cared for and protected each other, no matter what.

  • vermeersgirl34

    The Doctor has always had a quality of curiosity that defies cynicism and boredom, but the childlike wonder of the 11th doctor was charming and transporting. Some say that this innocence and humor ruined the darkness of the Doctor. But in true Doctor Who fashion, there are those of us who comprehend your interpretation perfectly while others pine away for their own departed favorites. Farewell, Mr. Smith. It was fun. Don’t ever stop running. <3

  • Kelsey Bunker

    Matt was my first Doctor, and he had that certain quirky professor type of character that he portrayed in his own special way. I will miss his childish personality, but at the same time he has times that he is quite dark figure. And also the bow ties!

  • Corbin Cunningham

    So many things that it is hard to say, you were a silly, quirky doctor as well as, a dark and unforgiving doctor, such a combination of just what the doctor needed, David was a hard act to follow but I think you will be harder to follow still. Good luck wherever you end Matt you will always be my favorite doctor. GERONIMO

  • thatblacksheep

    I’ll miss the amazing sense of style. A tweed coat, suspenders, bowtie, fez, and a nice shirt… clearly born for fashion. Matt, I’ll miss you. You’ve been a fantastic doctor. I hope to see you in more BBC productions <3

  • Kelsey Bunker

    Matt was my Doctor, and when I first got into Who, he gave the most wonderful performance. He always had a childish professor kind of personality, but at the same time he has this darker side of guilt that was taken over him. And I will miss the bow ties especially! I will miss you, Matt!

  • Amelia Shwartz

    He was the one who called my name, so I ran and haven’t looked back. He was the best story I’ve ever seen. He made it a good one because he was, you know. He was the BEST. ❤️

  • Rachel Louise Witten

    You’ve done the Doctor and the show justice. What more can be said? Good luck, and Godspeed, Mr. Smith! I salute you!

  • Robyn

    Matt, your run as the Doctor has been fun and fearsome, hilarious and chilling, weird and wonderful. You will always be MY Doctor… and bowties will ALWAYS be cool.

  • Noah Z

    My first episode was ‘The Eleventh Hour’. I was hooked immediately by the outlandish and extraordinary ‘raggedy doctor’.

  • Kevin LaVia


    I have been a long time Doctor Who fan and you are truly one of the greats, I have had a tremendous amount of fun following the story the past three seasons. You truly have a flair to speech delivery and add a great deal of character to The Doctor. I am sure ill get teary eyed on the 25th. Good Luck with all of your future undertakings. Geronimo!

  • Sarah Waddle

    At first I was very reluctant to accept Matt as the new doctor. He was very different from the last but I think he was the doctor that everyone needed. He was silly and brilliant and lacking the sexual tension that the last doctor had. But most of all he reminded me that it was okay to look at the world in its grand splendor and its multitude of intricacies through the binoculars of curious and passionate child longing for the days when I’d be old enough to see everything; and then realizing that I now am old enough to do that and nothing can stop me. He reminded us that while life is as complicated as time, you can have fun in the face of fear and love in the face of loss. Most of all I think I just like the way he rambles and talks with his hands. ;) You will go on to do great things sir, as long as you remember the lesson of humility and child-like wonder you have taught all of us. Thank you.

  • Alexandra

    Matt brought back the magic of the show I remember growing up and watching Tom Baker in the TARDIS. There’s no words to express how much I’ll miss Eleven. Thank you for everything. :-)

  • Janis Rivera

    Matt, you were awkward, goofy and often silly. That’s what I loved about you, the mix of childish joy and grown up burdens. You got me hooked on the show for life. I must say thank you because Doctor Who got me through a very difficult time in life. Watching the Doctor grieve over the Ponds then managing to overcome that sorrow…it helped me cope with the loss of my mother. You are an amazing actor and I will sincerely miss seeing you on the show. Thank you for being a mad man with a box. What else can I say but GERONIMO!

  • Tammy Woods Lockley

    Matt, you were great as the Dr. You made me laugh, cry, and think. You were a great addition to the role of the Dr

  • sontarha

    You were always my favorite and I started from the Eleventh Hour. You could always be so silly and so dark at the same time. Even though you were the youngest doctor, you managed to act so old. The show won’t be the same without you.

  • Anne

    Dear Matt Smith, I really enjoyed your Doctor. You came in with a bang and were incredibly funny. You portrayed “mad man with a box” very well. Thanks so much. I know you’re going to go out with a bang too, and I can’t wait to see what else you end up doing.

  • Kopygirl

    I will miss your humor… I will miss you spinning around the Tardis counsel…. I will miss your glorious speeches… I will miss you trying so hard to be cool… I will miss the hats… I will miss the sheer joy you brought to the role.

  • Cody Anderson

    I’ll miss his charm and whimsical nature. How he could make you laugh and in a split second make you cry with the most profound speeches I’d ever heard. I’ll miss the way he blushed when River and Clara flirted with him. But above all I’ll miss my friend who took me on an incredible journey through space and time. It’s a story I’ll tell my kids and grandkids. And should this show go off the air, I’ll keep the memory of the Doctor alive. So thank you, Matt. In the end, you made it the best story you could and it will stay with me forever. Geronimo.

  • Katherine Seward

    My first experience of Doctor Who was the Impossible Astronaut. I was sitting in the other room, and at first I was terrified of watching Doctor Who because the main character can die. Repeatedly. But then I finally started watching Doctor Who because I heard my friends talk about your run as the Doctor, and all the amazing new episodes. Finally, I dived in. I don’t regret it for a second. You became my Doctor. I watched Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and even some of Paul McGann, and I can honestly say that I love your Doctor the most. He was the one that stood out and was relatable. He was quirky, funny, weird, and loved bow-ties. But all around, you were able to tie it together and make a beautiful performance that touched my heart and allowed me to make a home in the show of Doctor Who, and I don’t plan on ever moving you. Thank you for being my first and best Doctor. I wish you all the luck in the world as you move on to new opportunities. You were the very best. I don’t want you to go. <3 <3

  • Elizabeth Welch

    Your run as the Doctor has caught the mind and hearts of millions of people, people who are going to miss the amazing range of expression you bring to this role. You came in as an unknown actor and are leaving as a king in many eyes across the globe; not many actors can say they pulled that off. You, Sir, are fantastic and I can’t wait to see where life brings you next.

  • Monica Lara

    I will miss you, my first Doctor. Your stories surprised and delighted me, and its because of you that I climbed into that TARDIS and never climbed out:)

  • Cosette

    I will miss the way your Doctor was “all elbows.” And the way he went full speed ahead 100% of the time and just never stopped.

  • Natasha


  • Simon Betancurth

    Matts Doctor is my first and favorite doctor. I love how he’s childish but at the same time mature he knows how to strike fear and anger into the people he meets. I hope I can meet Matt and give him the thing he loves more than his sonic. You know exactly what I mean episode. 13 series 5

  • Bruce Fauble

    I think Matt brought a much needed intensity to The Doctor. You hear it in the trailer for the 2013 Christmas Special when he yells “Come and get me!”

    By and away the greatest scene (IMO) is from The Pandorica Opens when all the space ships are over Stonehenge and the Doctor is yelling at them through the loud speaker.

    “Come on, look at me! No plan, no back up, no weapons worth a damn, oh, and something else I don’t have, anything to lose! So, if you’re sitting up there in your silly little space ships with all your silly little guns, and you’ve got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who’s standing in your way! Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then, and then, do the smart thing!” Here Matt pauses and gives one of the best ever mischievous Doctor faces in history: “Let somebody else try first.”

    So much of what I love about The Doctor is how each actor portrays him. The writers have a very large part in the character of The Doctor, but the actor makes us BELIEVE he is THE Doctor. Not the whatever number reincartion of the original… THE Doctor. The one and only. The genuine article.

    Thank you Matt for giving us your tremendous performance. And, while we wish that you would stay on, we will hope for many success to follow you in all your endeavors.

  • Jackie Figueroa

    Dear Matt Smith, you were absolutely fantastic as the Doctor. You had amazing speeches, great fashion sense, and your Doctor was really a madman with a box. I will miss you so much. Thank you for being the Doctor.

  • Katie

    Matt is one of my favourite Doctors. He is an amazing actor and portrays not only the goofy, childish side of the Doctor fantastically, but also the dark side, the almost cruelly harsh side. My love for his way of acting is only strengthened when he shows both of these characteristics in the space of a short amount of time. I will be utterly heartbroken when Matt leaves, and I know that his astounding performance as the Doctor will certainly set the bar high for Peter Capaldi. I will miss you very much, Matt!

  • Hannah Feldman

    Dear Matt, it was absolutely inspiring to watch you play the Doctor. You are extremely talented and I love you so much! I couldn’t wait to sit in my living room cuddled up with my TARDIS blanket and watch you on my big flat screen TV. I was always looking forward to seeing you preform so enthusiastically. It made my heart race and it was so thrilling! Watching you was addicting. And I know that when you leave, I will and always will miss you dearly.

  • Emily Orr

    I think what I’ll miss most about Matt Smith’s Doctor is the expressions in his eyes. It’s watching a story unfold. I’ll also miss all of his body movements. The way Matt Smith moves when he’s the Doctor is extraordinary. The emotions he portrays with those movements is truly spectacular. I WILL MISS YOU MATT! You were the first doctor I saw, and your face was seared on to my heart.

  • Morgan Busby

    I will miss the goofiness, the emotional speeches, I will miss the fact that you freely touch and kiss fellow actors, the sweetness and innocence of your doctor. I will miss you, as I miss all the doctors and saying goodbye to you will be very hard indeed. Thank you for all you have done for this epic show.

  • Nahin

    Dear Matt Smith,
    I’m going to miss you a lot, you will always be MY doctor. You’re humor and wittiness brought joy and laughter during the journeys on the TARDIS, but you also kept me at the edge of my seat every time there was an intense moment. You made me fall in love with the Doctor and the whole Doctor Who world. I really wish you didn’t have to go, but you’re going to have an incredible future, and you definitely left your mark on the Whovians. Best of luck, Doctor.

  • Susan Parks

    Matt Smith won my heart when he beat a Dalek with a wrench in the Victory of the Daleks episode. Since than he became my favorite Doctor. I will miss him but I am excited to see what the 12th Doctor has to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing Matt take on new characters and wish him the best of luck.

  • Allie Schell

    Matt, the spectrum with which you played the Doctor is one of the main reasons why I love 11 so, so much. One minute you’re whimsical and fun and in the blink of an eye you’re dark and fearsome. The passion behind your performance clearly shows through, even in your eyes alone! As the Doctor, you left very big shoes to fill. You will be missed but, I am extremely excited for what your future holds. Best of luck!

  • Cassandra Manzo

    Your regeneration scene will be the first i go through in real time with no spoilers. I’m going to miss the way your Doctor was childish (in a good way) and very serious when the time called for it. I am going to miss your bow ties and fezzes. I’m just going to miss Raggedy Man and your acting is brilliant. I’m going to miss your adorable smile and the way you act when suprised or shocked

  • Always bring bananas!

    He was definitely a great Doctor. I love how he was deeply in love with fezzes and how he called the TARDIS “You sexy thing” Matt is a Doctor that I could never, ever forget. I will miss him.

  • Andi

    Matt brought an incredible energy and I loved his large, dramatic movements for everything. I loved how he could play the fun and serious sides of the Doctor so well. I will miss Matt’s Doctor so much!

  • Marcos L.

    Dear Matt, you are the first face that this face has seen. You are my first Doctor. You are absolutely wonderful. Your humor and charming childish personality is what drawn me to the show. You will be so missed and tears will follow your departure. Farewell Doctor, GERONIMO!!!

  • Shawndorman

    Dear Matt Smith,
    I think what I’ll miss the most about you is your supreme sexiness. I mean, Peter Capaldi is sexy in a Peter Capaldi way and I’m very excited to see him take up the mantle of the Doctor, but only one man can be as sexy as Matt Smith and that man is YOU!! You’re fantastic in every which way and I wish you all the best forever and ever, amen!! Geronimo!!!!!!

  • thecommenter18 .

    I love how Matt can make me cry and laugh in the same scene. The 11th doctor had a way with him where he could be so ridiculously childlike and insanely complex. He didn’t hide anything and he didn’t hold anything back. It’s going to be a tough act to follow. We will miss you raggedy man!

  • Perla Cordoba

    Dear, wonderful, whimsical, Matt Smith,

    I want to say thank you for being the reason I started watching Doctor Who. Thank you for being so wonderfully you, that I actually stuck to watching this show. You have opened the door to the craziness of this show, fandom, and family. You played the Doctor so well, I think that was just you being you. I love how your version of the Doctor was so emotional, but not overwhelming. A bit odd, but not so much that it was unappealing. You’re leaving behind such a legacy, that the people in charge had to get someone as amazing as Peter Capaldi to fill your shoes! Be proud, be happy, just as we are for you!

    Thank you so much. I’m gonna miss you terribly.

  • Lauren

    Matt I love how your incarnation of the Doctor cares so much about others. He’s come this far and seen so much but he’s still unwilling to hold back any of his heart from his friends. Thank you for putting your heart into our Doctor!

  • Ben Foster

    The Eleventh Doctor just felt like a pal to me – the kind of guy anyone would like to have fun with on a Saturday night. I’m going to miss my pal.

  • Jillian Howey

    Matt, you were the first doctor i watched, and i’ll always be grateful to you for that. I’ll miss your silly grin and funny moments at Comic Con with your co-stars. i can’t wait to see you take on new roles, new characters and new chapters in life. Thank you!!

  • Jacob Tedder

    Thank you Matt you where my first and favorite Doctor you have got me through some tough times but you have made me laugh very much their is no words how much I can thank you but thank you for saving earth so many times I hope have a long and fruitful life and career thank Matt and you will always be my favorite Doctor

  • Emma

    Matt, you won me over almost right after your first episode started. The scene in the kitchen with young Amelia Pond made me laugh so hard that I replayed it a couple times. I’ll be sad to see you go, but best of luck to you in the future!

  • Alise

    dear Matt,I think you are an amazing actor,and you made the Doctor really funny,and childish,Serious,andsmart.But most importantly you made him yours.we will miss you!

  • TheGirlWhoPlayedWithTime

    Oh Raggedy Man, where to begin? I love your ability to explain things with analogies that wouldn’t make even the slightest bit of sense out of context but somehow always explain things perfectly. I love the way that you can act like a small child one minute, a loving husband or friend the next, and a terrifying, thousand-year-old dark hero the third. I will miss you so much Matt!!!

  • Cerys Newman

    Dear Matt, you were the first Doctor this face saw. You are absolutely fantastic, and we will all (well, me especially!) miss your humor, personality and brilliant acting that you did while playing the Doctor. You will always be my Doctor. I’m definitely going to cry when you regenerate at Christmas (I hope I’ll at least get a fez…)! Farewell, from all of us Whovians, geronimo!

  • Katherine

    It’s all about the fez, the suspenders, and the bowtie! Thanks for an amazing performance Matt!!! You brought us tons of laughs and interesting food combinations. I think I’ll stick to eating fish fingers with tartar sauce though :-)

  • Marcus Hamilton

    Oh where do I begin? Matt, you were an amazing Doctor. The first one that I started following regularly. You have many memorable quotes, and the speeches were just amazing! You and David Tennant are by far my favorite Doctors! And I can’t wait to see you (hopefully) return in a later episode!

  • Heather Crockett Cary

    You are a truly charming Doctor. I will miss your smile and I will miss hearing Bow Ties are cool. Thank you for all the joy you have to me and my family

  • Allison Lansberry

    I’ve been watching since 66 & I loved Tom Baker & Peter Davidson. But I feel Matt has been the best Doctor EVER. His relationship with The Ponds & especially River made the show great!!!. I couldn’t stand Clara but Matt made the best of the change & awkward lack of chemistry between them. I really wished they’d chuck Jenna & keep Matt. I don’t like the idea of Peter Capaldi! Please stay Matt!!!

  • Marufa Yasmin

    Dear amazing 11th Doctor Matt Smith,
    You are my second Doctor and I have loved you since your first day in the Tardis. You are definitely one of the greatest actors from the galaxy ! I just wish you stayed a little bit longer because your acting is truly amazing and is very fascinating to see. Through the bow tie and the fez and a little bit short trousers make the 11th doctor one of a kind. We are so lucky to have you in Doctor Who , not only did you make the show amazing but you touched us as well . I shall be waiting every night for you to come and take me away in your Tardis :D I have a crack on my wall so you know what that means. I shall leave fish fingers and custards by my Christmas tree for you . What ever it takes. Don’t ever forget us Whovians because we love you more then we love allot of things. We re-watch all your episodes just so we can relive those butterflies and excitement we receive. You clever boy , don’t you ever forget us. Geronimo !

  • Grant C.

    My favorite thing about Matt Smith wasn’t even something that happened on the show, but it was the badger. I love how childish you made the doctor and how much fun you made the show. Thanks for the good times!

  • Brittany

    You are like a big, happy puppy and you never fail to make me smile. You are just so lovable! When you were hurt, I was hurt. When you were happy, I was happy.

  • thedoctorlies

    A doctor that doesn’t get the respect he deserves. David Tennant was an excellent doctor but I can’t understand why so many are “anti’ Matt Smith. He was just why the new show needed at the right time. A return to the classic interpretation of the doctor such as Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton. Great job Matt! And long live the Doctor!

  • http://roblopez.comicgenesis.com Rob Lopez

    I will miss the entirety of you, Matt Smith. The way you encapsulated the best of all the Doctors. From Hartnell’s sterness, Pertwee’s flair, Baker’s bombast, McCoy’s oddness, McGann’s elegance and Tennant’s exhuberance to name a few. That and your own sense of the eternal makes you a Doctor’s Doctor. You honored the role and for that I suspect the role will honor you for years to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Alise

    Dear Matt, I love you drunken giraffe,and you will always be my favorite Doctor.

  • Chelsea Lynn Kopp

    I’ll miss the humor and quirkiness you brought to the role of being the doctor. Although all of the doctors did an amazing job, you will always be my favorite Matt. Thank you for being an amazing Eleventh Doctor

  • Ashley Martin

    Matt, I will miss everything about your Doctor from your adorable quirkiness, to the way you talk, and even the way you dress. You are hands down one of my favorite Doctors and I will miss you immensely. It will not be the same without you, and I will be heartbroken when I watch your final episode. (But alas that’s what DVD marathons are for :D) Every episode I saw I had an unbeatable smile on my face, no matter terrible times I was going through. Your Doctor will always have a special place in my heart. Here’s to many successes and happiness for you! I already miss you raggedy man! Love you lots! Geronimo!

  • Michelle

    I’ll miss the chance to get to know you as The Doctor more. I just got into Doctor Who this year and I’m sad to see you go. You have been wonderful but at least I can watch you in reruns. Good luck with your future.

  • Harmony Coward

    Dear Matt, I got into the series and fandom when you started so I feel like you are my first Doctor even though 9 was. I will miss basically everything about your Doctor. I love how even though he was the darkest Doctor he was kinda the lightest one at some points as well. I just love you okay. But I am so excited for 12 because I think Peter’s Doctor will be perfect after 11.

  • Michael G. Vigo

    Because of you Matt, I am addicted to wearing bowties and it’s amazing! You were my first Doctor and I really cherish that a lot. I wanna be an actor when I get older and I wrote about you for my personal statement for colleges saying that I look up to you because you’re a brilliant and down right fantastic actor. I wish you the best in all your future projects and I will always look to you. Thanks for everything!

  • Jessica

    Love the commitment and humor you bring to the doctor! Not to mention Matt looks great in a fez!

  • The_Stig

    You were introduced to us as a madman in a big blue box. You will take your final bow as one of the all-time greats to ever play the role. We laughed with you, we cried with you, our hearts broke with yours when you lost the Ponds, we stood up and cheered every time you dropped your silly demeanor and proved why only fools and Daleks crossed the Doctor. You conquered America. You conquered the world and you made bowties cool. There won’t be a single dry Whovian eye when you regenerate. That much I can promise.

    Farewell, Matt. Thank you for four wonderful years.

    We’ll miss you, Raggedy Man.

  • Marisa Renee Beeler

    Matt! Your clumsy, adorable self is what I will miss the most. Little things from how you can’t talk without moving your hands, to the bigger things like your just plain sense of decency. You are my favorite Doctor, and I will always have a place for you!

  • Jeffrey N

    Dear Matt Smith,

    I don’t know if you’ll ever read these… but;
    My doctor was David’s 10th Doctor. Watching him leave was painful and difficult. I refused to watch Dr.Who for your first few episodes, out of anger over David’s loss and fear over how you could possibly be the doctor. Then I started watching, and honestly you had me from the very start. I am completely and utterly shocked at how you completely captured the very essence of the doctor and displayed him so passionately and perfectly in every single episode.

    While the writers gave scenes that were a bit too ‘wacky’ for my liking, you still pulled it off and… again I’m in the same position as I was years ago. Once again I have to watch a doctor that I’ve come to care about like a best friend, be painfully ripped away from the show and replaced with another. But this time, I won’t turn my back on Dr.Who. I’ll keep watching, because you taught me that change isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, as difficult as change is, there’s some good that will come of it after all.

    Thank you for every single moment you gave us Matt. You’ve become one of my favorite actors and we will all miss you!

    - Fans of Niagara Falls, New York, USA

  • Trey McDonald

    … Well what HASN’T been said? Just one of the best, easily one of the most entertaining and engaging. Very human for a time lord and just a great thing to come back to on the series. We’re reaching tenth doctor levels here, Matt, tenth doctor levels! Just a dime a dozen. Oh, and for introducing fish fingers and custard. :P

  • Navhelowife

    Thank you for portraying the doctor as young and old at the same time. And for your wonderful expressive face! Most of all, thank you for continuing the Doctor tradition, giving us a show that our whole family could enjoy.

  • cassie schults

    You are my favorite doctor. You made everything seem more real. My favorite quality was how child-like you were, I also loved how funny you were. You actual got me to laugh and TV shows rarely ever get me to laugh. You by far will always be my favorite doctor. I even have the sonic screwdriver that looks just like yours and I never leave the house with out it. I’ve never really had a favorite TV show but now I do and I’m going to miss my favorite doctor ( when I see the episode that you leave I will probably cry for like a week straight) and BTW keep that hair looking prefect

  • Paige Phillips

    I’m going to miss his love for a fez, and bow ties because they are cool. Also his speeches that were always amazing, his dancing, and how his doctor never fails to make me laugh. I will also miss how he talked with his hands!

  • Meagan Sather

    Dear Matt,
    What will I not miss about you? I’ll miss your sweet innocence. I’ll miss the ferocity with which you care for and protect your friends. I’ll miss your nervous habits. I’ll miss your baby face. I’ll miss your corny jokes. I’ll miss how excited you get over the little things. I’ll miss your loving, caring nature. I’ll miss everything about you! You were my first doctor, and you are my favorite doctor. Goodbye, sweet boy. I feel like I’m losing a friend. I wish you all the best in life. You’re amazing. Don’t ever forget that!

  • Ashley Marie

    Matt Smith, I don’t know where to start. You were a phenomenal Doctor. You will always be the Doctor. You did the Doctor proud with your quirkyness, your speeches, your one liners, and the way you made everyone feel special. It was amazing how when no one else saw beauty in things, you did. You will always have a home in our hearts. Geronimo!

  • Sassafras

    Any time you acted with kids. You were amazing with them and watching you with them was a sheer, utter joy. It was also amazing that you completely conveyed being the oldest Doctor of all despite having the youngest face–all in the eyes! You were my first Doctor and you are my favorite Doctor and that is something because I really love Eight and Nine! I am already anticipating the need for MANY MANY boxes of tissues on Christmas. Thank you, Matt!

  • Chris Monaco

    Matt, you were The Doctor in every sense with your “tawdry quirks.” I loved your personality, your fashion sense and the darker side that you displayed from time to time, but more than anything else, I loved your monologues. You captivated us with the emotion you brought to your speeches and God knows we’re going to miss them. You are the embodiment of an amazing era in the Doctor Who universe and will be remembered as such. And more than anything else, you were my Doctor. So, I wish you good luck in all your future adventures. We’ll all miss you Matt.

  • Amber Celeste Abernathy

    Geronimo! What an exciting time for the Doctor. Matt, seeing you grace that screen and utter your first lines
    You had me hooked from the very beginning. You are the reason I started getting into Doctor Who and I’m probably not
    the only one that you did that for, you are MY Doctor! While I am very sad to see you go I know there are such bigger
    and better things out there for you. Thank you for being my Doctor for these last Three years.

  • Angelina Holden

    Matt, I am gonna miss everything about you, your face, your bowtie, your fez, and you’re great personality on doctor who! :) oh! and I will also miss “fish fingers and custard.” :)

  • Carmen Jasper

    Awww Matt. You made me love you! You were like the rebound Doctor that turned into true love. Don’t forget us!

  • Karina Gomez

    Oh Matt,
    You played the doctor beautifully, with such life and energy and joy. But you didn’t fail to show the sorrow that lies within The Doctor. You are extremely talented and I wish to see you overcome every challenging role that comes your way.

  • Rebekah Goodman

    You will always be my Doctor. Always. You were the Doctor who helped me through a very dark time in my life. Your Doctor’s spirit raised mine. In a way, your Doctor saved my life, and I can’t thank you enough. Matt – you were such a fantastic Doctor and don’t you dare ever believe otherwise. You are a brilliant actor and I hope you do well in your future endeavors. You will be truly missed. *hugs* Bowties will always be cool ;) Geronimo!

  • Matt Smith rocks

    I love you Matt and I will miss you,and you were my first doctor you will always be my favorite I cant wait to see u in other shows new roles new characters. when they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things.They didn’t they didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter they gave him a call box from which u can call for help.They didn’t give him a superpower or a heat ray, they gave him an extra heart. They gave him two hearts and that’s an extraordinary thing; there will never come a time when we don’t need a hero like The Doctor.

  • ahod

    Matt – you are my favorite doctor and a fantastic actor! I’m
    embarrassed about how sad I am that your run as Doctor has ended, but I’m
    excited to see what you do next! #11 always meant a lot to me because he’s seen
    so much and experienced so much sadness, but fights so hard to have fun a smile
    and not be swallowed by the blues. What a multi-layered and wonderful
    performance. Thanks!

  • Kamy

    Simply the fact you were my Doctor, this first Doctor I’d ever seen and you were so funny and quirky and just all around brilliant. You made Doctor Who so important and amazing. Thank you for just being you and thank you for being MY Doctor. 11 forever.

  • Karyn Rufus

    The eleventh doctor brought with him an enormous heart! I love how incredibly large and dramatic his every move and word was – even in the quiet moments. Especially in the quiet moments. The sweet expression on his face at the end of the 50th anniversary special was so very well-deserved. Rest well, Raggedy Man! You’ve been so fantastic! Thank you for being so generous, Matt Smith! We’re going to miss you so – but we know that this is just the beginning for you! The best is yet to come! Geronimo!

  • Extreme Whovian

    I’m going to miss your fez, and bowtie. AND YOU HAIR

  • Tia Godfrey

    Dear Matt,
    I love your quirkiness. You made the Doctor even more loveable, your speeches left me breathless. You really helped me through a lot and I can’t thank you enough. I’ll always love number 11.

  • Cassandra Tiensivu

    Dear Doctor, er… Matt… oh so that’s that your /real/ name?? ;) Anyway, I just wanted to say I loved your spirit of adventure, your quirkiness and your sometimes child-like silliness. I was hooked as soon as you started trying out new foods with Amelia Pond. You’ll always be My Doctor. :)

  • Louredale

    I’m going to miss the way you can never stop saving people even when you try. I’m going to miss your goodness, your cheerful manner, your smile, your train of thought when you get excited, the look you give River before you know her. Everything.

  • John Smith

    Matt Smith, I loved your incarnation of the doctor, I loved your humor, your fez, your bowtie, I loved everything about you. we will miss you Matt.

    • John Smith

      And Especially your personality…

  • TrustMeIamTheDoctor

    The Magnificence of his Doctor, the whimsical nature, his clumsiness and his charm and most of all his two hearts. The most adored of all doctors … the bowtie man, the raggedy doctor,the mad man with a box. I’ll miss how Matt Smith made the doctor his own and became the reason I started watching Doctor Who. Now after watching hundreds of hours of Doctor Who, classic and new, I am proud to say that Matt Smith, the eleventh, is my Doctor!

  • Beth38991

    I’m definitely going to miss his boundless energy, his humor, his adorableness. He could make me squee with just the right facial expression. I’m going to miss him a great deal. :( Here’s hoping for future appearances of the fez or any other references to the 11th Doctor!

  • Beth38991

    And you were my first Doctor, I’ll never forget that. You’re my favorite.

  • Michelle

    Matt is the reason my husband and I started watching the series. We’ll always think of you when we’re having fish fingers and custard. You will definitely be missed – goodbye sweetie!

  • Matthew Whyte

    I will miss his passion for the people he cares about his heart and wittyNess and his honesty about who he is and where he comes fringe how he didn’t hold back when asked good bye Matt Smith Geronimo!

  • Sofia Delfino

    Matt, I really want to thank you because in many times where I felt alone and not in my most favorite moments of my life, you always managed to bring a smile to my face. You are a truly inspiring person and you role and most importantly, Matt Smith will never be forgotten.

  • Emily Stoll

    I’m going to miss absolutely everything, I can’t pick!

  • Russell

    Thank you for being ‘the cool doctor’! I liked your humor and your wisdom that you brought to the doctor. Stetsons, bowties and fez’s are definitely cool! Run you silly boy and remember the good times :). We’ll miss you tons.

  • Diane

    Matt… what can I say. From the silly bow-tie to the amazing heart, you were truly an amazing Doctor. The eleventh doctor was like the big kid trying to be a superhero. You made us laugh and cry. You truly captured what the Doctor is all about. You were the Doctor who brought me into Doctor Who. The Doctor for a new generation. You are so charming, kind, and hilarious. I’m really going to miss you Raggedy Man. Know that you will always be loved!

  • Johanna Yost Jimenez

    I adore the way you’ve portrayed the Doctor. Your characterization has been AMAZING for me to see. The way the Doctor has gone from funny to deadly serious gets me every single time. I’ve never seen someone pull that off the way you do. You have captured the Doctor’s essence for me. YOU are AWESOME, Sir! (And I know for us, we will miss you lots.)

  • Rachel Jacobson

    i loved everything, but besides the amazing and fantastic acting skills, and the fezzes, my favorite thing would be the bow ties!!!
    Bow Ties are Cool!

  • Andy

    Matt, you were the first Doctor I watched and you will always be the best Doctor in my opinion. I just really want to say thank you for all the amazing adventures you have given us of the past 4 years. I sad to see you go but i can understand your reasons. I really am going to be sad this Christmas and I just want to say one last thing: Geronimo!

  • Melanie MacQueen

    I love how his Dr. could never remain cynical even though he had so much reason to be. I am tired of “anti-heroes”. We need positive heroes who keep going no matter their personal pain or how tired they sometimes are.

  • Meredith

    I am going to miss Matt’s investment in who he was The Doctor! I am also going to miss how you could really relate to him , he was just a genius and how he was funny , quirky , clumsy , and of course I am going to miss his charm. Goodbye Matt.

  • Jacklyn

    Haha It’s only been a week since I started this show; and I had no idea how I never even knew about Doctor Who until a few months back. Matt, you were my first Doctor, and I’ve only watched your episodes thus far (though I will be watching all the seasons soon enough :D). It was pretty much a shock when I discovered you were leaving after the 2013 Christmas Special; I suppose you could say I was quite sad, despite only learning about this series for a week. But really, a week is a lot, and I’m really going to miss everything about the 11th Doctor: That awesome bowtie, the hat that I never knew existed (aka fez), Geronimo, everything! Especially those awesome comebacks and answers that really lifted my day up, those clever words. I really am going to miss that childish humor and personality your Doctor has, I hope Peter Capaldi will be able to retain some of that. Thanks so much for an awesome week, Matt, and good luck in your goals! :D

  • BeverlyDW

    When David Tennat left, needless to say I was heartbroken. I almost wanted to shut off the computsr as soon as his face dissapeered. But then Matt appeared and he was funny and charming and I thought.. Okay maybe one more episode JUST to see how he is and the way he portrayed a funny, silly doctor was great! I watched the next episode and the next and before I knew it, I was once again in love with this amazing show. When the fiftieth came, I suprised myself by watching Matt more than David! And THAT was shocking but Matt was like the best friend who cheered me up when my life was dull and sad. I cried over Rose, Amy, Rory, River and Im going to cry when he leaves his Clara and Im feeling the once again, Im not watching this show anymore feeling but Matt taught me anything, its that Ill keep watching and who knows? Maybe Ill fall in love with this show once again. So thanks Matt Smith for the cheering me up when I needed it most, I hope youll come back later and thanks for being you. Please never forget us whovians! Bowties, Fez, sonic screwdrivers, fishsticks and custard, and Sexy: the TARDIS :)

  • Authorwf

    Matt, you brought a spectacular Essence to the doctor. I will miss the fantastic job you did. Wish you well in all of your endeavors. You are a brilliant actor, so I know you’ll do well.
    Will. Washington DC.

  • Timothy Starnes

    Thank you, Matt, for being The Doctor. You played this role so well and I am very sad to see you go on Christmas, but I know that you’ll go out with a bang. You were my first Doctor and you are what made me fall in love with this wonderful show with your whimsical and bouncy nature. You are a small child and an ancient alien all bundled into one and for that reason, I think you’ve most captured who The Doctor REALLY is. Can’t wait to see what you do next, not only as The Doctor but also in future roles. GERONIMO!!!!

  • AmyLeem

    Matt Smith, Thank you for being the Doctor! Don’t ever forget that bowies are cool!! You are amazing! I hope that we will see you again!

  • Drew Perkins

    Matt Smith,
    You are an amazing actor, being able to switch so fluidly from joy and whimsy to cold, whispered anger and still making us believe every second of it was not something just anyone could do….especially not as well as you. While I will excitedly go see any movie tv show you’re in in the future because I am sure you will deliver a stunning performance, there will always be a special place in my heart for your portrayal of The Doctor. Thank you so much for the gift you’ve given all of us fans.

  • Edgar Vallejo

    I’ll miss you Matt. You were FANTASTIC but I guess it’s time to go to the next Doctor. This is your final ALLONS-Y and it’s a shame because I came during your era, but the only new episode I saw was The Day of the Doctor. But now, it’s time to GERONIMO into your last story. I’ll miss you.

  • Jessica C.

    You are the most loving, quirky, and strong Doctors to ever grace the role. Thank you for making me want to hear that Tardis woosh for an adventure through time and space.

  • Rachel Stoneham

    I will miss your silly smile and all your goofy hats. I will miss your child like wonder and the way you rant and rave. I will miss you being serious and your mischievous ways. I will miss your hopeful and passionate speachs. I will miss your crazy antics and seeing your evil smiles. You took us all on an adventure through all of time and space, you showed us wonderful, amazing and aweful things. I will miss you being my guide through all the crazy and scary adventures. I will miss your oddness, it makes you who you are. Good bye Matt Smith you are very much The Doctor and you will be missed!

  • Claw

    You’ve been a fun Doctor! I’ve enjoyed our many adventures together.

  • Dont Judge Fandoms

    Matt, you were my first doctor. I know it’s always said you never forget your first doctor, and it’s true, how can you forget a part of yourself. I’ve traveled with you every step, and I will dearly miss you. Have another fantastic adventure. Geronimo!

  • Will Block

    Mr. Smith,
    You filled this role with a boundless love and boundless curiosity. This is the Doctor that sees something, doesn’t understand it, and loves it all the more. This Doctor is a model for a better human mindset, and I want to thank you for that. Geronimo indeed. Life is an adventure, and this is one person just a little bit more willing to embrace it because of your work.

    Thanks again for a fantastic ride.

  • Andrew

    Matt you are so cool. I remember the first time I saw you and it was hilarious. I hope you will keep on fezzin’.

  • Amber

    Matt, you held so much pain inside but you still managed to fix everything. You held sadness and anger but never hatred. I admire you soo much because no matter how awful things got you never kill, not even the Daleks! I loved all of your speeches… some even made me cry. I loved your laugh and your humor so much. I will miss everything about you, your chin, your hair, your personality, but most of all… your bow tie <3 ! Geronimo.

  • Caroline

    I felt like he could truly be my crazy best friend that would whisk me off on fantastic adventures!

  • James Senf

    Matt, your Doctor had the most intense story! I was glued to my seat every time you were on. I will miss your bow ties, lol because of you, bow ties became cool and I now have a few myself. I never tried to eat fish sticks like you, but you made every moment make me feel like I was right there. I know the Doctor lives on, but I will miss your Doctor’s story, you were fantastic! Happily I have dvds! I cannot wait to see your story end, it will be grand as sure as I am your best performances!

  • Jessica Maya

    Thank you for every adventure , for every speech the doctor gave that had so much power that made goosebumps apear in the audience’s skin . You were the one that made bowties cool . You portrayed the Doctor so well . It was as if you are the Doctor not just an actor.You’ve been the Doctor that could make you smile in a second. Thank you Matt,Raggedy Man.I might have to hold on to your bowtie so that you don’t run away

  • Naiomi Gonzalez

    I started watching this show almost a year ago, and it came into my life during a period when things weren’t so great. There were moments when this show was literally the only bright spot of my day. Thank you Matt, your portrayal of the Doctor was beyond amazing. Your Doctor was funny and quirky, yet you also captured the Doctor’s anger and pain so well. Thank you, for being part of the show that has helped me through some of my darkest days. Thank you for reminding me to have hope. Thank you for making me laugh.

  • 715Cool

    Love him. He is the one doctor that shows all emotions and is not scared to show it. Weather anger, pain, happiness or lonless he is not scared to show it and with his kiddish personality it was a nice mix. In all love the Eleventh (Matt Smith) and thanks for the good years!

  • EndiveArtTqnsker

    When I first saw an episode,it was Matt in the episode with the black cubes. I didn’t know,but about a month or 2 later,I fell in love with Doctor Who…I have now Fallen in love with fezzes, bow ties, sonic screwdrivers, tweed, and so much more,but what I’m going to miss about the doctor is the kid inside of him and the whackiness that came with…we all wish to use the TARDIS and save you,we’ll miss you!!!

  • Michele

    Matt, I will miss how positive and fun you were as the Doctor, what a fierce friend you were to your companions, and how much hope you had for the human race. I will miss your speeches and how theatrical you were; Most memorable to me was your emotional speech to the god in The Rings of Akhatan and at Stonehenge in the Pandorica Opens. Sheer genius!

  • Amy Gary Schwarz

    Matt, thank you for a wonderful run on Doctor Who. You brought such enthusiasm and energy to the role, and helped Doctor Who to become the worldwide phenomenon it is today! The chemistry you had with your companions made the stories so much more compelling and always had us coming back for more. Perfect balance between fun, and serious. Best Wishes going forward!!

  • Valerie

    After finding Doctor Who on PBS, it was during your era. My mom watched it when I was a kid so I knew that there were multiple doctors and had hoped I would get more of you when I came into watching the series. The mischievous eyes, the walk, the unsureness of a situation, to saving the day in outside the box ways. I’m glad I came in with you as the Doctor.

  • Christian Dobbins

    The Eleventh Doctor is my favorite Doctor because Matt perfectly portrays an old man in a young body. Eleven is an incredible inspiration to me, and I will miss him incredibly, but I’ll always cherish the things he brought into my life. Thank you, Matt.

  • jules

    Thank you Matt for becoming the Doctor and making him a bubbling recreation that encompasses all the Doctors yet is unique.


    What I will miss is gesticulations, his twirling about, so excited still about traveling. So much fun to be around. He made watching Dr. Who even more fun to watch, will miss you Matt, you made a great Doctor!

  • Isabella Scales

    Got me through a very very tough time in my life…I had(ve) a friend struggling with depression and when you where talking to amy at the end of vincent and the doctor, hugging her and telling her every life was a pile of good things and bad things..I felt like you where talking to me. It made a world of differance. Your doctor was magic, was fairytale, was fun….We won’t forget you. Thank you for being there when I was sad, making me laugh, making me cry, wowing me with your performances, and giving me faith again. We love you Matt <3

  • Kristen

    You were amazing! I absolutely loved David and I thought I would hate you out of principle. But, alas, the humor, honesty and strength you brought to this role was amazing. You were the doctor who wore his emotions on his sleeve. I am not looking forward to the next doctor, again solely on principle, but I am sure he will grow on me too. I hope to see you again in other roles, thanks for showing me you can love more than just your first Doctor :)

  • Hannah M

    I’llmiss his complexity. How he is most definitely a mad man with a box, a
    bit goofy but that quirkiness is a cover to hide the intensity of other
    emotions he’s trying to deal with.

    you and Eleven will most definitely be missed. You and Ten were my
    first Doctors. You’ve played a very important part in my life over the
    past year and I’ll always be grateful.

    - Hannah M

  • Alaina

    Dearest Raggedy Man,
    You are an inspiration to many, I love your dedication to the role, but also your kindness and enthusiasm as a person towards your fans. You are my favorite Doctor and I wish you nothing but the best. Plus your cute!

  • Jammie Foster

    Matt you were my Mom, Darlene’s & Mamaw, Helen’s 1st Doctor. You brought 3 generations together every Saturday night for love, laughter, joy, & thrills. We can’t chose just 1 fave moment so we choose your 1st season as it was the 1st season there were 3 Whovians in my home. We wish you all the joy, love, laughter, & thrills of success as you move forward. The words thank you don’t seem enough for the joy you have brought to 3 generations of my family but we will miss you!

  • Kim

    You made The Doctor revert back into a child, finding wonder in almost any predicament, ridiculous or serious. But more than anything, I loved the pure INSANITY you brought to the role.

  • Abby Thompson

    Dearest Matt,
    Your fantastic humor and charm helped give me a bit of happiness when I needed it most. Watching each and every episode he did puts a smile on my face and warms my heart every single time!! With him leaving, I feel like I not only am losing a favorite character, but I feel like I am losing a very close, personal friend. Matt, you are and always will be in my heart. You are the Doctor. You are loved immensely. You will be missed greatly and dearly. I love you and already miss you!! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!!

  • Dora Longin Vargas

    matt i just want to say to you these last words-in the episode the day of the doctor i wanted to see if you are going to bring the fez back and you did,matt i will mis you veri mich especly in the episode-the time of the doctor,by matt smith! :((((((((((((((((

  • Knight

    You were my first Doctor, and even though the very first episode of Doctor Who I ever saw was in a different language, I fell in love with the show and its very unique and special magic. You will always be my Doctor and will always have a place in my heart.
    Goodbye, Raggedy Man

  • Payton Salmons

    He is my favorite Doctor of all time! He made Doctor Who even more fun to watch, and I hadn’t thought that was possible. I’m going to miss you so much Matt Smith! You were absolutely brilliant as the Eleventh Doctor:)

  • Meera


  • Dora Longin Vargas

    matt do you realy love the fez….i mean i realy dont like the fez on your hed but i realy lke the bowtie idea <3

  • Sylver Shizune

    Matt, Wow is all I can say. You were the other half to David’s Doctor incarnation. Where he was serious with a bit of humor mixed in, you were the humor with some seriousness mixed in. You were an amazing Doctor and I know that there will be no other like you. We will miss you and we wish you the best in your career! Oh and the whole fez and bowtie was as adorable as you are!! Thanks for everything!! Geronimo!!!!!

  • GclefGinger

    As an old lady, who started with the third and fourth Doctor, I had my doubts with the regeneration from the 10th to 11th. But the fish fingers and custard (and the bow tie) hooked me. You’ve (Matt) performed beautifully and given so much nuance to this character. You’ve convinced me that this character was the 1000 year old child/man/timelord he was. So many blessing for your career. I look forward to catching your new adventures on video and theater.

  • Ann

    I was hesitant to like you at first but you won me over with your ability to rock the bow tie while dealing with perilous situations. You were an awesome Doctor Who! Thank you for making me like you!

  • Brittney Washam

    Oh, Matt! I can’t believe your time as the Doctor has already come to an end. You’ve brought a smile to my face so many times with your wonderful Doctor, and I’m sure we’ll all miss your cool bowties and fez! I wish you the best of luck in your future, and as with all the other Doctors, I’ll never forget you! Goodbye, Doctor – it was so very nice to meet you.

  • Sheri

    What do I love about Matt? Everything! His sense of humor & energy most of all. I’ve watched the show since the 70′s – before Matt Peter Davidson was my favorite although I loved David Tennant & Tom Baker too… but very very sad to see Matt go. His interactions with River Song were special. We shall miss you as ‘The Doctor’ Matt!!!

  • Thais Fraccari

    Dear Matt, I like you as much as you like Troughton. You are my first Doctor. My favorite Doctor. My Doctor. The one I imagine myself travelling with inside the TARDIS. It’s hard for me to think about you leaving the show. I know, it’s the nature of Doctor Who, but the truth is: you are really special to me. You’re in both my time-lady hearts, haha. If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t start to watch Doctor Who. I fell in love with the show. I fell in love with the Doctor. Your Doctor. I like every single one, from Hartnelll to Hurt, but none of them made me feel the same things you did make me feel. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me happy, you made me wish I could see a blue box falling inside my garden! Most of all, you became a important part of my life. On this year, on Comic Con, you said we would forget you. But I can guarantee you, it will NEVER happen. We will not forget you. And I can’t forget you. Because, after all, you never forget your first Doctor. I can say, from the bottom of my heart, that I couldn’t be more proud of you and your tenure. You were brilliant as the Doctor! You were cool, exactly like your bowties! I love you and I wish you the best! Thank you for everything. Thank you and goodbye, my Doctor.

  • Suzanne Henline

    I will miss Matt’s over-exaggerated movements. He not only speaks with his mouth but with his whole body. His obvious excitement and joy for the role makes me love the show that much more. We will never forget you Matt. Even when the 150th anniversary of Doctor Who rolls around you will still be remembered as one of the greatest faces of the Doctor.

  • Bob Hollister

    You were so good at appearing young and ancient at the same time. I swear sometimes you were channeling William Hartnell. Well done, sir.

  • Maura Brown

    Matt, when I first saw you as the new Doctor, I was a little skeptical, because your Doctor was so quirky and odd. I had grown to love David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston, and I wasn’t ready to move on from them. But you MADE me love you. Your eccentric movements and phrases, everything you brought to the Doctor, I loved. I’m going to miss seeing you as the Doctor, You have added so much to the Doctor’s character, and I enjoyed the depth you added to the character, despite the lovable, eccentric behavior of the Doctor. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors!

  • Agent Kiwi

    I honestly have to say, I was undoubtedly skeptical about your being cast as “The Eleventh Doctor” but in the end, you have given this show a sense of uniqueness that may never be mimicked again in this lifetime. I’ll miss the optimistic personality you gave The Doctor, and the way you gave him an obsession with Fezzes (or however you spell the name of that hat) The curiosity of a child mixed with the serious knowledge of a true Time-Lord. The genius mixed with the heart and powerful emotion that was brought back to the Doctor through you.

  • Susan Homitz

    Matt, you are the reason I fell in love with Dr. Who. You will always be my favorite doctor, and I’m going to miss the joy you brought to the role. Good luck in all your future endeavors, and THANK YOU!

  • Megan T.

    I will miss Matt’s beautiful portrayal of an old (and sometimes desperately tired) soul in a youthful body. I am constantly in awe.

  • knitchic

    Matt you are and always will be my Doctor. I fell in love with the show watching you twirl and leap. I will never look at bow ties or statues the same. You will be missed. Best of luck to you. I can’t wait to see where you land next!

  • Stephen Fair

    Matt, what I will miss most about you is how easily you put me at ease following David. I’ve been a fan of DW since the early 80′s when I saw Android Invasion with Tom Baker. Tom will always be my Doctor but David quickly became my second favorite. I was very unhappy when he announced he was leaving the show. I just didn’t see how anyone could follow him. I am happy to say that I was so very wrong. I have enjoyed your tenure as the Doctor and am genuinely sorry to see you go.

  • Kate M

    Matt’s quirkiness and whimsy helped me cope with my depression. He will always be my Doctor.

  • GirrlyCreeper

    Matt, I will miss your playful yet serious personality, how you can be so excited, and then suddenly in a deep depression. Even though you were not my first doctor, I will always think of you as. You were the best doctor in every way, and I think the thing I will miss the absolute most is your bow tie.

  • Leanne

    Matt, at first it was hard to watch David go, but your version of the Doctor really grew on me. Thanks for all the memories from the bow ties to the fez. You will be sorely missed.



  • Rachel

    Matt, your Doctor was there for me during the darkest times of my life. I do not think I would be here today had it not been for your time as the Doctor. I watched you from day one and was just amazed and in awe of the amazing talent you brought to the show. You were MY Doctor and as I watched your tale unfold I laughed with you I cried with you and I mourned losses with your Doctor. It saddens me knowing that you are leaving but I am so so glad you gave us all the opportunity to watch you be the Doctor. I wish you many good fortunes with your career and know that you and your Doctor were loved by many!

  • Colleen Masterson

    His childlike wonder of the universe. And my favorite line “I’m a girl!” Bravo Matt Smith, bravo!

  • Gillian

    Matt, I will miss you so much!! You are by far my favorite Doctor. You always make me smile.

  • Kristin Danielle James

    We will miss everything about the Eleventh Doctor, from his comedic side to his is sad side, to his kindess towards others and to his cool remarks,plus so much more, we will miss Matt as 11 dearly, he will always be our Doctor and the best Doctor forever.11. not just a number in a long line of faces but someone so unforgettable and amazing that he will never be forgotten

  • Luke

    Matt. You were my first Doctor and I will always remember you. You’re constant joy and silliness captured my heart from day one, Plus I have been wearing bow ties much more often, Thank you for being my Doctor, Raggedy Man :)

  • MajinTheMuffin

    Matt, You are awesome with your derpness and all the fun hats you wear! You always made me laugh, I loved that you weren’t all that serious but everyone knows that Time Lords have a part of them which can get ugly. I don’t want you to leave but, we can’t keep you forever, ou will always have two hearts, wherever you go.

  • Ed Rondyke

    I will miss, the sly remarks between matt’s doctor an river song!! Doctor: These are my fellow agents, Legs, the nose, an mrs robinson. River: I hate him. Doctor: No you don’t!! lol Definitely will miss the quip between those two. Farewell Matt, Goodluck an Godspeed!!

  • Merissa Lynn Peralta

    Matt Smith,you brilliant man! Thank you for bringing a fresh face to our doctor. You brought out the joy and light in him,serious when needed. Never a dull moment watching you on screen. I’ll have to try not to cry once you’ve gone. Run you clever man,and remember…GERONIMO!

  • Stephanie Spires

    You will always be “my Doctor.” You were and are wonderful and really brought the character to life. You had his quirkiness, his fire, his life, and everything. You helped make Doctor Who an success in the USA. I know you know how much we love you but REALLY, you have no idea. You are strangely attractive too, no offense. :) Good luck with your career and excited to see where you go next. GERONIMO!

  • Shannon Holloway

    thank you Matt smith you did fantastic as the doctor from all Whovians here in America i wish you the best in your travels and career Geronimo! Thank with all the fish fingers and custard, stetsons, bow ties, big blue boxes and fezzes good luck doctor to everything you have and haven’t faced yet, good luck in your greatest adventure yet, life! bye doctor we will mish you!

  • Sharon Gavin

    Matt, I’m wishing you luck on your new projects. I will miss you as the doctor, especially the chemistry with Alex Kingston. You and David Tennant are smart to move on to do other types of roles. Will miss your energy, but that is one reason to go. Be proud of your work and always stay in touch with Steven Moffat.

  • Shannon Holloway

    by doctor if you are reading this thank you for all the times you have saved us directly and indirectly thank you

  • Rachel

    I will miss how you can rock a bow tie like no one else! Because bow ties are cool!! I loved how you could be so crazy or serious whenever you wanted! Stay awesome! Geronimooooo!!!!!

  • Heather Carcagno

    Matt Smith,
    Thank you for being a brilliant Doctor! You made a wonderful man trying to overcome a troubled past with humor. I will miss watching you bring life to such an iconic role and will no doubt cry waterfalls to see you go!

  • Rebecca H

    I didn’t think I would love another doctor as much as I loved David Tennant. After a season with you, I was completely in love with your doctor. The quirky outside but knowing that their was a darker personality made your doctor complex and gave him an amazing personality. I am seriously going to miss you and I fully consider you to be My Doctor. Thank you for absolutely everything! I will never forget you. As they say, “”Bowties were never cooler.” :)

  • Shannon Young

    Matt Smith,
    I don’t think I would love Doctor Who as much as I do now without you. Your whimsical childishness, running about and moving your hands around mixed with the pure power of your serious stare makes for my favorite Doctor. A knowing smirk, the wave of your sonic, the twirling and the calm nature of your Oncoming Storm scowl gets me every time. Last night, I had a dream you were looking for River to find out something and at the end, she drives off in the back of a car after Clara calls to you and you chased after her yelling, “River! River, no, please! Come back, River! River! Riiiiiver!” And you dropped to the ground and buried your face in your hands and my heart just broke into a million pieces for you because I remember how you react to heartbreak in-character and your expressive, beautiful face and I woke up sad not only for you mourning River’s loss, but for the loss of you us Whovians will experience on Christmas Day.

    Thank you Matt Smith, thank you so much. We all wish you luck in your future endeavors and will be following you and supporting you throughout them. Just as your previous works have been incredible, we know you will continue that. Good luck.
    Love, Your Loyal Fan Forever, Shannon :D <3

  • gracewiggins

    Oh Matt, sweet Matt. You gave The Doctor a sense of youth that he did not previously possess. You’ve made Doctor Who a lovely, clumsy, beautiful alien who I, and so many others will miss so much. Thank you for teaching me things no ordinary human could. We will mis you.

  • Amanda Badgley

    Thank You Matt Smith you were wonderful as the Doctor for all of the Whovians here in America i wish you the best in your travels and career Geronimo! Thank with all the fish fingers and custard, stetsons, bow ties, big blue boxes and fezzes good luck doctor to everything you have and haven’t faced yet, good luck in your greatest adventure yet, life! bye doctor we will mish you! oh my twin sister and I are huge fans but we will miss you xoxo <3 goodbye sweetie

  • Christina Duarte

    Matt,You are my first and favorite doctor. Your bow-tie and speeches will forever be what I associate with doctor who. You will forever be in our memories as the mad man in the blue box. Matt you were an amazing doctor and I wish you the best.You will be greatly missed and forever loved, Sweetie.

  • Kyle Williams

    Thank you so much for all you have done as the Doctor. You got me into the series with your entertaining and always amazing performance as the Doctor… My Doctor. Wishing you luck in your future. Can’t wait to see what you do next!


    Kyle Williams.


  • seamuscampbell

    Matt, you were my first doctor. I couldn’t sleep during Hurricane Irene and the only thing on television was “Let’s Kill Hitler.” I had no clue what was going on but it was cool. The next morning, I watched “The Eleventh Hour” on Netflix and I was hooked. Since you were my first, you will always have a special place in my heart (also, you were great in “Party Animals”).

  • Amanda Cathey

    I love you Matt! You brought a whole new feel and emotion to Who. You are fantastic, and your career is going to be so wonderful! You will always be The Doctor, one among many, but special and unique all the same. I wish you all the good in the world, and hope to see you in other things, particularly future Doctor Who anniversary specials ;) All my love Chinny <3

  • Alina

    You’re a wonderful actor who made the Eleventh doctor the most fun to watch. I loved how you were funny and serious at the same time, and you gave me laughs in almost every episode. You made me cry, laugh, cringe, smile, and always, love the Eleventh doctor. We all will really miss you! Thank you for all the wonderful episodes.
    BTW, I love the fez and bow tie!

  • Shenanigans

    Matt was my first Doctor (and you never forget your first Doctor.) From the first second he appeared in “The Eleventh Hour” in April of 2010, I knew I was going to love Doctor Who. He was adorable, bonkers, and completely perfect. I watched Series 5 voraciously, tuning in every week to see my new favorite character and his new companion Amy travel the universe and fight aliens. I couldn’t stop talking about Doctor Who. My obsession with Doctor Who had begun… it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    I remember watching “The Big Bang” and crying ugly tears because everyone got a happy ending. I then went back and rewatched series 1-4… and I still preferred my Eleventh Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River.

    I remember watching “A Christmas Carol” and squeeing because a new episode was the best Christmas present ever.

    I remember watching “The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon” and drawing tally marks on myself and shipping Eleven and River like crazy. (The shipping hasn’t stopped.)

    I remember “The Doctor’s Wife” and how it completely refueled my love for Neil Gaiman’s writing. (I haven’t stopped fangirling over Neil’s work, and have since become a groupie.)

    I remember finishing “A Good Man Goes to War” and having my mind blown by Steven Moffat’s reveal of who River is.

    I remember suffering through the summer of 2011 to wait for “Let’s Kill Hitler” with only Torchwood: Miracle Day as a substitute.

    I remember watching “The Wedding of River Song” via livestream, then inviting my friends over to watch it on BBC America and watching their priceless reaction faces.

    I remember waiting all 2012 for Doctor Who to come back, and having my patience rewarded with “Asylum of the Daleks.”

    I remember squeeing when Eleven snogged Rory in “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” and sobbing when the Ponds left in “The Angels Take Manhattan.”

    I remember “The Snowmen” and how perfect my Christmas was because of it.

    And of course, I remember “The Name of the Doctor” in all its brilliant, mind-blowing glory. (AND THAT PERFECT ELEVEN/RIVER SNOG. AND THE JOHN HURT MOMENT.)

    And don’t even get me started on how perfect “The Day of the Doctor” was.

    With Christmas – meaning Matt’s final episode – approaching, my heart is racing and I can’t contain the feels much longer. Matt Smith is my Doctor. Eleven is my Doctor. And to let him go could end up the death of me.

    I know people felt this way about David Tennant’s Doctor. (OH I KNOW.) I know people felt this way about Nine. I know people felt this way about many Classic Doctors. I’m very certain there are other Whovians out there who love Eleven as much as I do, and will be just as heartbroken as I am when he has to go.

    Matt Smith, thank you for everything. The past four years have been the best of my life, and your Doctor is the reason why. Bowties are cool, and you are the coolest. Eleven is my Doctor, and he always will be.

    • John

      Oh, 11. Oh Matt Smith. The thing I loved best about you was that Steven Moffat wrote garbage scripts, but you praised him to hang on to your job. The thing I loved best about you is the fact that you’re leaving, actually. Bye bye.


  • Max

    Matt Smith,
    You are the reason I am a Whovian today and for that, I thank you a million times over. I’m going to miss you and your bowtie and your fez and your love for fish custard. And your hair. I <3 <3 you!

    Stay Amazing,

  • Katy Hatch

    Matt you brought style (no one wears a bow tie & fez like you)! You’ve made me laugh and cry so much these last few years! I’ll miss the mad man you brought to the tardis! I’ll miss Geronimo man! I’ll never forget my 11th doctor :) <3 Matt smith! Can't wait for how to catch a monster next year!!

  • Nate Shivers

    So long Raggedy man. You were my favourite. But in my opinion, your best moment was fish fingers and custard. Geroimo!!!

  • FWvidChick

    I knew i would end up loving Matt despite my grief for Ten/DT but i never thought I’d love him this much or how he was able to bring his own big shoes to be filled. I love everything about 11. Matt has this brilliant way of being both young and old at the same time. Certain scenes such as when he sits at Amelia’s beside in ‘The Big Bang’ and he just..seems like the old man that the Doctor is, that he really has seen so much and feels the weight of it all and yet.. he is also the young man. The one racing about. Matt does it brilliantly. He brings so much emotion to each and every scene, amazing me with his facial expressions and body movements.

    I think my fav idiosyncrasies is how he is always doing something. Not just gesturing but doing something. Such as ‘Closing Time’ when he is messing with all the stuff in the kitchen while Craig talks. Using a pepper shaker, licking something, ect. I love watching 11 move and how he continued the feel that 10 brought with the boundless energy.

    Thanks Matt for being the Doctor and bringing so much to the role. You are the Doctor my daughter remembers the most, ‘Eleventh Hour’ is her fav episode with you, especially when 11 is trying out all the food. You will be missed greatly and I wish you the best!

  • Clive Adlam

    Matt, you are a fantastic actor. I will miss the enthusiasm that you brought to the Eleventh Doctor. You were a Doctor that was able to show how silly and fun the Doctor could be while also conveying the deep sorrow and terrible rage which he could feel. You were amazing and brilliant and oh-so-clever as the Doctor is, you will forever hold a special place in my heart as the Eleventh Doctor.

  • Grace Sewell

    I will miss the craziness of the eleventh. and of course the fact that he is hilarious! Farewell Matt Smith, we will always miss you! Xoxoxo

  • SeanT

    Matt, you are definitely an awesome doctor. I will miss that bow tie. cause we all know BOW TIES ARE COOL!

  • Rose

    AHHHH no I absolutely love Matt Smith I’m very sad to see him go. My favorite thing about him is he’s hilarious and is a very good actor I think that he was one of the best doctors and I hope the new doctor can be as amazing as Matt was.

  • C. Gold

    Dear Matt,
    You are such a wonderful actor, I truly feel you are the Doctor. I will miss the way you wave your arms about when you talk, I will miss your goofy smiles, your sad eye smiles, and your mischievous smiles. I will miss the way your hair falls in your eye and the sexy way you look in that black tux. But most of all, I will miss the extreme age range you portray – the way you can be an innocent child full of wonder and excitement one moment, angry Time Lord the next, and then the ancient grieving, lonely old man. Thank you and know that I will miss you something fierce.

  • Jeanetta Carol Winningham Shee

    Dear Matt, you are and always will be my Doctor. I discovered you because of Doctor Who, but I am a huge fan of your other work as well. I will truly miss having you in my livingroom. You made Doctor Who something special for my 12 year son and I to share together. We both adore your portrayal as the Doctor. My favorite episode of your was The RIngs of Akhatan because of the magnificent speech. You are beautiful inside and out and I wish you all the best in the world with your career. Anxiously awaiting to see To Catch a Monster and reading the reviews for American Psycho.

  • Rachael Popek

    The way that Matt brought the 11th to genuinely not only see the world through his companions eyes, but the way he was able to make each companion feel as important in the universe as he was just through sheer modesty and child like wonder was amazing! While still remaining a genius, he misses the simple given to him by his clever companions. And that simplicity made him genuinely lovable. The way he handled love was more like a teenager on a first date arranged by mom and mom’s best friend, and that made him just adorable. Well done Matt, we’ll sincerely miss you.

  • Aran

    Raggedy Man I will miss you so much! You were a fantastic doctor that could always make me smile, even when you were in the most desperate situations in the show. Good luck on your future endeavors :)

  • LS

    Matt, Although you weren’t technically my FIRST Doctor, you will always be MY Doctor. I’m just going to miss everything. Your quirkiness, the speeches, the brilliance you brought to such a huge role. I can only hope I see you on screen again soon!

  • Patty

    Matt, you taught me how to laugh,cry, and hate … All in one episode!!! Now I’ve passed down this love to my students and taught a whole new generation how to watch good tv!

  • Amanda

    There is so much I’m going to miss about Matt as Eleven. That flawless sort of clumsy way he seems to do EVERYTHING, the brilliant run-on sentences and incredibly executed lines, the way he manages to go from angry to hilarious to heartbreaking in a single breath. Some things will stick with me forever, and even though it took me a while to warm up to you and I have still have an unending adoration for Ten, Eleven will always be the one who not only stole my heart, but did mad science experiments on it and made me feel such a wide array of emotions in a single episode more than once. You were the Doctor I didn’t know I needed and for that, I thank you more than even these words could possibly convey. We’re going to miss you so much!

  • Tatiana Cruz

    I love Matt Smith and it’s sad to see him go. I absolutely love his acting and how he was sarcastic but funny and intelligent at the same time. Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor and I will never forget that bow ties are cool!

  • Grace Sewell

    Goodbye Matt smith. You are and always will be my favourite doctor. No matter how many times my dad says DT is the best, I will never forget you. Your fez, the Stetson, the bowtie, they will never be forgotten. I loved how you were the youngest doctor but always seemed like the oldest. Your eyes were old but your heart and soul was young. Every doctor’s regeneration is emotional, but yours will definitely be the saddest. Goodbye Matt. I will always remember you…

  • Dannielle Leahy

    Matt, the biggest thing, I think that we all can say, is thank you. You, and the other Eleven who have played the Doctor thus far (counting Mr. Hurt of course) all brought something unique and lovely to him. You were the fun, goofy, quirky loveable Doctor. But you also had the wonderful ability to make us sad. You displayed your passion, compassion, sorrow, and anger for anyone/thing that hurt the ones you loved and cared for. I didn’t expect to love you as much as I do; after 9 and 10. I don’t think any of us did. But you have rightfully earned a place in all of our hearts, and you will be missed. So, I am not happy or excited to see you go, but I am excited for the next step in the Doctor journey, and of course for you. We all look forward to where your career goes. :) You were, fantastic.

  • Dannielle Leahy

    Wait wait wait. The thing I’ll miss most besides the bowties and the fez, is the dancing.

  • Victoria

    Dear Matt,
    You are such an inspiring actor. You have played your role with great pride and it has showed in the past few seasons. You are an excellent actor and by far my favorite doctor <3 You always have hope in every episode no matter what! You never give up and have the up most faith that you'll overcome your challenge and I have learned a few things from that. I thank you so much for the light you have brought on that show that has gave me courage in this world. I wish you nothing but the best where ever you shall go. Now, it's time for one last bow Matt!
    Geronimo !

  • Brenna Ryan

    Dear Matt,
    At first I didn’t know if I would ever see you as the Doctor. But now that your time has ended, I look back on all your adventures and realize how much I will truly miss you and all your quirks. Even in the episodes I didn’t enjoy as much, I could ALWAYS count on you for a solid performance and deep character. You are and always will be the Doctor!

  • Ginger Crawford

    The way you and Tennant just bounced off each other. You two should do some more specials together.

  • Hannah Marcus

    I’m going to miss Matt’s little catchphrases, hand gestures, bow tie, and, of course, his fez.

  • wyatt mount

    Good-bye old friend. A friend who was always there during the good and bad. I need wanted to see you go. And just like you I don’t like good byes. So see ya around Matt Smith!!!

  • Breanna

    Goodbye Raggedy man, i look forward to 12 but will always miss 11 goofiness, and seriousness.

  • Glenn T

    It was a great ride and I’m sorry to see you go, but thanks for taking me to faraway places and entertaining me for all those years

  • AngelicaGrace

    I will miss the craziness. The bow tie, and most of all the fez.

  • http://geekychristine.com/ Christine Martino

    I wish I could rip out the last page. Then it wouldn’t have to end.

  • Takun Tashi

    Oh Matt, his sexy swagger,fez-session and most of all his flare for the dramatic flailing hands.

  • Dan Haupert

    I was a big fan of David Tenant’s Doctor and was not looking forward to this new, young guy. But Matt won me over right away with his insane energy, childishness, fantastic hair, frantic gesticulations, humanity and the bow tie. Thank you Matt!

  • Matthew Cruz

    Dear Matt,
    I loved you right from the very first episode you starred in as the new Doctor. Because of you, I’ve learned many things about life and having hope. I’m going to miss your inspirational quotes and your lovely fez. I’m going to miss every single thing about you as the Doctor because you are indeed my favorite Doctor. I’m very thankful for your hard work and wonderful talent as the Doctor and I hope that you’ll continue to do great things in acting. But before it’s your time to say goodbye to Doctor Who, it’s time for one last bow tie and one last final adventure. Best of luck to you. Run you clever boy and remember; don’t blink. Geronimo!


  • Shaley

    Matt ,
    you are my favorite doctor! You are a brillant actor and played the doctor perfectly.You added some playfullness to the doctor and i willl miss you on Doctor Who soo much , more than you can beleive. Also bow ties nad feizes were never cooler! <3

  • Walter White

    Thanks, Matt, for being such a good steward of such a precious role; As Doctors past have done, you’ve created something new by bringing your own heart, mind, and soul to the part, and it so deeply appreciated it’s hard to express it as fully as it deserves. May all your endeavors be successful, and may you always find your way back when you want to… just follow the flashing light – it’s on top of the TARDIS.

  • http://geekychristine.com/ Christine Martino

    Forget the bow-tie, the fez, the fish fingers and custard. Tear away the Tweed, the Stetson and the jammy dodgers. All wonderful things, yes. But they are not why I chose you as my Doctor. No, it was your affinity toward children that I will cherish most of all. On-screen and off. I wish I could rip out the last page, so it would never end. :)

  • Aubrey

    Dear Matt,Im a huge fan of doctor who so is my family whenever i feel sad i watch doctor who and it makes me feel better you are a very good actor P.S bowties are cool

  • Katbear

    Matt – you were my first Doctor. There were others, but you were the one I took an interest in first. I went back and found one that will be my favorite, but you, you’re my “first”. Thanks. You did a wonderful job. Dare I say – you were fantastic

  • Luna Escamilla

    Dear Matt you were my first Doctor and the only reason I loved the show and wanted to watch more your are amazing Im very sad to see you go I will always love you !!!!

  • Pooquelle Christianson

    Goodbye Raggedy man, I wish it didn’t have to end. You were my first and favorite Doctor and I’ll never forget you. I’ve learned many things from you about hope and life. I’m really going to miss your inspiration and the stylish fez. Everything about you is perfect. You’re hilarious and energetic everything that makes a perfect Doctor. Thank You Matt for an amazing run, it’s been brilliant. I swear on fish fingers and custard Matt that I’ll never forget you. Ever. Who could forget the Raggedy Doctor? The last page will come all to soon. Goodbye Raggedy man, Thank You Geronimo!

  • Destiny

    Oh, where to begin? Matt Smith, you are a charming fellow. My doctor, I will miss you terribly. I think you were fantastic and you were phenomenal, hilarious, and inspirational. I will always keep you close to my heart(s). Best of luck to you with your future adventures! Geronimo! x

  • Brandon McGowan

    Dear Matt, you were the Doctor that brought me into all this craziness when I first saw you in ‘The Lodger’. From Totter’s Lane to Trenzalore, you will always be the funniest Doctor and one of the greatest, even though now my allegiance lies with Peter Davison. Farewell, raggedy man.

  • Coady

    I started with the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) and Sarah Jane on PBS late night and I have loved all the doctors but I will really miss the Raggedy Doctor and his skewed ideas of “cool”. Thanks for some great times.

  • Gia,11,Whovian

    Dear Matt Smith,
    Good Bye Matt Smith. You were the doctor that got me into watching this show and I’ve been watching it ever since! He was my first doctor that you should never forget! When I started watching this show I watched it for AT LEAST 24 hours straight! You were my fave doctor. You possibly cant go! I’m so sad that you are leaving. I wish you could stay for at least one more year! I am devasteated!

  • Layna

    Matt Smith, you have been one of my favorite Doctors to journey with. I love the quirky nature you brought, and the seriousness you could have as well. You grew on me from the first episode you were in, and it’s going to be a sad farewell. Thank you for teaching me how cool bowties were, and how important everyone is no matter if they think they aren’t.

  • Robbie

    Dear Matt Smith, I am going to miss your doctor so much! You were my first doctor and I just fell in love with your playfulness and joy that you put into this role! Your doctor has such heart and love and joy and loyalty that you just can’t help but enjoy watching him. I am heartbroken that you are leaving but I know your future will be wonderful! Good bye Doctor and you are right, bow ties are cool!

  • Taylor

    I’ll definitely miss Matt portraying the Doctor exactly how I pictured him. Very subtle loneliness/sadness, but extreme happiness. I’ll miss you, Raggedy Old Man

  • Raini Way

    I joined the fandom when you were in command of the TARDIS, and although I started by watching Nine and Ten’s episodes, you were the Doctor who made me a true Whovian. You made yourself a walking tribute to one of the earliest Doctors, and between you and Moffat’s love for call backs and mythology gags, my interest in the classic series was piqued. I was thrilled to see that the character of the Doctor has not truly changed over the last 50 years from the old time traveler in the blue box that the first generation of fans came to love. He has gone through many faces, experiences, struggles and fashion senses, but he is still very much the same Time Lord we’ve always loved. And you, with your manic energy and ability to appear old and young at the same time, embodied that character beautifully. Thank you for the contribution you’ve made to the legacy that is the Doctor.

  • awskyhag

    Heartbroken to hear you won’t you won’t be back ..I didn’t think anyone could top David Tennant, but you have been brilliant. Thank you for 3 wonderful seasons and I hope you’re future is everything you could want. You have brought joy to millions–you deserve every reward heaven has to offer. The Thanksgiving special was perfect. I will not soon forget the final scene–”Going Home”. Please tell them that would make a beautiful poster and/or shirt.

  • Amira Dao

    Every time you give a smile to your companions, my heart just lights up and warms :) Thanks for your time as the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith! Bowties will always be cool.

  • Hellen Izaguire

    Dear Matt Smith,
    You played the role of the doctor so well. You took us on an adventure since day one! You took us through a journey that brought me to tears and and so much joy. We shall miss your brilliant puns and unique quirkiness! you are the best and the memories watching season 11 shall not be forgot. Farewell good friend…we love you!!

  • Paul Helsel

    Matt, you were not my favorite Doctor because of the fez, or the mop, or the clothes. You were my favorite because of what you did with them. You turned these everyday objects into items that will be remembered for generations because of the heart, soul, passion, and energy you brought to this role. Thank you for being all that you were, we will miss you.

  • Susan Koscielski

    I’m older so my first Doctor was Tom Baker. It is true you never forget you first doctor. But Matt was fantastic and will be missed by my whole family. Love his bounce off the walls madness; his old soul in a young body that made him perfect. So very funny and so very caring and serious when needed. You are a very talented actor and we look forward to the rest of your career.

  • Kennith Gantz

    When he realized River Song was melody pond then the wedding of River song

  • Cameron M. Lightfoot

    I absolutely love Matt’s way of playing such an old character while keeping it young and fresh as well, he truly made the Doctor an ageless and timeless character.

  • IrishBreakfast

    Well. I Just have to say this. I am not a whovian. Trust me I am not. I simply think it is an enjoyable show with good story music and production. I don’t think its the best show ever or anything like that. With that said, You Matt made it worth wild. You were the first Doc I ever saw on the show. And I later saw some of the others. And you will always be my favorite. You were thousands of years old and so young at the same time. You brought this energy of wanting to do something whether you knew what it was or not. You were Fantastic if I may steal from Chris Eccleston. You were in my honest opinion, the best Doctor to ever grace this show and I just don’t think I will ever change my mind. You were my favorite Doctor. Even though I was never a big fan of the show, I will miss seeing your character. Good luck moving on. Because the rest of us won’t. Wishing you the best in your post-Who life – J.

  • Samantha Chen

    Matt, when I first saw doctor who it was you who captured my attention on this awesome show. I will miss you dearly and I hope that you will make a revisit to doctor who.

  • Mary Little

    Dear Matt Smith, I will always appreciate the impact you had on my 8 year old grandson. He is tall for his age and is all arms and legs which can be awkward at times. He told me that he liked you because you made him realize that you can be your self and still be cool. Even if you are and awkward nerd. ;-) I will miss the wonderful job you did portraying such a youthful old man. Only you could have pulled it off so perfectly.

  • Sarah G

    The Doctor is such a huge role and each actor always has big shoes to fill. I definitely think Matt Smith has filled those shoes. Clever, funny, energetic and so full of passion. I will miss this Doctor’s personality the most. I wish Matt good luck in his future journeys. :)

  • Heidi

    I love the way no matter what mood I was in you could always make me laugh, with that charming smile of yours. I will miss you greatly, Matt Smith!! But, do just one thing for me, PLEASE DON’T GO!! :’(

  • Silence Will Fall

    The Music. The 11th was one of the best for music.

  • Victoria Irwin

    Matt Smith’s work was nearly flawless, even given some rough stuff. You, Matt, are just a genuinely wonderful person and it was an absolute delight to hug you and snap a photo at Excell this year. Thank you for everything.

  • Desiree Noyes

    Oh man coming off of 10 to 11 was quite different and at first I wasn’t quite sure I liked him. But more I watched, the more I realized how ‘cool’ the 11th doctor was and would be. From bow ties and fezs, to stetsons and geranimo haha Matt Smith has really done an amazing job as the 11th doctor. Thank you so much for being so very very cool and you will be missed as the doctor for sure.

  • Christa Aurand

    Dear Matt Smith, I will miss the bow ties, the fezzes, the Stetson, everything about the 11th doctor, for my senior quote I used the whole entire Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey quote because I love doctor who so much! you were great as a doctor and I hope to see you in other things, Run you clever boy and remember.

  • Paris

    There are so many things that I love about the Eleventh Doctor, but if I had to choose one, it would be his ability to make the most dangerous and serious situations funny and enjoyable. The Eleventh Doctor I can relate to. Matt I think that you embraced the roll of The Doctor wonderfully, and I can’t see Doctor Who without you, but if nothing ended nothing would ever get started. So thank you Matt for agreeing to be the Doctor all those years ago. We love you. And thank you.

  • Makayla Jones

    Dear Matt Smith,
    I will say this, I was a bit skeptical with watching you as the Doctor at first. But after a while I began to like you as the 11th incarnation of the Doctor. After all that is said and done, you are one of my all time favorite actors who has portrayed the Doctor. I wish you good luck on your future endeavors.
    P.S. Bowties are still cool ;)

  • Kerrisa

    What can I say about Matt Smith? At first, we were all a little sceptical, scared and sad to have seen 10 and his “I don’t want to go!” But then, slowly but most assuredly, Matt stole our hearts. I love his Doctor. He’s brilliantly funny, carefree, and yet he shows off the Doctor’s emotions and old age so perfectly. This Christmas I’m going to be the one saying “I don’t want HIM to go,” now. We’ll miss you so much Matt and I wish you luck in your future endeavours! Geronimo!

  • Teshanna Stephens

    Dear Matt Your be missed as the doctor at first I thought your won’t make great doctor but I was wrong about that. After watching your episode it changed my mind. Your doctor made laugh and smile when I was feeling down. Right now is dark day for I just lost my foster aunt and seen videos of you as the doctor and saying funny things pots a smile on my face. It’s hard having say good bye to you.

  • Sarah Bailey

    I will miss the way my 6 yr old daughters eyes would light up with awe and excitement whenever Matt would come in the screen. Matt you were her first Doctor and she’s been watching since she was just 3. Thank you for winning over her little WHOVIAN heart and making Doctor Who our Saturday family tradition. We will miss you at the Bailey house :)

  • Christa Aurand

    Dear Matt Smith, I will miss the bow ties, the fezzes, the Stetson, everything about the 11th doctor, for my senior quote I used the whole entire Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey quote because I love Doctor Who so much! You were great as the 11th doctor and I hope to see you in other things, Run you clever boy and remember.

  • Steven Fritchie

    Love his seeming innocence and sense of humor.

  • Kymberlee

    You’re the first Doctor I watched from the very start of your role, so in some way, I guess you are my first Doctor. You made, no, you make it cool to be clumsy and quirky and unusual, and you helped me be all the more comfortable to be my clumsy, quirky, and unusual self. For the life of me, to this day at the age of 22, I still can’t figure myself out, and you helped me learn that that’s okay. I think I’m going to miss your inspiring words and your spirit the most. I’m proud to say that you are among my top three favorite Doctors, and the one I connect to the most. Thank you, Matt Smith for being the Eleventh Doctor. Thank you for being my Doctor.

  • Markiv

    Matt, you by far are the funniest Doctor. The fez, bow-tie, and all. We will all miss you.

  • Abraham Roseman

    The Docter is going to regenerate! December 25, 2013. Yah!!!

  • codebrah

    u r da best <3 codebrah

  • Nicole Dierna

    My dear, lovely Matt Smith. How can I even begin to say goodbye? I don’t think you hear this often enough, but you were my first Doctor. You are the one who made me obsessed with this show, and made me believe in worlds beyond our own. You are a beautiful, intelligent, strikingly brilliant person and actor. You display such a range of heart-wrenching emotions, I can’t help but feel what the Doctor feels. I adore you, and I hope you know how much you’ll truly be missed.

  • codebrah

    dear matt i will miss u more than rose

  • Rachel Garrison

    Matt, you were an awesome Doctor! I hate that you are leaving but Peter will be a good Doctor! I will miss you, your bowties, and your awesomeness!!

  • Alex Jensen

    You were my first Doctor. Thank you for an amazing performance as my favorite modern Doctor!

  • Jenny

    I will miss your sense of humor!
    And your hair…..

  • Candice Stone

    I’ll miss the child-like innocence of a weathered man who holds so much sadness but still bravely embarks on new adventures.

  • Marisol Lozada

    Dear Matt, there are no words to explain how much your Doctor means to me! You’re my Doctor! I can’t let you go yet! I love every one of your moments, BOWTIES ARE COOL! & GERONIMO! I adore you so much and I will miss you so much! I don’t want you to go!

  • Hailey Willis

    You weren’t my first doctor but you felt like it. They always say you never forget your first Doctor and they are right, To me you are my first Doctor. I’ve been with you through the fish fingers and custard and the weeping angels, I’ve watched as you outsmarted the silence and evaded your own death, I’ve watched as you lost companions and gained another, I’ve watched you get married and then lose your wife, I’ve also watched as you stole my heart and ran away with it in your magnificent blue box. I love you raggedy man and I don’t think I could ever forget you, my true first Doctor. <3

  • Kaitlin Schneider

    Oh, Matt. Where to begin? Your reign on the TARDIS was under way when I became a Whovian. You were the Doctor that truly changed my life, and I will never thank you enough. I always see the Doctor, your Doctor, as my hero. While every other actor who played this prestigious role is brilliant, you will always be MY Doctor. You were the one that I fell in love with first, and I remember the first time I ever switched on BBC America and caught the last fifteen minutes of “The Beast Below.” That day. That was the say my life became better. That was the day that I learned of the magic that is Doctor Who. And I fell in love with the man wearing the bowtie. You will forever be my favorite actor. My favorite Doctor. A role model, and my hero. And everyone needs a hero, especially one so mad, one so charming! I relate to your crazy ways, Matt, and I cannot express my thanks enough for the way you have changed my life for the better. In the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. <3 <3

  • Robert Williams

    Matt, you were not my first Doctor, I grew up watching the wonderful Tom Baker pilot the TARDIS and have loved Dr Who ever since. You however have earned a place in the hearts of all Whovians, with your charm, you wit, your amazing sense of humor, the only other thing I can say is that you have embodied EXACTLY what/who the Doctor is and is suppose to be and made it your own in a marvelous way. We will miss you very much Matt, good luck in all your future endeavors!

  • leK

    I was a fan from the very first moment of the Eleventh Hour. Thank you, Matt, for being such a great Doctor!

  • Sammi Thurston

    Dear Matt, you were the first doctor that I started out with and I like How you always taught me something about space or time. You will always be the doctor to me. My friends thank you for me annoying them with saying “bow ties and fez’s are cool
    Your future companion
    Sammi thurston

  • Beatrice Quijada

    I can’t pick just one moment, he has given me and the world so many great moments of hilarity and inspirations and just joy. I will really miss the good ol’ bowtie and the classic GERONIMO!!! :) Also that adorable face ;)

  • Kristy fertal

    You were my absolute favorite doctor. You brought so much
    Joy and lightheartedness back into the show for me. Thank
    You for all your time and dedication, best of luck in your future

  • 9,10,11aren’tnumbers.

    Matt, goodbye, you have had a good run. the first episode of yours I watched was The Beast Below. my favorite episode of all time was

    The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the moon( I count it as one episode) looking forward to the Christmas special. Merry Christmas, Matt.

    fezzes are red, tardises are blue, bowties are cool and so are you.

  • Kavya R

    Thank you Matt Smith, for being my first Doctor. They say that you never forgot your first doctor. And they were right, I won’t forgot you. There are no words to describe how much your Doctor means to me. I’ve been through all of the bow ties, fezzes and stetsons and their sad departures. I’ve eaten all the fish fingers and custard and didn’t blink because of the weeping angels. I’ve cried because we lost the Ponds and smiled because of your Doctor’s clever plans. We’ll miss you very much Matt, good luck in everything you do!!!

  • Mikayla Nelson

    What can I say Matt? You were simply amazing. We are all sad to see you go and hope it wont be as sad as when David regenerated. So farewell! we shall always love you.

  • elizabeth

    I love you so much matt please don’t leave me :-(

  • Anna Lynch

    I love everything about Matt Smith’s Doctor, but especially his child-like wonder of the universe. Also, the fact that he finds the dorkiest things “cool”. It makes my love of dorky things ok. If the Doctor can be a dork and awesome at the same time, then so can I.

  • Lisa Rodrigues

    I will miss your wit and your sense of style… and your amazing clumsy grace.

  • Katie Parker Novian

    I felt like I knew the Doctor before you personified him, but you brought out this old, world weary, but life affirming person. I think your version of the ancient Time Lord was a wonderful amalgamation of all his previous incarnations, and I thank you for it.

  • elizabeth

    I will absolutely miss you, I will cry my little heart out. You were my favorite doctor matt. Will the Geronimo to the fez to the bow tie to the face to the humor.!!!!

  • Austin Malone

    Your goofy, witty, house cat personality draws me to the show. Because of you I met the love of my life and have seen every episode of Doctor Who available. You changed my life Matt. Thanks

  • Mickactual

    MY Doctor. THE Doctor.
    The actor who had the hardest job of them all:
    following 10 previous amazing actors…a twentysomething actor playing a 1000
    year old being, who’s just a big kid. …And he nailed it all PERFECTLY!
    …And then there’s that fez.

  • Melanie

    Matt- You brought so much to the Doctor. You delivered some of the best quotes, I believe, in the entire history of Who and you took us on a wonderful journey where friends became family. You were absolutely smashing <3 Life is a pile of good things and bad things… You definitely added to my pile of good things <3 With Love, Melanie R.

  • Lori Miller

    My Dear Doctor….When David left I cried like a baby and didn’t think I would ever love another. I was wrong, from your first moments with the fish fingers and custard to the bow tie and fez I did indeed fall in love again. I cried with you when you lost Amy and Rory, then horrors your love River. You have given me an escape from reality that can sometimes be too difficulty and I Thank-You for that. My family and I will be spending Christmas evening here in America watching you leave us. We will celebrate the joy you have brought, while having fish fingers and custard as we wear our bow ties and fezes. Goodbye my Dear Doctor….you WILL BE MISSED AND LOVED.

  • Patrick J. Hesser

    Thanks so much Matt…you were one of the best. I never thought another Doctor could top David Tennant, but you did. From your bow tie, to your awesome Sonic Screwdriver, to your love for fezzes, you were, without a doubt, one of the greats. Goodbye, Doctor.

  • Cody Anderson

    I’ll miss his charm and whimsical nature. How he could make you laugh and in a split second make you cry with the most profound speeches I’d ever heard. I’ll miss the way he blushed when River and Clara flirted with him. But above all I’ll miss my friend who took me on an incredible journey through space and time. It’s a story I’ll tell my kids and grandkids. And should this show go off the air, I’ll keep the memory of the Doctor alive. So thank you, Matt. In the end, you made it the best story you could and it will stay with me forever. Geronimo.

  • Jack Campbell

    Goodbye Matt!!!

  • April

    I will miss Eleven saying “Geronimo!” I will miss him saying “Bow ties are cool”. I will miss Eleven acting as the worlds oldest five year old. I am going to try dipping fish sticks in custard because of him. So here’s to you, Eleven. You did well and you will always be remembered.

  • lizlikewoe

    Going into your first season, I wasn’t sure how I felt. But you won me over with your fish fingers and custard. Your quirks and little idiosyncrasies all played into the character so well. The childlike innocence that could immediately turn into the most intense, stern fatherly figure. Your Doctor was brilliant; everything from bow ties and fezzes to “the days that never came” and everything in between. I’ve laughed with you and cried with you.I’ll miss you, Raggedy Man. Bow ties have never been cooler.

  • Alex C DiSpirito

    Matt, Doctor, hero. We’ve seen you rise and save the worlds, and have seen your lowest pointsand through it all you have been a true hero. Thankyou for taking on this role. Though I’m sure Mr. Capaldi will do awesome, you will never be forgotten.

  • kristen

    Thank you. For everything. My favorite part is how much you truly understand the doctor. How when you play him, it’s so, so, so simple sometimes to see that age and the blood on his hands and the weight on his shoulders peek through the childish facade, how just your eyes can convey everything he’s ever seen and done. You’ve really done him justice, and you stole my heart in the process. (The bow ties and fezzes are just an extra bonus.)

  • Annabellie Jay

    Matt– thanks for being a great Doctor to grow up with. I love the past Doctors so much but there’s always something special about the one that you watched live, that you grew and learned and changed with. The end to an era for the both of us, but what an era it was! Best of luck to you!

  • Jackie Manzi

    Thank you for making it easy to be a kid watching you! I will miss you and your brilliant acting. Also, thank you for having a christmas list for santa!

  • Annabellie Jay

    Mattieboy, we are all so proud of you. So proud in fact that I think I can forgive you for tempting me to dip fish fingers in vanilla custard and eat them, which apparently doesn’t agree with my taste buds or digestive system or pretty much anything in my body except for my fangirl gland. Love you anyway. Cheers!

  • Daniel Choo

    Matt Smith the best doctor, his amazing jokes, and his fashion of bow ties. Matt Smith’s portrait of the doctor is really good, I am now sad that the best doctor is leaving at Christmas, but at least he is gonna make his last performance the best.

  • Agatha Jean

    I can never look at Bow-Ties, Glasses, Fees, Stetsons, male horses with female names and suspenders the same ever again!!! I will always LOVE YOU!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Katie

    I don’t know how to begin this goodbye. Maybe it’s because it is simply too hard to do. Or maybe it’s because I don’t want it to end. Now I think about it, it may be because I don’t like endings.Matt,you were the Doctor. You were MY Doctor.Yes,I credit you Mr. Matt Smith with your awkwardness,adorableness,and talent for bringing me into the wonderful world of the Doctor. You showed me the stars and taught me things that I will never forget. You portrayed a true hero that suffered so much, but still had the hearts to stand up for the human race and other innocent beings.Matt,you inspired me in so many ways and it pains me greatly to see you leave. But all things must end and we’re all stories in the end. But don’t worry, you were a good story and you always will be. So I say to you, my dearest Doctor, I will miss the bow ties, the fez, the awed expressions, and everything inbetween.You will always be my Doctor.

  • Brian Mason

    Matt, thank you. An amazingly perfect role you filled as this incarnation of the Doctor. I doubt anyone could have done it. His mannerisms, ramblings to himself, off-topic conversations (I do that myself) etc. You pulled it off effortlessly and not just with the bow-ties my man. I was puzzles when you appeared on-screen. I admit I wasn’t fond of the new Doctor at first. Like each one before you, and including you I have changed with your Doctor. I welcomed you and I was upset to learn that you’re leaving. You’ve done a superb job. I nominate you for an award or a handful at the very least. You will be missed by so many! Good luck!

  • Maggie

    The thing I will miss most is the way Matt made the change between little kid wandering the galaxy to the old man with a terrible past. That is a part of the doctor’s character and he was amazing at that. I’ll admit, I wasn’t completely on board with him at first but slowly but surely he stole my heart and I think that’s the way it should be with a new actor on any show. I’ll miss the bowties, the fez, the stetson and all the other cool things. It wont be that same without him. Thanks for everything, 11. LOVE YOU <3

  • victoria barlow

    Matt, you had me at “I’m still cooking”, it has been a rollicking good time watching you with every awaited story, this is of course not good-bye but a see you ’round the next projects, you are a NATIONAL TREASURE, ALSO CONGRATS ON the record breaking number of countries tuned in to the 50th Anniversary Simulcast, you and yours brought the world together…….be well, and see you soon!! xoxoxo Victoria

  • Kaitlyn Dibler

    I’ll miss smiling every time I see his face. I’ll miss the way my mood could completely brighten when I’d watch him in a new episode. I’m going to miss him so much…I’m not going to continue watching Doctor Who anymore.

    • Vini Tennant

      WHY NOT?? Capaldi is going to be amazing okay >.>

    • Tay 10

      Clearly you don’t really love the show…either that or you are really new to DW…i loved David tennant so much and I still do he will always be my Doctor, but I didn’t stop watching just cause he left…thats just being really prejudice, now I love matt smith almost as much as David. I believe capaldi will make a great Doctor and will succeed Matt with respect for what he brought to the show just like Matt did with David. I’m sure Matt wouldn’t like fans to leave this show just because he is, if you’ve seen any interview with him you can see how much he cares for the show and its fans, and the show is supported by its fans.

    • Britney

      You may want to give it a try. I stopped watching after David Tennant’s departure and almost completely missed the Matt Smith era; I regret not going through these last seasons with the fanbase. Come now, you don’t miss out, do you?

      • Britney

        *you don’t want to miss out

  • Vini Tennant

    I will miss the goofy and the sassy (though the sassy will probably be a part of Capaldi’s Doctor, also). I’ll miss the childish arrogance, and the adorable smiles. I’ll miss the weird-shaped legs and the Chinny. I’ll miss the fez and the bow tie. I’ll miss “GERONIMO!” I’ll miss everything.
    I love you, Matt. Your age didn’t push you back during your time as the Doctor :D

  • JCP

    Hello Sweetie. You will be missed. Geronimo, bowties are cool, it’s a suggestion like dry clean only, I wear Stetsons now Stetsons are cool… all classic lines I’ll be saying for the rest of my life. You are an amazing actor that made this role truly your own. Thank you !!!

  • GallifreyanLiontamer

    Matt, I will miss your goofy personality, your incredible speeches, and the mixture of joy and sorrow you were always amazing at capturing in the Doctor. I’ll miss your witty remarks, your PERFECT hair, and most of all, I’ll miss the bowtie! Matt, we all love you!

  • Tay 10

    I’ll miss the personality and brilliance he brought to the character, he truly made his Doctor his own but still held true to the character, I’m gonna miss him in general :( he did a brilliant job following David and I don’t believe many people could have done that as well as Matt, ill miss you raggedy man

  • Justin Harris

    Dear Raggedy Man

    “Hey. Do you mind if I tell you a story? One you might not have heard. All the elements in your body were forged many many millions of years ago in the heart of a faraway star that exploded and died. That explosion scattered those elements across the desolations of deep space. After so, so many millions of years, these elements came together to form new stars and new planets. And on and on it went. The elements came together and burst apart, forming shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. Until, eventually, they came together to make you. You are unique in the universe. There is only one Merry Galel. And there will never be another. Getting rid of that existence isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a waste!”

    You are, Matt Smith, unique in the universe. To me and many like minds, you are The Doctor, and there will never be another.

    From one of so, so many millions of fans

    • Justin Harris

      By the way, the quote is supposed to be what I like about Matt Smith and everything after that is my goodbye. He has so many heart filled quotes and lines, these words will never be forgotten.

  • KerrieB

    You made the uncool cool! just by saying it was, and made even short relationships feel so real, like your friendship with Craig. Thanks!

  • Brittany

    Matt, you were the first Doctor I watched and will forever be MY Doctor. I absolutely love Eleven’s wonder and his ability to have fun without ever forgetting all of the heartache he’s experienced. Your episodes always make me smile and have helped me through some tough times. You are truly a joy to watch. Thanks for bringing so much heart to the show and for being so great to the fans. I will miss you terribly!

  • Maria Lopez

    Your charming abilities with River.. And..showing such true emotion on camera. Made me cry so many times. I will miss you!

  • Malissa Aldrich

    I love the Stetson! “I wear Stetson’s now. Stetson’s are cool!” You’re damn right they are! Thank you, Matt, for an amazing ride with you as The Doctor. You will be missed.

  • Julianne

    His beautiful fez and also his bowtie. I will even miss his personality he was a great doctor. The fez was my favorite

  • Christina C

    Matt, you were and always will be my doctor— the doctor full
    of whimsy and regret, the one with the best speeches, the one that managed to deliver some of the
    longest and most complicated lines just right— you have truly proven yourself as an actor. Eleven will be missed terribly but I will take some solace knowing you will be breathing life into new works. I wish you all the luck
    in time and space!

  • Britney

    I will miss every bit of Matt Smith’s Doctor: his silliness and his strength; his poignancy and his power; his cleverness, courage and, of course, unconventional style. (I defy anyone to call bow ties uncool.) There were just so many dimensions of 11 we could relate to, and as a fan, I appreciate that. Also, being able to portray a character who shines the light of hope in impossible situations is an admirable feat– I know Smith’s Doctor in particular has, by helping other characters find their strength, helped ME to find my own strength while also illustrating to me and the rest of the audience different ways at looking things. I love that 11 helped me reignite my hope, and for that, Matt Smith, I truly and sincerely thank you. And I just love a person who hasn’t allowed himself to grow ALL the way up… -Britney

  • Ruthie Hayashi

    I love the little quirks and charcteristics you give the Doctor; they are definitely things that someone that genius and enthusiastic to share his knowledge would do!

  • Anita Williamson

    I’ll miss Matt’s impecible acting,one minute giving us a kid at heart wanting to soar and explore,then the next reeling us in with something profound and dramatic,No one can wear a Bow Tie quite like Mr.Smith,May your future endevors bring you nothing but success.

  • Andrew Kloosterman

    Thank you, Matt Smith…I have watched the Doctor ever since I was a child, and I watch it now with even more enthusiasm thanks to you. I can see all previous incarnations, and added into that the darkness that 1200 years would bring. In my opinion a feat unmatched…I am sure mr. Capaldi will do an amazing job but you have made the Doctor so much more than he already was…it was a pleasure and a privilege to watch you.

  • Ruthie Hayashi

    I love the little quirks and characteristics you give the Doctor; they are definitely things that someone that genius and enthusiastic to share the universe would do! You are an absolute joy to watch and you will always have a special place in my heart as the first Doctor I’ve ever seen!

  • Leighanna Hornick

    I’ll miss his personality…his quirkiness and the way you can’t help but smile every time he does something crazy…But most of all, I’ll miss the laughter he brought out of my little sister throughout each episode. Great Doctor, talented actor, and all-round fantastic person. I will miss you Matt!

  • Kolby Marie Baer

    Everything!!! Fish fingers and custard! Fees! And bowties!!! His quick come backs and snappy talking skills!! Love love love Matt Smith as the Doctor!!

  • Mariah LeVonne

    Matt made the Doctor my best friend. His beautiful awkwardness will be missed. NEVER GROW UP! I love you Matt Smith!

  • Gloria Pitts-Bemis

    Matt, I will always love your child-like sense of wonder . . . as well as those moments with Stormeggedon, baby Melody Pond, Adam, and so many others. Thanks, Matt. You’ve been a blessing to us.

  • Heidi Yang

    I just love Matt Smith’s child like wonder and exuberance that he brings to the role. I also loved how he portrayed the doctor in the Eleventh Hour. Besides Blink I think it is one of the episodes that is not only a must watch episode but a great episode to introduce new people to Doctor Who (and the Doctor) in general.

  • Annmarie Crain

    I’m going to miss the random adorable things Matt does, like the drunken giraffe. And that smile, oh that smile. Also, Matt has a great cry face. How can you not feel what that face feels!

  • Zoë Gaetano

    I will miss everything about 11, but I think the thing I will miss most of all, madly enough, is his song. Tenth’s theme is nice enough, and 12′s will be lovely I’m sure, but the Eleventh Doctor’s theme fills me with such a sense of excitement, adventure, boldness, and mad ideas. When that song comes on I know something fantastic is about to happen. I look forward to the Twelfth Doctor, and I am sure I will love him, but when he takes the stage for his first adventure and his theme starts to play… That will be the moment I most keenly feel the loss of my Raggedy Man.

  • David Dunifon

    Matt Smith redefined and re-imagined what the doctor could and would be. For someone so young and so new, he nailed his role almost perfectly. Taking over the role from Tennant, who is thought by many to be the definitive doctor, was not an easy task. But he did so very well. Never again will there be a doctor quite like him. I believe he has most definitely lived up to the role and will be missed.

  • Brittany Stratton

    I’m going to miss his quirkiness and so much more, bow ties and fezzes will forever be cool.

  • Avery Mitchell

    Matt, I’ll miss you :) ! You’re always so creative on camera, you really get into character. You’ll always be my doctor: the bow tie, the fez, to the cute sayings. So many favorites: loved the 50th Anniversary :) ! “Clara: Someday, you could just walk past a fez. You: Never gonna happen.” You’ve made Dr. Who so popular. You’ve taught me so many things, thank you. Thank you for inspiring me :) . Remember Dr. Who always. Hope to meet you in my future ;)

    • Avery Mitchell

      All the Doctors; including Matt, David, and John: THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME WHO I AM TODAY :)

      • tardisgirl01

        Hey guys :) Reply you’re favorite quotes of the 11th doctor below (if you want too):

        Some of my favorites are “Bow ties are cool” and “Geronimo!”

        Oh, and happy holidays, Matt :) !

  • Melany Stout

    What I will miss most about Matt is his ability to truly connect to the audience and the character. He is a genius and will be dearly missed by all Whovians.

  • Portalingscience

    Everyone will miss you Matt!

  • bantraith

    I am going to miss his passion for the people he loved and lost,compassion for so many, his humor, optimism and moral core.and his bow ties. Matt was the perfect new Doctor. Godspeed and thank you.

  • Keira Nicholson

    Matt Smith brought a new kind of charm to the Doctor that I will definitely miss! Good luck to your future endeavors Matt!

  • Oyediya Anya

    His everything. Thats what ill miss. How I was able to connect with him immediately and laughed when he laughed, cried when he cried. He made me feel that being weird and quirky was okay. He was and always will be my doctor.

  • The Defender

    Matt has done the most extraordinary job of portraying all the prior experiences that has made the Doctor, then adding a magic of his own. There was times of soberness and joy, distance and curiosity, but always with that peculiar flare that brought life to every scene. I sympathize with the Doctor, I hate endings too, I will miss that magic that shimmered and glowed, but it was a joy and a privilege to see Smith’s most curious mad man and his big blue box travel the stars and bring hope in his wake. Thank you for the magic, fezes, fish sticks, and bowties, and good luck and good fighting!

  • tardisgirl01

    Fish fingers and custard :) . Wish I liked seafood…

  • Joseph Snappy Stettner

    He’s the Doctor I feel like I could hug! He’s so loving and childlike! And he just HAS to add some flair to everything he does!

  • Natasha

    We will miss u. Matt Smith u r a wonderful doctor and we will miss u. Thanks for being a great doctor and u were a mad man in a box

  • Iris

    Matt you are absolutely amazing. I have watched the show since it was revamped, and your doctor is the best. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical about but you grew on me very quickly, I am extremely heart broken that your are leaving, but I wish you the best in your endeavors.

  • Warren Gomon

    Matt is my favorite Doctor by far. Witty, funny, GREAT actor, and even as a man I must say “Good Looking”. We will miss you Matt, wish you could have stayed longer. Look forward to watching you in other venues. God Bless.

  • Daniel

    I’m going to miss everything about Matt he was my doctor the first one i every saw what i loved most is big dramatic speeches. Good bye you mad man with a box.

  • PaulaBJB

    I’m going to miss his childlike wonder and his endless energy. Even the oddest monsters made him stare in that same way a child stares at a new toy. I’ll miss the way he said “shut up” when someone got the better of him. I’ll miss his endless hope for the human race, and his sense of adventure. I’ll miss how he saw the world through young eyes, even though he was over 1200 years old. I’ll miss him conversing with babies, cats and horses. That’s what I’ll miss.

    Thank you Matt Smith for entertaining my family for the last few years.

  • Erithywen

    I’m going to miss his zaniness and I hope he gets the success with other shows/movies that he had with Doctor Who. We’ll miss you, Matt!

  • Daniel Sessions

    Matt was actual my first doctor and I’m going miss him i loved everything about his performance most of all his big dramatic speeches and how he acted like a child but what i enjoyed most was the way he brought a comedy factor to the show and i am truly going to miss that mad man with a box.

  • Ariel Bloomfield

    Matt you were a wonderful Doctor! You may be young to others but your version of the Doctor was an old man with a haunting past. In some ways I can compare myself to him, may look young on the outside; but the old soul on the inside is still trying to catch up with the child that will always be there. I wish you luck on your future adventures. We will miss you as the Doctor.

  • WhoFan

    I love the 11th Doctor’s chemistry w/ River Song.

  • Sue Wolcott

    I’m going to miss EVERYTHING about him. I will miss his beautiful face, his wit & charm.His funniness. The way he twrils around sometimes.His floppy hair.His smile.His bow legged walk.His voice. And so much more. Doc 12 has huge shoes to fill & I doubt he can do it.We’ll have to wait & see how he turns out.

  • Juliet Wallace

    I wasn’t sure how he was going to stand up to Tennant’s Doctor, but when the 11th kicked a pan of food out the door in his first episode and yelled “And don’t come back!” I knew I was going to love this new Doctor. But my favorite scene was when got excited after inventing the ‘quadricycle’. I’ll miss your child-like 11th, Matt!

  • Taylor

    everything, especially how he portrayed The Doctor

  • Jay D Koenig

    Matt-Thanks for making the Doctor fresh…from fish fingers to chinny…your air of wonder will be sadly missed!!!

  • Tia

    Dear Matt,
    You brought a lot of humor to the doctor character! Bow ties and fezzes are cool! You are awesome Matt Smith! We don’t want you to go!

  • Ashley Laisure

    I will miss the brilliant way Matt pulls off the complex range of emotions that the Doctor has. The way he can make you laugh and cry within the same scene. Goodbye Matt, you will forever be my Doctor!!

  • Eden

    I just love his enthusiasm for adventuring and exploring new places and trying new things. I watch Doctor Who whenever I go through tough times (this is many times) so having his quirkiness and sense of everything will be alright (as long as there are Jammie Dodgers at the end as a reward) has definitely helped me become the person I am. 11 has become the friend I turn to whenever I need to forget about the real world and I can’t imagine myself without him, and Doctor Who in general. Thank you Matt!

  • katie

    I will miss how he made the doctor sexy nerdy and quirky in every way. In an honest note he definitely will be missed and his personality definitely brought a happy light after what happened with Rose.

  • Tonielle Neal

    Matt, you had me from day one when the Doctor crashed into the shed in the young Amelia Pond’s backyard. You brilliantly meshed both humor and seriousness into a complex character. I have never laughed (The Eleventh Hour), nor cried (Vincent and the Doctor) so badly during one show. And I absolutely loved how the Doctor was not afraid to show affection towards his companions. You were childish, and quirky, and stern when you needed to be and it worked so well. December 25th will be a bittersweet day, but I am glad to have enjoyed watching you for as long as I have. You will be truly missed my good man! Oh, and thanks for showing us how truly fashionable a bow tie and fez could be :)

  • Rose Coffey

    I love his kindness, talent, the ability to make his audience laugh and cry in the span of ten minutes, the energy that he brought to the role. Honestly, I’m going to miss everything about the Eleventh Doctor, he was perfect and my favorite, and will be very, very missed.

  • Elizabeth Grace Steele

    I will miss his child-like poses and his sweet sympathetic side. He got me through one of my hardest years, and he made me laugh more than a few times, and even cry at some points. My husband tries to convince me that he needs a Fez because the 11th doctor has deemed them “cool”.

  • Ashley Dunn

    When you came along, you brought such quirkiness, fun, memorable times to the series (also think you had the best sonic screwdriver). I know for a fact that I’m going to ball my eyes out seeing you leave but I want to thank you so much as a fan for giving me a reason to laugh when I was down, for agreeing that beans are evil, for everything. Thank you Matt you will always be The Doctor.

  • holly

    I’m going to miss Matt Smith. He is loving caring person in the world today. I hope he will do any episodes of the three doctors.

  • Diana Finley

    I’m going to miss his talking. He speaks so fast and in a circle but he always manages to make sense, He’s also the most emotional Doctor. He always makes me cry with the simplest phrase or the emotion he puts into being the Doctor.

  • LED Sweetie

    I can’t even describe how much I will miss Matt’s Doctor. He has been an inspiration on how to be your own person, and to care for the people around you in the most simple of ways. He has also been a source of smiles with his moments of energy as he got some new idea, or from his moments of humor as something didn’t quiet go according to plan but he still made them work. Thank you Matt for being an incredible person and for all the times you interacted with your young fans and made them feel a part of your Whovian family.

  • Fangarius Genoa

    I think I’ll miss Matt’s resourcefulness as The Doctor. Who can distract most adversaries with the gift of gab? That and the fact he was the most endearing.

  • keenonjay75

    Thank you for giving my girls the gift of the Doctor.

  • AmeliaRaen

    Thanks for the reminder that getting older does not mean becoming more and more serious. We can be wise but still have the physic paper short-out when explaining we are a responsible adult. It’s nice to know that it’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.

  • sk8r867

    Thank you for being wibbly wobbly in every aspect of what you do. i think you personified the fans really well.

  • SaturnChris

    I think that Matt was an amazing Doctor and his version inspired me to be a better person… He was my first Doctor and, in all honesty, watching the show helped me get through depression and it made me feel better when nothing else could. He will always be my favorite and I will be crying when he leaves!

  • BeverlyDW11

    Matt Smith, just remember us whovians, we will never forget you! I know at first you struggled with replacing Tennant (whovians are a tough crowd) but you were FANTASTIC! You helped me though the grief of 10 and you know.. I slowly came to let him go and happily accept you. Now that I finally was happy, you are leaving. :( But I will never forget the time I laughed at 4 am when you danced with charlie chaplin, and when I cried with you through all the times you lost someone..Clara,river,amy,rory. But now I hope you will cry with me when you leave us. But alas. sometimes you must continue through with your head held high! (you taught me that) Geronimo! Allonsy! (I dont want you to go!) Bowties, sexy the TARDIS, fish sticks and mustard. <3

  • Megan Hindman

    Matt has such a wonderful way of speaking; he talked like he was in a fairy tale! It’s so hard for me to explain why I love him so much… He just always felt like such a warm and welcoming Doctor; one that you didn’t have to prove your worth to. Most of the other Doctors that I’ve known have been more cold and distant, but Matt wore his hearts on his sleeve. And he was always so genuine… When he cried, I cried. And he could appear so young and hopeful for a moment, but turn around and look so old and tired at times. I could talk about him forever, and he will always be MY Doctor. Thanks for an amazing three years, Matt! It’s been wonderful traveling with you!

  • Stormchaser

    There are a lot of things I’ll remember about Matt Smith’s doctor; bowties, fish fingers, fezzes, and all of the “Geronimos” , but I think what I’ll remember the most is all the warmth and magic that his doctor came wrapped in. His doctor emitted a kindly glow, sported an eccentric flare, and behind all that bumbling was a calculative cleverness. There was confidence despite doubt, compassion despite pain, childishness despite maturity. Whether he became the Doctor, or the Doctor became him, he is now as much the Doctor as his predecessors. Even his eyes seemed to reflect age and wisdom. With every gesture, his performance was rich and delightful. Truly magical. I don’t think anyone will ever say he’s to young and inexperienced now!

    So, Matt Smith, here’s to the joy and imagination you’ve shared. And remember, the best things are never really forgotten, and no story ever really ends; may there always be a road!

  • sam

    Matt Smith was awesome

  • Lexxie

    Matt Smith was the one that got me into Doctor Who. My best friend Sarah has been a Whovian for a very long time, I think what I will miss most is the way he solves his problems, one part genius two parts humor and one little Geronimo! I wish we could turn back the clock and let it strike 11 again just so we could have a little more time watching you as the Doctor! Thankfully, we don’t need a TARDIS to use Netflix and watch some of your episodes over and over again! Merry Christmas Doctor Smith! Hopefully somebody got you a fez!

  • Shay

    Matt’s Doctor is funny, geeky, childlike, wise, kind and ruthless all at the same time. Oh, and hyper!

  • Hotdogger71

    One of his best lines: “I’m being extremely clever up here and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed.” He followed that childish line by snapping into his old Time Lord self saying, “Don’t play games with me, don’t ever, ever think you’re capable of that.” Outstandingly delivered.

  • Ashleen Thomas

    HELLO SWEETIE….!!! <3
    and SMITH…!!!
    You have helped me think about life in ways I have not imagined through you character (the one and only DOCTOR)
    Now I look at my life in a very different perspective…!!!
    And it's beautiful…!!!!
    I am going to miss your silly bow ties,twirling,hyperativeness(is that a word?),Geronimo,the thing you do when you try to think,…. and the list goes on….
    Although I am a very recent Whovian and just started catching up on all series since 2005(and now watching series 7),
    I really can't bear crying for another doctor to go…..!!!
    Merry Christmas my love…..!!!


  • Michaela Johnson

    Thank You, Matt Smith, you will defiantly be missed. Honestly I am going to miss you on the show. Loved the 50th anniversary episode, I went and saw it in the theaters here in Medford, Oregon. I never really had one favorite thing about the Eleventh Doctor, I liked everything about him, the hats he wore, the funny remarks he made, and the way he twirls and moves on the show.
    Geronimo. :-)

  • Géraldine Carrette

    Thank you Matt Smith, for giving us a time lord that was old and young/energetic and tired of the struggle at the same time. You were amazing. Fantastic, as your predecessor would’ve said. We will NEVER forget you so don’t you dare to forget that. Your energy brought something to the show that we hadn’t seen before and probably never will. Your speeches are burned into our mind and your dedication is and will always be admirable. Thank you, Matt, for everything.

  • Ted L

    Matt brought my family together at the dinner table. Wife, 2 Sons, and I have discovered family fun after couple years of challenges and hardships. Matt is a brilliant sole. His portrayal of Dr.Who is spot on. Energy, Eternal Optimism, Dedication and Professionalism at its best.
    Best of luck moving forward Matt.

  • William Hartnell

    Matt was the best Eleventh Doctor who out of the others and we will all love Miss you Matt especially your bowtie and your fez

  • Andy Lawton

    When Christopher Ecclestone’s Doctor regenerated, I was saddened and didn’t think the replacement would be able to ‘fill his boots’ as The Doctor. How wrong was I? David Tennant was great. When David Tennant regenerated I was saddened, and scared this Matt Smith dude wouldn’t work as well in the role. Again, how wrong was I?! My top Doctor Who moment *ever* is a Matt moment when he has his speech with Angel Bob. You knew the “Me” was coming but Matt delivered that whole scene amazingly.
    I’m Sure Peter Capaldi is going to be another great Doctor, but Matt Smith, you will be remembered and missed.

  • Fiona Mirabella V.

    11 was my doctor and will always will be. I’ll miss his quirkiness and how eccentric he is. He represents The Doctor so well. Old, yet quirky and eccentric. Love ya, Matt!

  • Angelina L

    Hovering on the edges of Geekdom I have been aware of the Doctor but never watched. Matt was the first Doctor I ever watched. His was the first face of the Doctor my face saw and he is seared on my heart. There will be other Doctors, of course there will, but he will always be my Doctor. Everything was cooler with Matt and his energy and enthusiasm was infectious. When he was on screen I was always riveted. No matter how many times I watch the episodes never get old. Thank you Matt for bringing joy and fun and heart. Best of luck in the future.

  • Tara Mills

    I’ll miss the fez and bowtie ;) I underestimated you Matt. You’re amd amazing actor and you brought new light to doctor who and we will all miss you. This isn’t goodbye. It’s see you later raggedy man :)

  • Elizabeth

    I will miss Matt period. He put a lot into his doctor and it paid off. The fez, the bowtie, the humor, and the laugh.

  • The Fans of the Doctor

    Goodbye Matt Smith. The one thing I’m gonna miss about you is your sense of humor. From when you ate Fish fingers and custard, wore a bow tie, fez, and stetson and said it was cool when no one else did, and all of the other hilarious sayings like. ” Pantophobia. Not fear of pants, though, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s the fear of everything. Including pants, I suppose, in that case.” (Night Terrors) You are Awesome!

  • John Wheeler

    He is a Madman with a Box…My TV Box.

  • Seth Harris

    Matt Smith the main thing I am going to miss about you is your ability to be physically young and act so well that you make the world believe that you are a more than 1,000 year old Time Lord. You certainly made me believe. i will forever be a fan of yours. Thank you so much for what you have done as The Doctor. Now look ahead to your future and well…Geronimo!

  • AlissonD

    Your fez; your quirks. You’re the madman in a Blue Stolen Box how could we NOT love you?! You brought so much to the Doctor, Sweetie, you’ll always be amazing! Goodbye, my raggedy man. Geronimo!

  • Laura Gray

    What people sometimes downplay is how complex Matt’s Doctor is. While he’s whirling around, he’s also a man battered by nearly a Millennium of regret. My favorite Eleventh Doctor episode is “The Doctor’s Wife:” he was the perfect choice to come face to face with the TARDIS. Thanks, Matt.

  • MemeMeme

    I’ll miss the complexity of Matt’s Doctor the most: He’s not a hero, he’s really just a madman in a box. He’s a cosmic nine
    year old, but he’s incredibly old and weary under the pressure of his
    long life at the same time. He’s silly, but at the same time can be
    extremly serious. He’s a madman, but he is the cleverest person in the
    room at the same time. He’s a good man, but he is not a hero and needs
    to be kept in check. He can be incredibly loving, but he has a dark side
    streak and is extremely manipulative with other people’s life. He tries
    his hardest to be the good man, but he is flawed and he himself
    realizes this the most and that’s why he sorta hates himself.

  • Brienna

    I’m going to miss the fezzes, the smiles, the tears, and the bow ties. You have been one of my favorite Doctors. Thank you for playing him so well, and Geronimo!

  • Mary

    Personally I loved Matt as the Doctor. He brought a completely new view of the Doctor that was seen a bit in the other Doctors. Eleven really brought out that childlike love and wonder of the things around him. He taught me to see the beauty and wonder of the universe and the people who live in it. The Doctor, Eleven especially, took his sorrow and pain and brokenness and used it to fuel his desire to make others happy. I’ll miss the loving playful Doctor who got me to try fish fingers and custard of all things! And makes me smile whenever I see a Bowtie. Anytime I feel sad I watch Vincent and the Doctor. In that episode especially the Doctor shines with kindness and an appreciation of the world. I’ll miss Matt as the Doctor so much because Eleven really did help me to find the good in others and to use my brokenness to help someone else because I’ve come to realize that that really helps to help someone else. Although I am excited to see what Peter Capladi brings to Doctor Who, Eleven will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you so much Matt Smith!

  • Nancy Drummond Ransom

    I wasn’t so sure about you at first Matt, but you grew into the role greatly. I love the bow ties, all those Geronimos. I like the way your interacted with the ladies very different from some of the other doctors. I loved it when you crashed in on Amy and Rory’s wedding. These last few episodes have been wonderful. And you and David Tennent should do a comedy routine together. You guys are FAB together! OH I love the FEZ as well! You will be missed.

  • Cynthia Morgan

    No matter the challenge, he approached it with a childlike enthusiasm and wonder with a centuries old wisdom that could be felt, not only through the dialog, but through his body language & facial expressions. I am going to really miss him greatly!

  • Whovian Bleue

    Matt’s Doctor felt like a quirky best friend. Brilliant, a bit of dreamer. You know he has his sorrows, he just chooses not to broadcast them. You will follow him everywhere because his enthusiasm for it all is terribly contagious. I will miss Matt’s portrayal tremendously!

  • Autumn Beard

    Matt, You were amazing as the doctor and added a whimsical spirit to the show. You kept the fans happy and made us all laugh, cry, and sometimes just confused. I loved the twists you put on the doctor, and “Bow ties are cool”. I tear up a little at the thought of you regenerating, you were a great doctor, good luck with all of your future endeavors, and Thank you for the three seasons.

  • Jas

    Matt, you brought so much fun and charm to the doctor and your adventures will be remembered in the hearts of the fans forever. We’ll all be sad to see you go, but we all know you’ll go out with a bang. So, GERONIMO.

  • Davis Williams

    I feel like I can relate to Matt’s Doctor, with his odd quirks and goofy mannerisms! He has become my favorite doctor, and I will miss him so much! Thank you, Matt, for you have inspired me to become an actor! Good luck!

  • AngelRose

    Will miss you, you made watching so much FUN! I will miss Fish Fingers and Custard, fez’s and bowties and most of all your crazy sense of humor!

  • Linh Ta

    I will miss the childlike innocence and deep rooted darkness that he brought out in The Doctor. Such a genius take on his role and always leaving us wanting to see him more, loving him more. It breaks my heart knowing that our time with him is fading but I cannot wait to see what Matt has in store for us in his future endeavors. You will be missed Raggedy Man!

  • Xondraj

    Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor is my absolute favorite Doctor because he’s the most whimsical and child like, but in an instant, he can become the wisest and most grounded. In one scene, Matt can shift his Doctor between both ends of the spectrum and make you feel over a millenium of living, traumatic and wondrous, that the TIme Lord has experienced.

  • Julianna Markham-Adkison

    Matt Smith you are my favorite doctor and actor! your humor brought a new light to the show, your relashinship with River, your companions, and Kreg

  • Stan Kulp

    He brought back a touch of fun that Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy brought to the part. I like the idea of a mad man in a box.

  • Michael J

    For years I was unconvinced. Then you told a frightened little girl that you would protect her from the Weeping Angels. In that moment, you became one of the greatest Doctors EVER!

  • Anya L

    Matt Smith, thank you for being an adorable, funny, whimsical, mad yet dark and relatable Doctor, and you’ve stolen my heart and those of many, many more fans. We’ll miss you terribly (and the fez, the Stetson, and the bowtie, and the suspenders…) and the entire fandom will cry when you go.

  • WorldTraveler9

    Towards the end of The Big Bang, when he did that lovely long speech to a sleeping Young Amy, he won my heart. Whenever I saw a bow tie on someone I’d always thing “bow ties are cool.” Matt you made me laugh, and cry. Love your Doctor and will miss you.

  • Shannon Knopf

    Thanks for being a bit of an Aspie! My daughter has Aspergers, and you’ve shown her that quirky, smart, clutzy wonderful people can be a hero, not just a sidekick.

  • Savannah Seyer

    Matt was my first Doctor and the one that got me sucked in to this amazing show. I will miss the childlike wonder and awe at the universe he explored. He was playful but knew when it was time to be serious, which is something I think we all need. I love you and am going to miss you Matt!

  • BeckyIB

    fish fingers and custard… twirling and whirling… old soul/young face… massive sadness…

  • WileyGuy

    Matt Smith took The Doctor on a new journey and we went along with him like any good companion would. Matt’s Doctor shared with us how important it is to celebrate the present moment. But, hurt his friends, a darker side of The Doctor comes forth, villains beware. Matt’s performance also showed a doctor who has been on a long lonely journey filled with sorrow. Made livable by the companions. Excellent work Matt Smith and good luck.

  • EmmaP

    Matt was the first Doctor in my mind, and he was the person who brought the massive universe of the show to me. His portrayal was stunning: he was one of the most whimsical, silly doctors but when it was those serious scenes filled with anger, sadness and passion, he made me think this regeneration of the doctor was the one most pained, even though he hid it well. Matt, you brought so much to the show, on stage and off, thank you so much for all the times you’ve brought a smile to my face when it was most needed. It makes me cry saying this, but, goodbye raggedy man.

  • Gary Morgan

    Matt Smith, i saw them all, but as with Tom Baker you were just idealy suited and iconic, and like Tom you seemed to have been born to play the part.
    We will all miss you my boy but you are departing an international Superstar.
    Aren’t you glad you didn’t jump out after your first year as you had thought of doing?

    Good Luck.

  • M. Nessk

    I really enjoyed the gamut of emotions you displayed as The Doctor. You kept him likable, and added your own special something that added to the overall endearing qualities that define The Doctor. All of you have worked together Doctor by Doctor to create an amazing character… thank you for your hand in that.

  • Moose

    He was a really fun and cool person. Some things I liked were the speeches you gave, how amusing you were and the way you acted so childlike. You were the reason Doctor Who is popular today. You were a great Doctor.

  • Diana G.

    What’s there not to love about Matt Smith? He showed his fun, childish side, but in certain moments was able to release the dark, serious part of the Doctor. He showed friendship and the importance of every single person. His speeches, the love of others, and the attempt to try to save as many people as possible were some of the things that stood out to me. He’s made me see new things that changed my perspective, which made me into a better person. Not to mention his incredible fashion sense. c:

  • Emily Woods

    “Oh, look, a big mining thing. Oh, I love a big mining thing.”
    Matt your doctor has so many quirks that I will miss. Bow ties, fez, fish sticks and custard,and many others. Although I am looking forward to a new doctor I am said to see you go!
    Love you Matt Smith!!!

  • Alatariel

    What’s not to love about Matt Smith’s role as the Doctor? He has been absolutely fabulous throughout his time. He has quickly turned into one of my favorite Doctors. I love the childish side he had, as well as the serious side he showed of the Doctor. During those incredibly sad moments, I just wanted to reach out and hug him. He knew how to make the Doctor both extremely fun and very serious. We will miss you, but you were so brilliant!

    I will definitely miss the bow ties and fez hats and fish fingers and custard. And the silly side to his explaining and examining of new things.

  • Lacey W.

    Matt Smith is hands-down my favorite doctor. I think its the smile, the childlike joy that he seems to have wrapped his character in…..or maybe its the tie, the way he flourishes his sonic screwdriver :) im going to miss the rambling and definitely the fish fingers and custard. Gonna miss Matt Smith and i’ll probably cry when he leaves :(

    • Olivia Decklar

      Same here, sweetie. Same here..

  • Akiko

    Matt gave the Doctor a youthful modern fun hip today type of style, something fresh. The Eleventh Doctor had an appeal to younger audiences that brought updated the Doctor to today’s audience and had the quirky personality that is universal to all. I find myself quoting the eleventh Doctor all the time. Younger people I know started watching Matt’s Doctor because they could identify with him. Matt’s Doctor had an innocent child like humorous attitude that combined with the tragic events he had to deal with in his past gave him depth…you could sense the inner turmoil he was hiding beneath his smiles and laughter. Matt thanks for the journey and laughs…and you are my favorite Doctor…

  • Jack G.

    I’ve loved Matt’s doctor from the beginning. The bow ties, the quick scientific banter, the way he would smirk. He played an amazing Doctor. You will be missed! Geronimo!

  • nick G

    I always liked how he was a goofball but still a genius at the same time

  • Daniel Belleville

    I would say the way he interacted with River Song and also how he bought back the FEZ and BOW TIES, and he was awesome in the 50th as well :)

  • gypsy of Gallifrey

    Mr. Smith, you have been amazing as the Dr. Good luck to you, I am looking forward to seeing you in other shows. Geronimo!!

  • Olivia Decklar

    I almost debated whether or not to actually post on here because I am dreading the special in eleven days. I just want to say that I loved the Tenth Doctor and still do, but after the Eleventh Doctor…my world has been turned upside down. Smith made the audience feel like they were apart of the adventure through his clever goofiness. I just…I don’t want this adventure to end. I don’t like endings.

  • Adam dunn

    MMy favorit moment is when he saves galifrey with his other selves.

  • Zoe

    You were definitely the quirkiest doctor, and that’s a good thing :P from your bow ties to your hair, you are the funniest doctor I’ve seen so far! Geronimo!! :)

  • Kristal

    It’s hard to pick just one thing that I’ll miss about Matt as the Doctor. I’ll miss everything about him, and I can only say ‘thank you’ for being a terrific Doctor. People thought you weren’t goin to be able to fill David Tennant’s shoes, and you proved them wrong immediately. You’ve made your mark on Who history with your wonderful run, and we’ll all miss you. I can’t wait to see your next television or movie project.

  • DavidS

    Is this planet protected? Is this planet protected? At the end of the images of the other Doctors he steps through. I know everyone has their favorite Doctor and I do as well (10th) but everyone of them are great and it is always sad to see them go.

  • Noah H.

    I’ll miss pretty much everything about the Eleventh. He was my first and favourite Doctor, and probably will be for years to come. I’ll miss him, and God knows I’ll probably cry when he goes. Thank you Matt, for helping me love the show. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  • MidwestMax

    Tom Baker will always be my fav but Matt Smith is a super close second. Matt was quirky with the spinning and hand gestures and delivery of lines and I loved that about him. He will be truly missed.

  • courtland.johnson@yahoo.com

    I just love you…nuff said! SIR……..p.s. IM SINGLE

  • Megan

    Matt Smith has always been my favorite Doctor from his first episode of fish fingers and custard. But I think the icing on the cake and my favorite was in the recent 50th anniversary episode when he couldn’t stop “flapping his hands about” for a moment while he spoke! Why did they have to put his last episode on Christmas? But anyways thank you for the good run, the laughs and the quirkiness in between. In words of Dr. Seuss, Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened, though I may have trouble following that motto myself…

  • Carol Washington

    Matt brought a passion to the Doctor without getting sappy. He brought a fire that hasn’t been seen since the early years. He was funny, witty, angry, and kind. I liked David Tennant but after seeing Matt, I fell in love with Doctor Who all over again. Thank you, Matt, for your brilliant portrayal of the Eleventh Doctor. I’ll be sitting with my box of tissues Christmas evening.

  • amanda gandee

    I will miss mat smith I began watching doctor who with him he was my first doctor. He was the one who made it my goal to watch the entire series even the old one. I will miss you so much. But I now your time as the doctor is up farewell sweetie

  • Spencer

    I’ve only watched New Who, and Matt Smith has been far and away my favorite Doctor. He has been given some great writing giving him some of the greatest quotes since ’05 but, the way he executed them made them even more perfect. Thank you Matt Smith!

  • Doctor Olivero

    Matt Smith,You’ve Made Me Grow An Extreme Admiration For The Eleventh Doctor. He’s Charming, Funny, Clever, Witty, Amazingly Intelligent, And Just A Real ‘Down To Earth’ Doctor That Society Nowadays Can Really Get Along With. I Will Never Forget You Or Your Incredible Sense Of Humor. You Will ALWAYS Be The Eleventh Doctor<3

  • R

    Thank you for some wonderful adventures, Matt. You will be missed!

  • Bluemagicboxes

    He wasn’t a hero. He really was a madman with a box. My reason for Eleven being my favourite is simple. Whenever I imagine myself on an adventure with the Doctor, I always imagine the Eleventh. The bowties, the Geronimos and the childlike enthusiasm with the wisdom of a timelord.

  • Matt Price

    Honestly, I loved what Matt Smith did both on and off screen. I think what made me love him so much was when he assured a little girl that the weeping angels were not going to get her. As a future dad, I watched that clip and thought to myself, I wish my daughter was here already to have a hero like that too look up. He’s going to always be that special doctor for me personally.

  • FanQueen

    I’ll miss the bow tie and the fez.

  • JustWearAFEz

    I will always love the way that Eleven was portrayed. Childlike, running around in cool bowties and fezzes, yet… still heroic. Not in the traditional sense of the word, just always there to help in his silly little ways. His enthusiasm never failed to brighten my day, and I always felt like if I was ever in trouble, he was the one who would be there to save me. And that’s what I’ll miss most.

  • Gabby Richardson

    I’ll miss how caring he is. Whether it’s a companion, an alien, a young child to an old adult, he always shows so much compassion to everyone who comes by. It shows that he truly believes what he said about everyone being unique in the universe and that you are special just by being yourself.

  • Melissa M.

    Thank you so much Matt! Love yoooou!

  • Krystal Walker

    I am going to miss the humor-able, fun-loving, big heart Doctor. He made the show so memorable for me. The more I watched the show, the more i loved it … the shows made me laugh, at times it would make cry and the rest of the time it filled me with overall Joy! When i First heard Matt was leaving I literally cried. I am Sad to see Him go, when he leaves he is taking a part of me with him. I am going to miss you GREATLY Matt Smith as The Doctor!

  • Stephen Cass

    Fez. Fez’s are cool. Stetson are cool. Bow ties are cool. Matt Smith is Cool! He made traveling an adventure that was fun again. Yes still dangerous, but it very rarely got him down. See you around Raggedy Man.

  • Craig Yaros

    Any hat looks cool on Mr. Smith. He is so cool. His Dr. Was compassionate but tough as nails when he needed to get something done. Childlike but in an adult way. Geronimo Mr. Smith and thank you for 4 ‘wow’ filled year. Hope the future is bright for you are a good actor.

  • cali sees

    His hair was pretty amazing

  • Hannah Damphier

    I am going to miss how he made smart awesome, THE DOCTOR IS THE MAN!

  • Melissa Santos

    This is a man that had style. He is one of the best doctors ever :)

  • Deranisha Meshea

    Matt brought the joy of a child and the anguish of an old man. But the two sides of him blended perfectly and made sense. I’m going to miss his hair and his chinny chin chin. Bowties will be forever cool and I shall never just walk past a fez. Run you clever boy, and remember.

  • Samantha Juarez

    You never forget your first Doctor. Matt was mine. While most of my fellow whovian friends sided over David Tennant, I will forever and always remember 11. For he, and only he made me fall in love with the beauty that is doctor who (not just by his handsome looks) but his childish humor and clumsy grace. Goodbye Raggedy Man. I will miss you terribly and will look forward to the 60th anniversary. :)

  • Frank John Nowotny

    Matt smith is great and, but i must say my favorite Doctor is the one I’m watching at the moment. That said Matt Smith is by far my children’s favorite Doctor. So i must thank him for turning my children into Whovians for me. Thank You Matt you shall be missed by me and my Children and good luck on your future projects. I’m sure they will be great. P.S. Bow ties are cool

  • Katelyn McCormack

    Eleven’s childlike-ness and quirky flourishes are what I love about him. He has made me smile and laugh to no end and I’m going to miss him dearly. <3 <3

  • Dharma Ferrera

    I will miss everything about Matt especially that crazy chin! The first time i saw him i loved him because of his adventurous, crazy,child like, old, wise personality and more , he will be hard to get over but i will always remember him as my doctor and i wont forget because i love him so much!! Thank you so much Matt you will always be in our hearts !!

  • sirwalrusking

    Matt played the Doctor perfectly. He was, and is, and will always be, what I encompassed the Doctor to be. He was the first Doctor I ever watched, and, even though my friends mostly loved David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston, I still firmly believe that Matt was the greatest guy who ever played the Doctor. Farewell, Old Friend. I sure will miss you.

  • Storm Front

    Honestly, what Matt Smith did was genius, all the hand flapping, and spinning, and twirling. If that’s what you think was genius, you missed the biggest part. He’s one of the only two people I veiw as clever enough to truely be the doctor. Contrast. David was so hard, and angry, and serious that, when Matt stepped onto the scene, it literally created an entirely different atmosphere, and that’s what Doctor Who is truely about when it comes to regeneration. He understood that, and I personally think that makes him forever the Doctor. David Tennant and Matt Smith for the WIN! Lolz, Oswin! Billie Piper, and honestly, Karen Gillian and Jenna Coleman are the people who make the role of the Doctor work. Don’t ever forget your companion, because, what would the show be then?

  • Storm Front


  • Brittany Sparks

    This is my first doctor. My friend watched Doctor Who for years and was familiar with all the others, but here I come – new to the world of the Time Lords – to watch this mad man in a box crash into a little girl’s life. A little girl who desperately needed him, and he became her raggedy man and saved her from the crack. Throughout his career as the Doctor, Matt Smith has made me laugh, and cry, and I’m always on the edge of the seat wanting more. He’s quirky and funny, yet he always pulls through and he’s so wise and kind. It’s pained me to watch how lonely he got and him battling his own skeletons of his past and future, but it always amazed me at how he still fought for those around him. He is truly an inspiration

  • Rachel Robinett

    Matt’s Doctor is the most multi-faceted doctor I’ve ever seen. It’s not just that Matt can switch from the ‘old’ Doctor to the ‘young’ Doctor in a blink, which he can – it’s that he can play both at the same time. His sheer acting genius has brought to life my favorite Doctor in the entire series (which is saying something). I will definitely miss the fez and the Stetson and the bow tie and the old guy jacket and the hand-flapping, but most of all, I will miss Eleven’s unique personality and depth. We’ll all miss you, Matt, and we will cheer you on in your future projects!

  • Nichole

    I started watching Doctor Who a year ago when a friend from work suggested it. I was skeptical. I’ve always enjoyed Sci-fi, but nothing too “spacey wacey.” Matt wasn’t technically my first doctor, but I can honestly say now that he is “My Doctor.” He’s the one that resonates most with me. The moment he stepped forward in his bow-tie and stated “Hello, I’m the Doctor,” is the moment I really gave the show a second look. Eccleston and Tennant are brilliant (as well as the classic doctors), but Matt’s The one I relate to most. The eleventh Doctor stole my heart. I’ll miss his goofy smile and quirks, the physical way he played the Doctor. I’ll miss the warmth he brought to the character. The eleventh really felt like a best friend. Matt was also great with fans. I loved watching him with children. His interaction with them was geniune and was enough to make anyone smile. He’s a truly gifted actor, and I can’t wait to see what he does next. Best wishes to you Matt!!! You’ll be missed!!

  • Maria

    I am going to miss everything about the eleventh Doctor…………His sayings are one of a kind… like him

  • Roman Smith

    What I like about the eleventh doctor is the way he dressed and talked. I also liked the way acted awesome actor on an awesome show

  • Liz10

    Thank you, Matt Smith, you had me at “fish fingers and custard”.

  • Spencer

    I will miss him so much. It didn’t take long for him to win me over, even after David. Both Matt Smith and the 11′th Doctor. I love how he is so full of life and energy. His physical comedy and just how loving is kind and loving he could be, and still be the 1000+ timelord. Matt Smith as all the others has left his mark on Doctor Who, and will miss him and 11 very much. Though since its Doctor Who, Christmas may not be that last me see of 11! Your amazing Mr.Smith!!!!!!!!

  • Vegas_Bob

    My friend introduced me to the good Doctor a few years ago. . .I started with Eccleston then Tennant, who I really enjoyed. . .then came this young, quirky guy, who was a bit odd, a bit tweaky, a bit old and young at the same time. I never thought I would like this Doctor who started out breaking a little girl’s heart. . .but there was something about him, something that kept bringing me back. Matt was mesmerizing and all of those around him were incredible. . from Amy and Rory. . .to Craig and my personal favorite, River Song; Matt’s Doctor led you on a merry chase of caring and craziness, an incredible, insane ride that will be very hard for Peter Capaldi to follow. . .Thank you. . .you will be sadly missed.

  • Janel Rodriguez

    Talented…Timey-Wimey…Twirly-Whirly…Genuinely Funny…Gentle Genius…Geronimo!

  • FormerArchaeologist

    Matt, Thank you for giving us a Doctor who made us all feel young again, reminded us of the power of hope, and restored a sense of adventure to our lives. It has been an honor to travel with you in the TARDIS.

  • Eliot Gammons

    Sometimes, the only person who can save the entirety of space and time is a child. A child who loves bowties, fezzes, and bunkbeds. The type of child who still keeps a Christmas list, and thinks grown ups are boring. We will miss you Matt Smith, you were loved.

  • Tiffany

    I finally started watching Doctor Who about a year ago. It had been on my “to-watch” list for many years, but one night was finally persuaded to watch a couple of episodes late at night with a friend. I didn’t realize it when I went through to watch through all the episodes, but Matt was both my first Doctor and he’s also MY Doctor. Matt’s performance as the Doctor, his thrilling, sad, broken, brilliant, exciting, childlike, marvelous Doctor, is what has made new experiences and just life more bearable for me. He has truly helped me get through this last year. I think my favourite thing of all has been that though Matt has been the youngest Doctor to date, nobody portrayed the Doctor’s age so incredibly and poignantly as he did. I will miss and always love your Doctor, Matt!

  • Patrick Duncan

    Thank you Matt, you have been a very special Doctor for me. I have really felt an emotional connection to your episodes and learned much about life and the human condition in general. Exactly what the best Sci-Fi does. Thanks for all eternity.

  • NigelStacey MasseyBurt

    Tom Baker was my first Doctor Matt is my wife’s first Doctor and she made fun of me when a few tears fell from my eye when Tom Baker made his appearance in the 50th now she will know what its like to lose such a fantastic Doctor Matt you rock and we will both miss you greatly Hope to see you in the Tardis again one day

  • TD

    Goodbye old friend, A legend that will never die! I must say that I got attached to all the doctors, you were my first doctor and when I went back to watch Doctor Who from the beginning, well 2005, I couldnt figure out what was going on, and I grew slowly to like the other doctors and then one day I see you show up again and I couldnt help but think, there is MY doctor! You were always the best and will be truly missed! Take care friend!

  • Bridget

    Matt, you’re a fantastically cool Doctor! Though you had your share a dark, lonely, and scared moments, but you could always step out with a clever little laugh! That’s something we’ll all miss. Thanks for being brilliant!

  • Tammy Lyn Smith

    Matt, I was one of the ones who thought you were too young to be the Doctor (sorry!). I was also sad to see David Tennant go. But from the very first time I saw you in the role, I knew I had been wrong. Thank you for showing me that I shouldn’t judge people by their age.

  • Kate

    I’m going to miss how nothing was too dorky (read: not considered cool by everyone else on the show) for the Doctor to not think it was “cool.” If I could choose one Doctor for a friend in the real-world, it would be Matt’s Doctor.

  • Hannah

    My favorite part about Doctor Eleven was the nuance he brought to each story. Matt played him so brilliantly that he could be an energetic five year old one second and an unbelievably old man the next. To me, his era captured the entirety of Doctor Who. Thanks for the story, Matt. You made it a great one.

  • Shauntelle H.

    I love all the Doctors, but Matt is definitely MY Doctor. I love how he loves his companions, his adorable faces, his FEZ! I love his glee and how he acts like an innocent kid, but then you see glimpses of the ages old and sad time lord. I will miss Matt so much… thank you for bringing the Doctor to life in a way that
    made him feel like a part of my family and important in my life. You were brilliant Matt… absolutely fabulous. And we will hate to say goodbye.

  • Jeff Crawford

    The bowtie….bowties are cool.

  • Tim Bailey

    The 11th Doctor was my first doctor to watch in Real Time (I started watching on Netflix). He had such an amazing whimsical personality, and I especially love how young he is. Here’s hoping to see him again in the 100th anniversary!

  • Alec Wheeler

    Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, added a dynamic to the Doctor that we have yet to see. My favorite scene of his is E233, “The Rings of Akhaten”, when he gives the speech offering his Time Lord memories, it was so emotional. I know he will go out with a bang and can’t wait to hear his final words.

  • Yvonne

    I love the wild gesticulations of course, but the old man peering out through the eyes of a young man. Matt was so perfectly the Doctor for me and all of his sweet companions!

  • João Dias

    Im gonna serius whit you guys… wen i started watching D.W i just wonted to see the 10` doctor David.. and wen i saw David regenerating to Matt i was like: DAFUQ? Whats goin on????. Cuz i didnt know nothing about that( i just saw D.W just to see…) and i was like puff!!! You suuuck david is better puff… ( at that time i havent seen any ep of him…) so.. sotme years later wen i sarted to see D.W to understand. I started to see from the begining( just the new series not the ones from 1963)… wen i get to the 10 to 11 regenereition i was like. Hum.. im not going to like this guy… but in the first ep of him.. I was still like befor but wen it got to the badass moment: hemm.. his not bad ( in my head i was like awesome!!! Moment) and i started to like him more and more untill now i tink his AWESOME!!! But for me David is my number 1 doctor but Matt is my 1.1 doctor and Juhn is number 2 and go on… . My favorite things of Matt is.. there a lot of stuffs but… the way he moves his hands wen is talking… the jokes… the BadAss and sad moments and of coures the word GERONIMO!!!! And a lot more… and and im gonna miss him a lot… so… See you around!)

  • David

    Matt Smith attracted me to the show . His character is the COOLEST nerd I’ve seen; I truly mean that in a good way.
    He was a YES man! A intellectual with confidence and charisma. He put a smile on your face and made you want to go along for the ride.I’m mad that he is going.I just stared watching the show because of the way he played the Doctor. I’ve never seen a character like him. I only hope that the next Doctor can do the show justice since for me it would be really hard to ever replace him!
    Thank You !

  • richb313

    Thanks Matt for a wonderful time I think we have all had watching you as The Doctor. I have been watching Doctor Who for longer than I am going to admit here and all of them have brought something wonderful and unique to the role. You have been no exception and in fact you have raised the bar. I wish you great success in your future endeavors as I also wish Peter great luck on finding his own special way to bring The Doctor to life. It has been a great ride Matt and thanks a whole bunch.

  • spuffy

    Ahh, Matt. Could I fit everything I love about him and his portrayal as the Eleventh Doctor into a few sentences? Probably not. As the Doctor he was young yet old, silly yet serious, kind, yet stern. He jumped right into the that huge hole left by David Tennant and filled it better than anyone could have imagined. As a person Matt is such a kind, gentle soul, who will forever have my heart do to the way he treats his youngest fans. You are fantastic Matt, absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

  • Sierra

    Thank you Matt Smith for putting your heart into this show. You were brilliant and I will definitely miss the bowtie.



  • Sierra C

    I am going to miss everything about the eleventh. Matt you did such a brilliant job at making the doctor so wonderful and fun for everyone. I will remember you gloriously!! Keep being cool. =)

  • Alyssa

    Matt is my Doctor. He is the one who I would run away with. His enthusiasm for life make him fantastic and his poor broken heart makes him wonderful! He is everything that the Doctor should be and he does it all with a wonderful bow tie and a broken smile. I will miss everything about my doctor, it wont be the same show and while that is the nature of Doctor Who that doesn’t make it hurt less knowing that in a few short weeks my Doctor, the man who got me through my first couple years of college, who put a smile on my face when all I wanted to do was cry, who made me cry and enjoy every moment I was, will be gone. That I won’t have a new episode with Matt and his cooky enthusiasm and child-like sincerity to look forward to. As I think about what Doctor Who will be without Matt, I wonder why I fell in love with a show which kills off the main characters. Why I felt the need to discover this amazing show which breaks your heart, but then I re-watch Eleventh Hour or one of the other wonderful episodes and I remember that for every once of hurt there is a pound of hope and love. That every tear I shed is offset by hours of laughter and fun.Matt and the eleventh doctor are me and my Doctor Who experience. He is the wonderful, gainly, enthusiastic nerd that me and my friends are. The eleventh Doctor loves un-ironically and with his whole heart the same way I will always love him.. The eleventh doctor will always have a special place in my heart for allowing me to fall in love with this wonderful show.

  • The 11th Doctor

    Him always watching out for Amy was the sweetest thing and him and River were the best!! Matt Smith is and always will be The Best Doctor Forever And Always!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Matt’s dedication to playing the Doctor with his whole heart, with all his creativity and enthusiasm, has made this show a delight to watch. Thank you, Matt, for all your hard work and excellence. Your work reminds me of the beginning of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie: “A stage magician gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth; I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.” Matt and Moffat and team, you have alluded through fiction to some truths that matter. Thank you.

  • Jack

    Matts acting was great and amazing! We’ll never forget “GERONIMO!” man

  • Walter Jones

    I was tepid about the reboot. Didn’t care much for Eccleson, David Tennant was a good Doctor, a very good Doctor. But, you became the Doctor in a way that made the contradictions work. I never grasped the age of the Doctor until you brought it out so masterfully in an episode this season. I loved the way you’d let the pathos of the character’s loss get inside, yet the childlike curiosity is still there and so real. You make me believe a 1000 year-old man could manage to stay engaged with life and not be jaded by continued existence. Amazing, well done. I’ll miss your rendition. To quote that great actor, Caesar Agustus: “Have I played the part well? Then applaud as I exit” I will applaud. Loudly and joyfully.

  • Leigha

    Every character who plays the Doctor adds another legacy to the history of Who. Matt Smith brought joy and happiness and sadness and loss. He was the Doctor that opened the Pandorica. The good man that went to war. He saved the universe twice over, and reminded us that every life is a big pile of good things and bad things, and that the good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant. Matt stopped the fall of Gallifrey. He will forever be the fez-clad, bow tie wearing Doctor we came to love! We’ll all miss you so much! Best of luck! :)

  • Guest


  • Amber

    I love Matt’s Character because is so adventurous and fun! Who can forget about the fezzes, bow ties, and Timey Wimey Things because they are truly cool!

  • Kayla Jones

    its wont be easy putting it in two but you were the best doctor in world when David Tennant died everyone cried and then they met you, you made thousands of people stop crying because you were so fantastic im gonna miss you Matt Smith i really will your a legend the best doctor around every doctor fan even the ones who have only seen the first episode will miss you this is as close is two sentences for we will miss you…. i will miss you….

  • Ryan

    Matt Smith is and probably will remain my favorite Doctor of all. The scripts for his episodes, like the Pandorica or the Vincent Van Gough, were amazing, but for an actor to step into such grand stories and nail his every gesture and line like Smith is truly special. To me he is easily the most likeable doctor, and pulls this off while the show went to great lengths in many ways to show the Doctor’s flaws and darker side. His simultaneously human and alien unusual personality, wit and depth were a great blessing to the ongoing show.

  • Dalek

    I think he did a terrific job as the Doctor and I’m sad to see him go. I really love Matt and everything he has done and the dimensions he has brought to his character.

  • Toni

    Matt is a natural-I am really going to miss him! I wish him all the best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Mr. Smith!

  • Joe Shmow

    Truly bringing the storied franchise to the United States like no one else did before…perhaps that may be the most important contribution of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.

  • Rory Thompson

    Matt Smith is a funny and smart doctor. Is he better than David Tennant? Yes! Best Doctor Yet!!!! Gonna miss you!!!!!

  • TheEleventhDoctor

    Matt Smith is an inspiration. He’s saved lives in and out of the show. He’s shown me that age truely is just a number. That no matter how old you get you can always be childish and have fun while still being brave and bold and strong. He’s shown me how violence isn’t an opinion and things always work out. Thank you Matt Smith!

  • Becky Rudnicki

    Thank you so much Matt for giving us Bowties, Fish Fingers and Custard, and so many other memorable moments. Your episodes were filled with so much emotion and were some of my favorites of the entire shows history, you are a fantastic Doctor and I hope we will see you again, good luck in your career!!!

  • Britishpig

    My favorite part was his hair it really pulled the whole thing together

  • Edgar Avina

    Well Matt Smith so along you were great 11th Doctor from 2010 to 2013. You are always our Doctor and did have a great adventures with Amy, Rory and River to Clara.

    In series 7 part 2 did had some dark story.

    Let hope you would say Geronimo in the end.

  • Valentina

    He made me laugh and cry. He could portray both a young comic Doctor yet he added the Doctor’s melancholic side. Bow-ties, fezzes, fish fingers and custard, the dream Doctor, the Flesh Doctor, those things with the arms, the sonic, the sexy TARDIS and many more.Thank you. Farewell, Matt Smith. Geronimo!

  • Kelsie Baldwin

    Matt was my first Doctor that I saw come on TV I started right at the tail end of Tennant’s run I was sad to see David go but I instantly fell in love with Matt I’ve always thought of him as my first Doctor and I will never forget him, Matt if you’re reading this I wish you all the luck in the world and thank you so much you will always be The Doctor to me and you will always be cool

  • Romana

    Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor. He was my first Doctor, and possibly a reason why I fell in love with the show. He embodied everything the Doctor should be: spontaneous, brilliant, eccentric, and always coming up with new and fabulous fashion trends. He brought to light the more childish side of the Doctor while keeping in mind all that the Doctor has witnessed, and all of the pain that he has felt. Matt Smith will forever be my favorite. I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!

  • John Ziegler

    i started watching doctor who and ended up watching every single episode in one weak and i think that matt smith was the best doctor so far

  • Emma

    I just love Matt’s Doctor’s little quirks and one liners and how he could lighten up any dark situation with a little humor. And of course, the fez and bow tie will be dearly missed! We wish Matt the best of luck on all his future projects!

  • S. C. Lefaye

    Thanks for being such a wonderful Doctor! You were the perfect one to portray the character, and everything you did (your spinning, grinning, and immense enthusiasm…) brought out the best in him. You were my Doctor!

  • Erin

    Matt has done a wonderful turn as the doctor. Funny, brave, caring, friend… I look forward to his future career. Best of luck Matt.

  • Jennifer Jackson

    Matt was a GREAT Doctor! The humor! The fun! The laughing at himself! Oh how we’ll miss him.

  • Emril Irene

    Matt Smith,

    Your Doctor… was cool. (Just like your bow-tie).

    Thanks a million,


  • Rebecca B

    I love how the Eleventh Doctor could be so funny/silly at times, but then also could be so dark/serious other times. Wonderfully portrayed both sides of the Doctor! :D

  • Lyndsi G.

    Matt, I wish you well in your acting endeavors, you’ve gained a lot of momentum and experience I’m sure. I look forward to seeing how you progress. You’ll always be the Doctor.

  • Patty Fish

    I love Matt, he will be missed dearly ~ we love his perky character and how he can be perky one moment and gentle the next ~ We will miss you Matt and it breaks my heart to see you go ~ good luck in your future ~ !!

  • Gabrielle

    Thank you Matt for just being your quirky and lovable self. You were and will always be the perfect Doctor. Good luck with all that you do , and remember that you will be deeply missed.

  • Bec

    This month i keep reminding myself that this will be the last time we will see you on our televisions, and it breaks my heart. You were the doctor that showed us the fun of being childish and young. you showed us how the simplest things, (Bow-ties, fezzes, fish fingers and custard) are cool. in fact i know you will be the only doctor that will never be able to walk past a fez. You made us laugh, cry, smile, scream. But you will always be remembered.

    We Love you Eleven


  • Sheyenne

    Matt smith will always be my favorite doctor! I think I’ve enjoyed the eleventh doctor’s episodes the most. He is a brilliant actor and I look forward to his upcoming roles in whatever he may do.

  • Betsie

    I love the smirk, and the clapping and rubbing together of hands. Favorite moment: speech at Stonehenge. But I’ll miss YOU most of all, Scarecrow.

  • Nikita Thomas

    Thank you, Matt, for proving a man in a bow tie and suspenders could be super sexy. Thanks for acting “cool”. Thanks for running around like an excited kid and proving its okay to do, even for a person over 900 years old. Thank you being the Doctor.

  • Lauren B.

    Matt; you are and will always be my favorite Doctor. I was introduced to the magical world of Doctor Who through you, and you never forget your first Doctor. You taught me to be myself, and that everyone in the universe is unique. You’ve picked me up when I’ve been down, and your Doctor’s wise, quirky quotes will always stick with me. I’ll miss you the most you raggedy man; we all will.

  • Delaney Ryden

    Just when I thought it was nigh on impossible to replace the 10th Doctor along comes Matt Smith in all his bow tie and suspenders, fez, and stetson wearing glory. It astonishes how someone so young can capture everything the Doctor has seen and done in his 1000 years. So much emotion was portrayed in a single glance or twirl of his sonic screwdriver. My fez is off to you Matt Smith!

  • brittney nhem

    Thanks for making me remember that every moment can be a fun one. When ten left, I was in shock, then you came and made me smile every minute of every second of every day. Whenever I see a bow tie or fez, I will always think of you. Thanks for making my day better!

  • Grace Leung

    “Doctor, where shall we go this time?” I always imagine talking with you like this in the your brilliant blue box TARDIS. Saying goodbye is the last thing I want to do in my life, especially on Christmas. Thank you, Matt. Thank you for your doctor,you raggedy man and clever boy! We will miss you,like forever.

  • Allivia Hopwood

    I’m gonna miss the bow ties and fezzes you wore. You were indeed cool just like your Tardis and clothing choice.

  • Whitney Wylie

    What I Love about Matt Smith’s Doctor is how funny he is and how he would get excited about new things. And how he likes Bowties, Fezzes, and Stetsons. Thank You Matt Smith.

  • Mike

    I’m gonna miss Matt’s goofiness, his fun personality. He really brought the Doctor alive and he will be missed.

  • Chelsie

    Matt, you will always be special to me because you were my first Doctor. I still remember that day a little over a year ago when I walked into the living room to find my younger brother watching a Doctor Who marathon. I was extremely skeptical at first since my brother and I don’t like the same things at all, but after one episode I was hooked. The humor and playfulness that you brought to the character made me fall in love with Doctor Who. I really can’t thank you enough. Thank you for introducing me to the amazing world of Doctor Who and the Doctor himself, but more importantly thank you for making me laugh every week and for showing me that you’re never too old to act a little childish. I’m really going to miss you Matt! xo

  • Hannah

    Fezzes are cool……I’ll always remember that.

  • Geoffrey Anthony Colaizzi

    I mean, I was upset when I heard you were going. Technically you were my first Doctor — I started watching episodes chronologically starting with Nine, but I started watching the show right before Clara became your companion. But it really hit me a week or so ago. I started crying: your Doctor is the perhaps the most out of place in comparison to the others. I can really say I related to you in so many ways… and you just had the best jokes! I have picked up quite a few of your peculiarities and made them mine… You’ll always be the King of Cool in my book.

  • Charlotte

    We will all miss you Matt :’(

  • Kristen

    I don’t want to say goodbye to your doctor. I will miss your doctor’s relatableness the most, I’m not sure if that is a real word or not, but it made him seem more human than timelord. Good luck with your career and you’ll always have my support. Goodbye Doctor.

  • Mary

    Matt has been a perfect Doctor, I’ll miss everything about him, thank you, Matt!

  • Lauren

    I can’t believe Matt is leaving; He was such a relatable Doctor- so silly and childish at some times, serious and dark at others, and his fun personality. Bow ties are cool, fezzes are cool, and GERONIMO! is now my catch phrase for everything. You will be missed so much Matt. The best Doctor yet- good luck with everything. We all love you. Now…. GERONIMO!

  • Jade

    I went out to buy some fish fingers today to prepare for the day….. That day will be a present and a day of tears and sorrow, knowing my favorite doctor is leaving. I’ll miss you even if Doctor Who dies down. Everyone will miss you! From everyone who had you as their first doctor to everyone with you as their 11th. I can’t enough words to express my sorrow… But happiness comes back to me knowing you’ll have a great career and always make me stop to stare at the bow ties in a shop, reminding me of the Doctor that made me laugh and become a Whovian in the first place. Thank you, Matt Smith. Thank you for bringing a another door to thrill and entertainment in my life.

  • Sydney

    Matt’s acting skills are some of the best I’ve ever seen brought to this show. Each performance is a gem, whether happy (The Power of Three), or sad (The Angels Take Manhattan), Matt truly delivers. I’m going to miss the quirky, caring personality he brought to the 11th doctor (and the fashion! Bowties=cool). Thank you :) I hope you do very well in you career, Matt. Best of luck to you!

  • Savannah Davis

    Matt Smith’s ability to bring real emotions to life is unprecedented and leaves me breathless. The Eleventh Doctor is not only complex in his emotions and personality, but he’s unapologetically himself–something so incredibly inspiring. He is definitely THE most inspiring person and the best role model for kids and adults alike.

  • Breanna

    It will kill me that i won’t be able to see Matt go, but I will probably be, no I WILL be thinking about how much we are all going to miss him. Matt was by far my favourite Doctor, and the way he brought the character to life so well, it just breaks my heart to see him go. Matt you were the best, thank you so much for the fun time you’ve given all of us. We’ll miss you!!

  • Jake

    I really don’t know how to say this in such a short space, but Matt Smith’s Doctor saved my life. The ability to hold so much pain and experience and all of the sorrow, the way he just transforms it into brilliance, and how his Doctor was able to make you smile with each amazing speech, you are who I think about when I think about my idol. I try every day to be like his Doctor. Charismatic, silly (what’s wrong with silly), and just all-around brilliant. These sentences don’t even make structural sense, but it doesn’t matter because I just wanted to say that the Eleventh Doctor saved me. Thank you.

  • Kyle O

    Dear Matt,
    Thank you for everything you have done. I started watching the show during your tenure, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. You made me love the show, and I loved your portrayal of the Doctor that so many people have come to love. You made us laugh and smile. Even when I was sad, I could watch Doctor Who and have a huge grin on my face. Thank you for being the Doctor.Thank you for being my Doctor. You’ll be missed severely.

  • grateful

    every time there is a new doctor I know I will not like the new one as much as the last, but you have become my favorite doctor. I convinced my daughters to start watching Doctor Who under your reign. They live for Doctor Who now and it has become a bonding catalyst for us. cannot tell you how sad we all are to see you go. i meant it. i cannot tell you. it is sincere and like losing a good friend. good luck in all you do. We have had such memorable times laughing and biting our nails watching you. you will always know you touched many peoples hearts.

  • Isis

    So I was never able to move on past David Tennant, but you were brilliant. Fantastic. When David regenerated the entire Whovian community was in distress and I honestly think that you were the perfect person to say, “Hey! I’m here! And I’m the Doctor!” You know? I’m going to miss you very, very badly. I didn’t even know I would miss you until I started writing this and now I’m like, “Nooo…” I loved how you weren’t quite as goofy and when you had that moment with Craig and told him you loved him it was absolutely HILARIOUS. Anyway. Thank you for being the wonderful, brilliant Eleventh Doctor.

  • Josip Dark

    Well done Mr Smith … very well done ….

  • Naomi Haile

    After the tenth Doctor regenerated I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to love you. I was wrong- I adapted, I cried, I laughed, I loved, I felt. You are and will forever be my favorite Doctor. You were the Doctor I (and Melody Pond) could relate to the most. You were witty, powerful, and thought INSIDE the box (it’s bigger in the inside). I will miss you and your bow tie very much. Keep on twirling.

  • Christina Spinks

    I thought you were going to be a super goofy not at all serious kind of doctor, but you certainly proved me wrong. Strangely, I loved the heart twists you gave me, and I’ll miss them the most. I suppose, when compared to your usual cheery character, those spots of pain were delivered even more sincerely and as far as drama goes, it was brilliantly done. You gave me a lot t o think about too, and made me fall in love with bowties! I now have a ‘tennant’ accent and a ‘smith’ accent, too. So many memorable quotes too! I guess I’ll miss a lot about having you as the Doctor, but I’ll always have bowties, I suppose! I just hope you don’t do as Tennant did, what with his “I don’t want to go”. Hearing those words still make me tear up, and I don’t know what I’ll do if you do the same! Thank you and fare well, 11, you did beautifully!

  • Emma Sinn

    I really loved you as the Doctor Matt! You were the one that introduced me to this show and have been my favorite since day one! A lot of the people I know who are Doctor Who fans are in love with David as the Doctor but you’ve always been my favorite! I’ll miss the quirky things that you brought to the Doctor with his spinning around the TARDIS console and tapping people on the nose and all the other little quirks about the Eleventh Doctor! You will forever be my Doctor and when Christmas comes my friends will have to help me through your sad regeneration! I have always enjoyed your Doctor’s relationship with River and, though there’s a possibility of River returning with the next Doctor, your Doctor will always be the one River belongs with! I am going to miss you so much on the show! You were so cool! With your bow-ties and fezzes and stetsons and bunk beds, though other people don’t like all of those things your Doctor dubbed cool, I do and it makes me love your Doctor even more. So thank you for being an amazing Doctor and thank you for getting me hooked on this crazy show called Doctor Who. Because without you I never would have watched it! You will never stop being my favorite Doctor and never stop being absolutely brilliant! I wish you luck on all of your future works and will be sure to see them! So thank you Matt! I will never forget all your Geronimo’s and Yowzah’s! Thank you for everything! ~Emma (One of your biggest fans(: )

  • David

    I will miss most the 11th doctors theme music (“I Am the Doctor”)…stands out as best theme music of modern Doctor Who (and there is a lot of great music). I can’t imagine it accompanying another doctor though so I imagine it will no longer be used, and I will greatly miss it.

  • Patti Mooneyham

    You made me remember how much I love tweed…You are a darling and I’ll miss you and maybe if I don’t watch the Christmas farewell, it won’t be a fixed moment in time and you won’t go…;)

  • A Recent Fan

    After I saw David Tennant’s Doctor start regenerating, and after I heard him say the lines, “I don’t want to go,” I felt a yearning for the tenth doctor, stronger than ever before. I felt my heart scream out, “I don’t want you to go, too!” I have to be honest: the instant the Doctor regenerated into the eleventh Doctor, you, I was disappointed for an instant. I told myself that Doctor Who will never be the same, that it will start getting worse after David Tennant got off. However, as I watched series five to seven, I gradually came to believe that my assumptions about your Doctor were totally wrong. During your debut episode, your version of the Doctor seemed a little… awkward, a bit cheeky, and very childish. I was watching a centuries-old time-lord act as if he were a 5 year-old child. I thought, “this is preposterous. Steven Moffat, what were you thinking?!” But then, I came to realize the depth in your Doctor. Your Doctor always tried to smile, even in the toughest of situations, and his childishness paved way for likableness (is that even a word?!). However, there was this sort of fading light sort of feeling when I looked into your eyes. Your eyes reflected the life of a wise, old man whose soul was slowly crumbling at the fact that there were so many mysteries he did not know the answer to, so many sacrifices he had to make, and so many people who left him. He always had friends, yet, at the same time, he was always alone. The heaviness of being the only living time-lord and bearing the weight of having wiped out his own race was apparent and was lucidly reflected in his actions, tone of voice, and expressions. Matt Smith, your Doctor far surpassed my expectations. You were a wonderful doctor. Brilliant, in fact. You are a very admirable actor, and you did a splendid job in portraying to the audience the Doctor you tried to portray. Many fans’ hearts were broken when the word came out that you were going to leave, and I know that it broke your heart as well. However, take this from a strong 18 year-old fan: you will always be our, the Doctor Who community’s, Raggedy Man. Don’t you ever forget that. Your name and role has been solidly carved into the history of Doctor Who. I pray that you will have a wonderful Christmas, and I know that you will be offered another amazing role because you are just that amazing. Until then, GERONIMO!

  • homesteadvoter

    I love you as the Doctor, Matt. Every time I came home from work, frustrated, tired, stressed, feeling like I’ve been wasting my time, all I had to do was watch an episode of Doctor Who. You made me smile with everyone one of them, even the sad ones. You have a wonderful talent, and I hope to see it rewarded with a splendid career.

    • vlague

      And, why is this still on here when I deleted it and started over eight minutes later??? It looks like I copied someone else. Jeesh!

  • Amanda

    I will never like any other doctor only you! You are so hot and I would date you in two seconds

    • Jackie


  • vlague

    I love you as the Doctor, Matt. Every time I came home from work,
    frustrated, tired, stressed, feeling like I’ve been wasting my time, all
    I had to do was watch an episode of Doctor Who. You made me smile with
    everyone one of them, even the sad ones. You have a wonderful talent,
    and I hope to see it rewarded with a splendid career.

  • Chad G.

    When David started to regenerate, it made us cry! But then you, you made us laugh! “And still not a ginger!” I still remember that episode and every other one of your episodes! You were one of my favorites and you will not be forgotten! I’ll miss you Matt! And stay away from apples, apples are rubbish!!

  • Stephen Taesler

    So, I watched Silence in the Library, one of David Tennent’s episodes, by force thanks to a friend when the episode first aired. I did not like it, I did not understand what I just saw. A Police Box, that’s bigger on the inside, controled by a man with no name, landing it the box inside a girls head? Way to bizzar for me. Needleaa to say, I had no interest for Doctor Who at all. Then, one night, about a year later obviously, I cought my little brother watching the two parter of you and Amy and River opening the Pandorica. And I was curious to see what happened next! And I got hooked! I watched every episode from Chris Eccelston up to the 50th Anniversary Special! Doctor Who, especially from your perspective, has given me an entirely different way of thinking. It gave me inspiration, courage, and faith in good. The 50th Anniversery in particulare has helped me through a very hard time in my life, just looking forward to your biggest adventure in Time and Space, saving Galifray and the whole Universe. You are the best the Doctor has regenorated into and I think you’re departure is too soon. “You could do so much more”. Matt Smith, thank you for being the great man who is the Doctor, your acting is inspirational and a refreshing change to the reality of… reality that is surrounding me. Good luck on your next project and I hope you return in another Doctor meet up in the future. Thanks again, and of course, Merry Christmas!

  • Emma

    Thinking about only having a few days as you being still being the Doctor is heartbreaking. Eleven was the first doctor I ever took ownership of and became, immediately, MY doctor. The dimensions to this character were amazing but you took us to infinity and beyond with your portrayal of Eleven. Good luck to all that you do post-Who, and I hope to see you in future Who. Thank you so much for such an amazing time and Merry Christmas!

  • Jessica Lee-Timms

    I don’t want you to go, but you did such an amazing job of making me love the 11th after the heartbreak of watching 10 go, that I’m so excited to see what the 12th has to offer. Thank you for an amazing journey raggedy man. You will be truly missed.

  • Stephanie

    “Hello sweetie.” The Doctor and River Song’s flirtatious banter will never be matched. You could just feel every undertone, every hidden meaning and every innuendo between those two. They just oozed it. Would have LOVED to see more of the two.

  • Alisha

    Thanks Matt! I think my favorite thing about The Doctor is his amazement at life, enjoying every little thing no matter how many people thought it was merely trivial. The Doctor has such a wonderful love for life with your face! Thank you <3

  • Randisue Bedenbaugh

    I saw a few episodes of 10 but I didn’t get in to the show until Matt started playing the 11th Doctor so I consider Matt to be my first Doctor and I absolutely adore him!! I love his quirky fashion obsessions, his child like wonder and joy of everything, his crazy and “whimsical gesticulations and twirling”, his love and care for people, his outlandishly flirtatious and sweet relation ship with River, the fish fingers, the bow ties, the fez, his heartbreaking human moments, and just his entire performance as the Doctor!! I’m gonna miss your Doctor a lot Matt, hope to see you in new things and hope you have a Merry Christmas :D

  • Simona Padgett Winslow

    There was just something about how he could bring you into the story. It was like being right there in the Tardis taking an adventure. It was like a walk in the park how he just strolled about. I am going to miss the bow tie. Thank you for the adventures that I so much enjoyed. I look forward to seeing you around in whatever you are doing. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

  • Sandra Herrera

    I love the way Matt (The Doctor)and River are together. I will miss him. My kids love him. He is a too cute and made the Doctor adorable. Who wouldn’t want to travel with him. My heart will break when you leave ; you are like a friend anyone would love to have. Good luck with your future and try to pop in some of the future episodes; it would be great. <3

  • Jazmine Rodriguez

    Matt Smith is my first doctor and I’m going to miss him terribly. He is the reason I became a fan of Doctor Who and I’m never get his fun attitude and bow ties!! I will always remember the Eleventh Doctor!!!

  • Mary

    Matt’s ‘mindless professor’ demeanor, with child-like wonder and old-man gravitas has made for some fantastic viewing. Thank you, Matt, for bringing so much beauty, humour and kindness into this iconic role. You will be greatly missed.

  • Chase Toy

    To be honest, I was skeptical when Matt first showed up. I hadn’t yet watched a full Who episode yet, but Tennant was still fresh in my mind and it took a little getting used to. When I finally settled in and became a full Whovian, Matt’s portrayal came out as wonderful and cherished to me. I’d have to say my favorite memory of him is when he and the Ponds ended up on that ship with dinosaurs. His line about the Christmas list was hilarious and a spot-on example of the wonder and comedy that the Doctor has brought. He will very certainly be missed and, dare I say it, Capaldi will have some shoes to fill after the regeneration. Geronimo!

  • Katie

    Matt’s doctor was at once a big kid, and a very serious, centuries-wearied man. At first I was afraid that after David Tennant, Matt’s doctor would be too frivolous, but he was quick to prove me wrong. He won me over with his charm: funny and sweet, solemn and determined, cheerful and heartbroken. In spite of my original scepticism, I will miss him. But, that’s the way of the Doctor. Farewell, and fare thee well!

  • Vicky

    Matt, I will miss your Doctor. Always brilliant and inventive!! I will you Matt Smith and I wish you all the best!!

  • Bert Plummer

    “Hello old friend” I’ve loved your travels and wit at being surprised. I would like Stephen to resolve the River romance but considering the covert confusion of being 11 or 12 (“No! All 13!”) I’m sure he has more surprises in store. ‘course I miss Mrs and Mr Pond (g) too. But you…like them…will be missed. Best wishes on your future adventures!

  • Carrie

    Matt, I will miss you being the doctor! You showed us a fun way of being childish and silly! Matt’s portrayal of the Doctor was wonderful! Farewell Raggedy Man, you will be missed!

  • Meriths Heilveil

    I really liked it when the Doctor turned up at Amy and Rory’s wedding after he was supposedly dead and lost in the blackness of space.

  • pat gamber

    I think it is funny how on day of the doctor he could not talk without moving his hands.

  • drake

    you were and always will be one of my favorite doctors of all time,your right up there with tom baker

  • Kate Smith

    Matt will always be my favorite Doctor, no matter what. He introduced me to many things from Fish Fingers and Custard to Bow Ties, which are definitely cool. Even though when we regenerates my heart will break into tiny little pieces scattered across all of time and space, I’m happy that he was with us for the time of the Eleventh Doctor. Its hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to say the The Eleventh Hour was my favorite episode with this silly man. We will never forget him.

  • Holly Jevons

    You were so amazing on Doctor Who. I saw you yesterday after American Psycho and you said thank you when we said that you did a great show :D You are such a lovely person and a lovely actor. Everyone will miss you loads :(

  • Sarah-Anne Lampron

    You have shown us to love, how care about others. With you our nightmares are defeated. We watched as you got a family and as it was taken away. We cried and raged and found hope again. Yours was one of the quirkiest and most loving Doctors. From falling out of the sky and into our hearts to taking us to Gallifrey, we will always love you raggedy man. Thank you for every shining moment and heartfelt adventure.

  • Maria Beltsos

    You taught me to marry my best friends child. XD You have made so many people smile and you should never stop. Thank you for every laugh, smile, and teardrop you caused. :)

  • Sam Judd

    Best Doctor. Thank you for the chin jokes.

  • #Tori

    I love how different Matt portrayed the doctor compared to David and the rest. He wasn’t so serious, and he wasn’t the ladykiller, he was silly awkward Matt :) friend and protector

  • Gus Moody

    You have been so quirky and funny and you were the first doctor I ever saw on TV. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

  • DoctorWho5674

    Matt’s doctor introduced me to the show, he will forever be my favorite
    doctor and an incredible actor. I’m probably gonna cry on the episode where he
    regenerates and just uggh I don’t want to see him go :(

  • Caroline Terry

    You will always be my most favorite reincarnation of the Doctor! I love you Matt! :)

  • The best of doctor who was 11

    I always liked the younger doctors better so that’s why you’re my favorite doctor.

  • baroo1123

    Words are not adequate…I will truly miss having new adventures with this incarnation of the Doctor. While he may not have intended to expose the hearts and soul of the Doctor as deeply as he has, his Doctor has truly regenerated my connection to this fantastic show and its spirit. All the best to you, Matt Smith – Geronimo!

  • Babaloewa

    You were my first doctor, I’m gonna miss you so much. I love you

  • Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

    Godspeed on your journey home, Doctor, the long way around. You will be missed so very much by so very many.

  • Whovian

    Thank you Matt Smith, for being such a wonderful Doctor.

  • emw12

    I’ve loved the enthusiasm you’ve brought to this incarnation of the Doctor. You’ve shown all the depths of the Doctor. I will miss you.

  • DG

    I will miss your bow ties, your fezzes, your hand movements whenever you explained something, your youthfulness and your youthful adventure spirit. You will always be my favorite doctor and I will very dearly remember you.

  • Catherine K

    You were my first doctor, and you are, and always will be, my favorite. I was going through a tough time and whenever I was down I would watch you and you would make me smile and laugh. You saved my life in so many ways. There are no words to describe what you mean to me; I wouldn’t be alive without you. This Christmas will be the saddest one yet, but I know you will move on to bigger and better things. Thank you for everything, and good luck, chin boy.

  • Richiej12

    Thanks for a great run and bringing hope to many.

  • Ashley Diane Young

    Mr. Matt Smith, you were a wonderful, eccentric regeneration. I thank you for bringing a bit of silliness to the show and I love that in everything Eleven did he had to be moving in one form or another. Hand movements to twirling I loved your regeneration and I hope that you had fun doing this and will have fun in your next projects as well, whether it is for BBC or not.

  • Brooke W.

    It was fantastic exploring space and time with you! I will be sad to see you leave; your Doctor will always be remembered in a positive light! Thank you for everything you added to the “Whoniverse”!

  • Engineer Who

    Having watched every Doctor from 1963-2013, I can surely say you are my favorite. I knew from the moment I saw Dinosaurs On a Spaceship. Thank you, sir!

  • Another Matt

    It was quite a joy to have you as my first doctor, there are not enough words to express this so i’ll just say; THANK YOU MATT for 4 wonderful years and good luck with all your future exploits.

  • the merlinwholock

    your just the best
    your funny and loving and smart and everything i could hope for and more

  • Sandra Meesala

    Matt Smith. I have to admit that the transition from David to you was hard at first. However, you truly embodied the Doctor and made it your own. As a fantastic Doctor holding a fire in your eye that never extinguishes, you have shown us all just how beautiful the world actually is. Yes, it is mixture of evil, impossibilities, and absolute lunacy. However, that is exactly why it is worth exploring and fighting for. It is beautiful in its own unique way, full of potential and greatness. I hope I can stand up for others and strive to live life as an adventure as you have. I will never forget the way you have changed my perceptive on life. With all of my heart, thank you! Good luck, where ever life takes you!

  • rose is bad wolf

    Matt we will all miss you incredibly you were young smart kind and clever we couldn’t ask for better you were great seriously fantastic. We will miss you so much matt.

  • Whovian4life

    At first I didn’t know how on earth I was going to like you as the new doctor. My beloved David Tenant was gone and replaced by someone knew and I didn’t like it at all. But the more I watched you, the more I came to love you. I loved your dorky glasses, your fez, and your bow tie. I loved your quirkiness and your eccentric ways. I know you have to move on, but I wish you wouldn’t. I have enjoyed every minute of watching you in your mission to save the world (through my television). Thank you for bringing so much life into the Doctor. You will be missed. Goodbye raggedy man!

  • Who

    Matt, What can I say, it is always hard to move from another doctor to the next, but you were not just A doctor but the doctor in your own originality, You gave the doctor something timeless and classic and something modern. Thank you for keeping up the legacy of Doctor Who is such a way!!! we all love you and will miss you. Matt, you have a great future a head of you and I wish you all the luck.
    Sincerely, a loyal whovian <3

  • Scott H. Haga

    Matt Smith, your quirky, charismatic rendition of the Doctor is my favorite of all the Doctors. My first Doctor was Tom Baker, and I know many who cling to their first Doctor as their favorite, but that is not my view. To use a word that my Brit friends use so much more often than Americans do…. Your Doctor is BRILLIANT. My hat is off to you.

  • Rick

    Out of the modern Doctors your my definite favorite. Of course out of all the doctors your my favorite. I hope the next doctor does half the justice you did to the role and I wish you luck in all your future work. Who knows maybe we will be seeing you again someday… Good Luck and Thank you

  • Josh Arnon

    There are many great takes of the Doctor, from Eccleston’s constant pain to Tennant’s display of fury. But you were the one who conquered his whole character: a quirky, loving alien who wants to hang out with humans because he’s lonely. You’re the one who made bow ties cool and running away bad. And when you lost everything with the Ponds, you showed a sign of yourself that we rarely got to see. Eccentric, loving, isolated: you’re not just my Doctor but the Doctor.

  • Aemilia Picazebeth

    I love how Matt Smith can take a random object that he has and turn it into an iconic Doctor who thing. Fish sticks and custard, the fez, the bow tie.

  • Sharon

    Matt, I was new to Dr. Who and you made me fall in love with the Doctor. I am one of many that want to travel in space and time with you! We will miss you and wish you the very best for your future.

  • Jess

    I love how the 11th Doctor is fascinated by everything and everyone. Thank you, Matt Smith.

  • royslady51

    I’m about to turn fifty one in a few months and I’d like to thank you for doing two things…providing a wonderful addition to the Tradition of the Doctor and for also giving a fan fiction writer the notion that even the Doctor can look like a human and an American one at that. You are the one that included us more and I’m grateful for that. BTW, have you ever seen pictures of an American Country music singer named Randy Travis? Get a look at what he looked like in his twenties…and you’ll understand why I kept expecting your generation to grab a guitar. And now, seeing the image with that stetson…the resemblance is uncanny. And you’re right, some people can pull off bowties, you’re one that made it work and I find that adorable. You have one of the sweetest smiles of anyone whose portrayed a Doctor, as well. You have a knack for making sure it reaches your eyes. I can’t say I adore you, cuz I don’t know you but I do adore the version of the Doctor you have given to us.

    Jane Suzanne Streeter
    Strafford, Missouri, USA.

  • JJ Gluckman

    You are the first doctor I saw, and I have always thought you were the best.

  • RhonDOH

    Matt truly brought The Doctor to life. He had something in his eyes that you can’t just “act”…you have to “feel” the things that Matt Smith put into The Doctor. All of the regret, sadness, and loneliness he feels (that are being masked by silliness and childlike wonder) just bled right out of his performances. I think I can truly say that Matt Smith is the first actor that made me sincerely wish that The Doctor was real – that somewhere, he really is out there. Thank you for giving us someone to believe in, Matt. Good luck.

  • Kylie Witters

    I’ll miss how funny and kooky you are. In the new series We had christopher- he really was the tiger. It was just after john hurt (as we now know) he thought he had just blown up his home. He was pretty serious. Next was David- he was tigger (from winnie the pooh) he was energetic, funny, lovable. still serious but desperately trying to burry his past. Then there was you, Matt- you came and you were funny kooky crazy. You werelimethe crazy uncle that shows up randomly at everything (especially weddings) your doctor was the one who forgot. You did an amazing job of portraying his feelings, his hurt, his confusion, his craziness. You will forever be missed.

  • -Hannah-beth

    I’m sure I am not the die hard fan, but no one has loved Matt’s Doctor the way I love him. He made my teenage years all the more delightful and I am truly sad to see him go. It’s been a wonderful Razzle matt.

  • Brittani Snow

    You may not have been my first Doctor (David was), but I feel like you have stolen me in a way that no other Doctor has. I used to be so annoyed of my friends talking about “Oh, Doctor who this, Doctor Who that!” But when I actually watched the show, I fell instantly in love. Your episodes, I think, are the ones that I like the most. I love how you bring so much to 11! The way that you put so much emotion into your character, I just…I love it! It’s absolutely great! I remember watching your first episode and thinking, Who is this crazy guy? But what I didn’t realize then is that I would grow to absolutely love and adore you (not as in, like, LOVE, love….that would be kind of weird….)! I guess that I just really want to tell you, Matt, that I will deeply miss you being on the show. And I wish you the best of luck in your future career. <3 (<-That heart is meant as a friendly heart ;P)

  • Bennett Fort

    You was on of the funniest of all of the doctors. Almost every episode was a joy ride. You were the first doctor I watched and you will be missed. Thank you for making me laugh. I don’t think any doctor after you can match the way you impacted people. Thank you.

  • Jesse Ceja

    This doctor gave something new to the doctor he showed us that acting like a child could be fun. I will miss a lot about Matt’s doctor he was the 1st doctor I watched so he made me love doctor who Matt and his wibbly wobbly timey wimey doctor will be missed.

  • Quinn Laskowski

    Dear Doctor, you were my first doctor and im sure everyone here will agree that no one forgets their first doctor you have truly changed my life in many ways i think much more complex now i have different views on EVERYTHING; Now with your regeneration i will truly be devastated in more ways than one Doctor, Matt Smith you are my idol man i look up to you as the doctor i know it sounds weird but you have left a BIG imprint on my life; with out further a due i wish you good luck in you film career not being the doctor and all im off to go do some humany-wumeney things…… GERONIMO

  • John Twinge

    Thank you, for everything. Thank you

  • teknomom

    He is my favorite doctor. I enjoyed the way he played the character, a bit of little boy and a bit of a thousand year old man. He was fascinating to watch. I will miss him and I can’t imagine anyone else being the doctor.

  • Courtney Baysa

    He wasn’t really my favorite doctor. But he grew on me. I loved his relationship with Amy and Rory. I really wish we could’ve had more time with him. I’m gonna miss him and his quirkiness and childlike attitude. The way he flaps his hands around when he talks. Gonna miss Eleven :(

  • Ellie DePastino

    Gosh, I’m gonna miss you, Matt Smith! Thanks for being my first doctor and hooking me on bowties! I’ll miss your totally awesome expressive face!

  • mel

    Hey Matt,
    All I have to say about your leaving Doctor Who is very sad. You are my favorite doctor and you are brilliant. You will be missed and just want to say thank you. Whovians all around the world will remember your work as the Eleventh doctor. The doctor that had the best adventures yet. I wished I got the chance to meet you. But I’m going to have custard and fish sticks in honor of the eleventh doctor

  • Alain Ravelo

    You were awesome thanks for your time and have continued future success

  • Chris

    Thank you for being my favorite Doctor you will be very missed the big kid who was also strong and ready to take that leap without hesitation

  • Cassie Baba

    Thanks for being a great doctor and my favorite. Your interpretation was amazing.

  • The Kranitz-Cooleys

    Matt, We look forward to your newest endeavors and will always think fondly of your memorable years as the 11th Doctor. – L&A in AZ, USA


    The 11 doctor was the best of the “newset” doctors. Its sad to see him go

  • Mr. Dex

    I appreciate the whimsical chaos you brought to the doctor’s character. You have given a fantastic performance that will be remembered by fellow whovians. It has been a great pleasure to watch your art.

  • JHSweeney

    You’ve done an extraordinary job creating the 11th doctor. Your whimsy, your zaniness, your humor and your heart all mixed together made your era a true joy to watch. Thank you for your hard work, and best of luck in your next adventure!

  • Katie

    You were my first Doctor and brought me into the amazing world of Doctor Who. Thank you so much for your charisma and talent. I’m going to miss you so much. Good luck with everything you do in the future!!

  • Kevin Munn Lassen

    I became a Whovian with the 11the Doctor. Matt Smith, thank you for many hours of great entertainment. It feels like losing a family member. Will miss your bow ties because “bow ties are cool”. Looking forward to your next role. Good Luck wherever life leads you!

  • Aubrey Jessop

    well the first time me and my two brothers were bored so we watched TV and i didn’t want to watch something we always watch so we decided to watch doctor who and we loved it so much we went and watched all of the series and out of all of the doctors you were my favorite i wish you didn’t have to go :(

  • Angelica

    Matt, you where amazing as the doctor, im gonna miss you being in doctor who, you where my favorite doctor. it’s sad to see you gone,
    Matt when you regenerate, can you do it awesomely?

  • ducky

    My fab snack is fish fingers and custard all because of you. My favorite thing about you is your going mad moments and when you were in the Hitler wp I loved you so much.
    thank you for being the doctor,

  • Jenn

    Thank You Matt for an amazing portrayal of the Doctor! Bow ties and fezzes will always be cool :) <3

  • bob

    You made Bow ties and Dr. Who cool for me, the madness and genuis that makes a time lord addicting to watch, it will be sad to say farewell. but all whoivans know there is no real end just a bunch of timey wimey stuff and a mystery wrapped in an enigma, squeezed into a skirt that’s just a little bit too tight. somewhere The Eleventh Doctor remains.

  • Padme9

    I love you so much. You were my first doctor and will always be my favorite. I love how funny you are and all the humour put in the show. You are in some of my favorite episodes ever. The 11th hour, the snowmen, and obviously the day of the doctor. You have taught me that bow ties are cool, always wear a fez, and fish custard is the best snack. I am going to miss you so much. Thank you for all the laughs and for all the crying. I will cry when you leave.

  • Jackson Moeller

    there is more than enough to say about you, Matt Smith. I will really miss you and your comedy and wits. You’re my favorite doctor.

  • Robert1984

    I really love you as the doctor, and I will miss you Matt Smith hope you have a good long career.

  • Charles Hanckel

    From the hair to the bow tie to the charm and wit, there has never been another Doctor quite like you, Matt. Thank you for the brilliant victories, the heart-wrenching sorrow, and all the hilarity in between. You’ve opened up a new era of infinite possibilities for Doctor Who, and for that, no one will ever forget you. Thank you!

  • Camryn Peterson

    When I first met the 10th Doctor it took me sometime to appreciate him, but for you Matt Smith, I enjoyed you from the beginning. You have always been charming in every episode, and I enjoyed watching your awkwardness on and off the show! Best of luck to you! “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

  • The Alchemist

    You are my favorite Doctor yet, and I have just one thing to say about you not going to be the doctor anymore. Geronimo.

  • Jordan Smith

    I LOVE you I know you have heard it all before but I am seriously going to miss you so much

  • Jordan Smith

    I’m going to miss you your fez and your bow tie I love you and will miss you and hope that you continue to prosper. GERONIMO!

  • PamEnnis

    Matt Smith bought the humour of Dr Who to a whole new level for me, and I’ve been a fan of the show since the 1960′s. I loved the way you made nerdy cool, but my favourite memory will be the day you took to the football (soccer) pitch. Thank you for the fun, laughter and tears.

  • Vaughn Baskin

    Matt You Were Always & Forever Be The Best Doctor In The World, So Until We See You Again In The 55th Anniversary Of Doctor Who…..GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma C.

    You were and are my favourite Doctor, with all you relatable, fun little quirks and I’m really sad to see you go! But, thank you for being the most wonderful Doctor, and I wish you good luck in whatever you choose to do next!

  • Chris Lucas

    Okay, So blah blah blah, So many people Saying How great you as the doctor. Well you were not great you were spectacular, You Have blow every Doctor away. I can only Hope the next Doctor will Bring half the talent you brought to this show. When i First heard they casted you I was like I am never watching Doctor who again. Threw a fit and stormed off. But I never expected to Love the doctor more Now than when I first started. You classed up the show. Yes even Made me believe Fezzes & bow Ties are cool. I hope you actually take the time and read some Of these Matt and see How much your fans True love You. Now Grab a Stetson and go be cool. Rest assured you will be missed Oh one last thing Can i have your Sonic screwdriver

  • Natalie

    Matt- You are one of the greatest Doctors ever. I have always loved your awesome quirkiness. I also love how you showed that the Doctor can just be like “I’m the Doctor,” and then all the monsters will just back off. Among other things, you made bow ties, fezzes, Stetsons, bunk beds, and glasses cool, and your whole sense of style is totally amazing. You brought tons of new awesome stuff to the show that it never had before. I know that some people were really skeptical about you being the youngest Doctor, but you totally pulled it off. You also made fish fingers and custard my new favorite food (no joke). You bring tons of emotion to the show, and you have made us all laugh, cry, and scream all throughout all three of your seasons. I loved how you interacted with all your companions, and everyone you met on and off screen. And I would just like to see you have the best hair of anyone I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you so, so, so, much for bringing so much coolness and awesomeness and amazingness and Matt-Smith-ness to the show. You’ve made it so much more popular than it was before and got so many more people interested. I will be crying my eyes out this Christmas (dang you, Moffat!) and I will miss you so, so much. God bless and good luck in everything you do in the future. I will be looking forward to seeing you on any other shows or movies and maybe even Doctor Who again someday…(David came back. You could too!) And I believe this comes from everyone when I say this to send you off on your new adventures: GERONIMO!!! :D
    P.S. I hope you get a badger for Christmas. Again. You can never have enough, right?

  • Aaron Starcher

    Thank you so much Matt for bringing one of my all time favorite characters to life. So much so that Americans stood up and took notice! Thank you and best wishes!

  • lindacee

    I don’t even know where to begin, you’ve done such a great job at being quirky and lovable. But there’s just something truly amazing about how mature and serious you seem at times, it’s such a great reminder of how old the doctor really is. You’ve been my favorite doctor since “fish sticks and custard” (which is surprisingly tasty btw) and it’s largely thanks to you that I’ve become so obsessed with Doctor Who, in every size, shape, and form. It’s such an amazing show with so many heartwarming, emotional, and just plain silly moments. You simply can’t beat it.

    I’ll miss the 11th doctor, and his companions, and his enemies, and his sense of style. But especially how FUN everything is when you’re on the screen. Good luck with all you do and NEVER walk past a fez without picking it up (I know I won’t be able to)

    Best wishes,

  • Tyler

    Matt, you gave The Doctor a fantastic sense of whim, mystery, adventure, and a small taste of egotism. My favorite moments include addressing the Atraxi and The Pandorica Opens.
    The Doctor:
    You’re not the first to have come here. Oh, there have been so many. And what you’ve got to ask is, what happened to them?

    [Atraxi looks at a montage of the past ten Doctors. The Doctor steps through the montage when the 10th Doctor is shown]

    The Doctor:
    Hello. I’m the Doctor. Basically. Run.
    The Doctor:
    Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then, *and then*, do the smart thing!


    The Doctor:
    [with normal tone but still amplified]
    Let somebody else try first.

  • Audrey the Timelord

    One word to describe what i love about Matt Smith: EVERYTHING!!

  • Jasleen Atwal

    You gave this show a whole new look but kep the comedic timing up front and as lively as ever…. We’re going to miss you :)

  • Debra Bobinsky

    I think that the humor and fun you’ve brought is something I’ll miss. Most of all, it’s your appreciation of the fans. That’s something we haven’t seen as clearly until recently from many past Doctors. Most of all, though, good luck in whatever endeavors you undertake. You’ll be SMASHING! :)

  • John L.

    My daughters ( 6 and 8 ) would like to say thank you. You were their first Doctor and our family’s favorite. Thank you for every smile you brought to our faces. You will always be “Our Doctor” – John, Karen, Daisy and Violet – Chicago, IL

  • Mar

    Dear Matt: You’re the reason why I started watching Doctor Who. I want to thank you for this amazing 4 years, for all the tears, all the laughs, THANK YOU!! You will always be my doctor and you won’t be forgotten. THANK YOU MATT

  • Darien Mullens

    I had never heard of Doctor Who until Showed repeats of 9 and 10 in between 10 and you i never liked Eccleston then i fell in love with david tennat’s doctor I Cried during the repeat of the end of time and you made his leaving with such sad last words Hilarious Then you showed us (and The Atraxi) Why you Were the Right choice for the Doctor Thank you for Making your Doctor a combination of all the doctors while adding your own touch

  • madame engadine

    You are my daughter’s “first Doctor.” You will always be special to our whole family.

  • Jean Minasian

    Matt, you brought the Doctor into a new and unforgettable era. Your humor, and witty remarks made you different from any other Doctor in the past. Your brilliant strategies, to your quirky comments, and your love of Fezs will always be appreciated by Whovians. You were the perfect 11th Doctor, I do not know anyone else that could have done any better. Only a handful of people can portray the Doctor, and you were able to do it so well. We will miss you, and hope to see you soon in the Who universe!

    Oh and I almost forgot….Bow ties are cool!

  • Genina Nava

    I heard never heard of Doctor Who before. This year I was introduced to you by a friend of mine. You were not my first doctor but my second and once I saw you i knew right then and there…you became my favorite doctor. The episode was when you meet amy pond as a child. I find your personality childish and I love it!!! Really going to miss you> hate it took me so long to discovery you Doctor. You are brilliant.

  • Jordan Sprinkles

    Matt, your Doctor is one of the reasons, if not THE reason, that I fell in love with this show. Raggedy man, you will always be with us when you leave.

  • Vanessa

    Matt, thank you so much for a fantastic run as The Doctor. You were witty, quirky, and incredibly funny. The world will see great things from you in the future, I’m sure. Geronimo!

  • Mandi

    Matt, I never thought bow ties were cool until you, as the doctor, thought they were. I’ve never been so interested in a tv show until david tenant and you were the doctor. I love how you took the doctor to a new level in “cool” and added more humor to the serious aspects of the plots occurring in each episode.

  • RYCBAR123

    Matt, you’ve done more than just entertain me. You have inspired me to be myself no matter how childish or senceless that may be. You have shown me my true personality and paved the way for my future. Quotes, costumes, posters… You’re my favorite. I’ve modeled myself off of your character. It breaks my heart to hear of your departure and I can’t say enough how much of an inspiration you were to me as a person.

  • TheDoctorWithAFez

    I cant even explain how much you have added to this show…. All of the doctors are different and have amazingly different interpretations of The Doctor but I really loved how you made the show so funny with fez’s and bow ties and very cool things! Thank you!!!

  • Jared Morgan

    I basically started watching Dr. Who all because I saw millions of posts featuring you, 11, the most dapper of gentleman with a face that seemed both youthful and wise. I will never cease to mourn the loss of you, my first Doctor!

  • Alexis Fintland

    It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to my best friend this Christmas because honestly that’s what 11 has become. The most caring and best friend anyone could ask for. -Alexis CA, USA

    • John

      so true :)

    • J. Drain

      Agreed. It’s going to be a black Christmas for me this year.

    • amber

      Awwww gonna miss matt

  • Sonya

    When is jack harkness coming back ?

  • ME McFadden

    You have been fantastic! I loved you with Amy Pond and with River…I will miss your Doctor….!

  • Emily

    Matt had big shoes to fill; not just because of the talent of his predecessors, but also because of the history that this show has with working its way into the hearts of its viewers. But straight from the get-go, Matt showed us that he could build even more on the foundations given to him. He reminded us of the love that the Doctor is capable of showing, the power that the name “Doctor” has throughout the universe, the regret and rage that he is capable of having as a result of being the last of his race and being responsible for that fact, the quirkiness that is a direct result of contemplating one’s existence for over 1,000 years, the compassion, the forgiveness, the attachment, the brilliance, the ability to make mistakes…above all, Matt continued the tradition of showing audiences the humanity of the Doctor, in all of its forms, from the good to the bad to the ugly.
    Matt, thank you so much for portraying your Doctor. You will never be forgotten.

  • tiakat

    You were an incredible doctor, there are no words just tears, come Christmas day both my hearts will break.

  • MiMi and Addie Kate

    You gave me a Doctor that I could watch with my Grandbaby who has just turned 4. Taking her to Universial Studios In the U.S. she saw your TWIN !!! She after staring for bout 10 mins. said “MiMi it’s Doctor Who” Of course I said YES it is!!!! For that Hour wait in the Spiderman ride line, she was in heaven.. For she loves The Doctor and Amy and Rorye!!! It was so enjoyable!!! I will not tell her you are leaving for she loves you she calls you her HERO!!!! so Doctor Who here in the South (Lousiana) YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE OUR HEARTS!!!! Oh and her favorite show is when you meet Amy!!!!! Thanks for the JOY you have given us>>!!!!!

  • Crystal Kresini

    I’ll be honest Matt was not my favorite, but that all changed! He is an amazing actor who brought a cool, young aspect to the doctor that I just loved! I’ll miss his crazy hair, big chin and bow tie that made his doctor so COOL! You will be missed matt!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ranting-Thespian/689452743 Ranting Thespian

    When I first heard that the 11th Doctor was going to wear a Bowtie, I rolled my eyes. I hate ties, and especially Bowties. However, he made it work. I don’t know how, but Matt Smith actually made Bowties look cool!

    Matt, you did many amazing things during your turn as the 11th Doctor, but the most impressive is that you made me admit that Bowties can be cool.

  • The Crack in the wall


  • Alyssa

    Thank you for having so much hope for humankind and for yourself. You allowed the Doctor to continue to grow past the Time War and finally in the 50th to even resolve the Time War. Thank you for being invested in your own little modern family – often thrown together, but no less willing to work together and make sacrifices for each other. You will not be forgotten!

  • Walter Jordan

    You stopped yourself from “killing them all” (wibbly wobbly timey wimey) and survived seeing your own grave at Trenselor. You solved the mystery of “the impossible girl” Clara. and I am sure that you will go out in style on Christmas. Thanks for all the great times you gave everyone, you will be missed, Matt Smith.

  • Andrea

    I love everything about Matt from his bowties and fezzes to his quirky 11th Doctor Persona! One of my favorite scenes is the rejection of foods in the Eleventh Hour! It still makes me laugh so much! It’s truly a side splitting scene and showed us how Wonderful Matt was to the part! I will miss him so much and I will never forget him! Geronimo!

  • adkint1

    Thank you for making 11 unforgettable!!!

  • Samantha Jo

    You made everything about Doctor Who even cooler! I will never be able to look at a bow tie again without thinking of you! The show won’t be the same and you have really brought a new persona to the show that I personally loved and will miss :) You’re my favorite doctor thus far and I will miss and tear up for your farewell

  • silentsyren

    I didn’t want to like Eleven. But Matt Smith made him my favorite so far. Bow ties are cool. Fezes are cool. Stetsons are cool. I might even have to have fish fingers and custard when we say good bye to our Raggedy Man. We’ll miss you, Eleven!

  • RorytheRoman2000

    Matt, you were my first and by far my favorite Doctor. You brought a certain quirkiness to the role, and yet there were still those serious moments where you touched my hearts. Thanks you for all you’ve done, Matt, you certainly will be missed.

  • J Steven Luna

    Fish Fingers and Custard!! And that there’s always a way out. Thank you Matt Smith :)

  • witchywomin

    You made the Doctor have empathy in your portrayal of him. He was not broodish like Eccelston’s or crazy like Tennant’s. You made him your own and are my favorite one because you made him seem real and human.

  • MindPalace

    Thanks Matt!!! I don’t want (you) to go.

  • Cutter Moore

    You have inspired me sir. Bowties are cool and I have you to thank for the realization. Thank you.

  • David frm Collinsport

    I think that Matt will always be thought of as the chidlren’s Dr. Who fave of the kids and Tennant for the adults Matt’s energy and youth and fun will be terribly missed


    I’ll miss the epic monologues that gave me chills.

  • Chloe

    Dear Matt, You are and will always be my Doctor. I will never forget the wonderful adventures I got to enjoy with you and the wonderful lessons you taught me. You definitely added to my pile of good things and I can’t let you go without knowing that you are loved by so many and so much. It’s time for a new adventure and to that I say geronimo. Thank you. -Chloe

  • maddy323

    Thank you for feeling all the emotions we feel–anger, fear, great sadness and loss–but always, always, always overcoming them with the most beautiful mixture of wisdom, youth, humor, and strength. Your portrayal of the Doctor has carried me through some of the hardest parts of my life these last few years, and I’m forever grateful for what passion and vigor you brought every moment of every episode. We love you, Matt, Doctor, and friend.

  • Shelby

    Thank you for adding to my pile of good things.

  • Lisa Gates

    Matt! You are the Darling! I will miss you’re quirkiness and you’re passion for the show! Best of all…you showed us what a future the Doctor can have with his Family! Love your interactions with Alex…amazing! The Bond with Pond-in-laws. I miss Karen and Author!!

  • Cypoto

    “I’m being extremely clever up here and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed! What’s the point in having you all?” I was pretty impressed.

  • Sarah Willey

    I am going to miss you Matt. You are so funny and a genius! I wish you did not have to go. Matt, you have made me realize that life can be fun no matter what and you have taught me lots over the years. I really am going to miss you. You have been like a friend to me, because you have influenced my life so much. Till another adventure passes by, Doctor.

  • SW

    Matt, you are a lovely man, and you brought intelligence, wit, compassion, and boundless energy to your portrayal of the Doctor. Watching you interact with your fans, especially children, was a joy. Our family of two 50-ish adults and two teenage boys will miss you so very, very much. You are our Doctor.

  • Rose ‘Catsrcool’ W.

    I think that I will miss almost everything about Matt’s Doctor. His friendly smile. The coolness he gave to bow ties, fezzes, stetsons, even bunk-beds and glasses. The constant twirling. Essentially talking with his hands. Jammie Dodgers. Fish fingers and custard. And much more. I love all of the enthusiasm Matt brought to the character. He did an excellent job portraying a different kind of Doctor, in a good way. He was able to hand him a wide range of emotions. He was the Doctor that could be your best friend and joke around with, but who also has a dark side you wouldn’t want to cross. Matt, you are an incredibly funny and talented man. You are, and always will be, my Doctor. You’re also my favorite actor. I hope to meet you someday. I wish that you could have stayed on longer, but you made your decision and I respect that. Thank you for all that you have done to make the show truly amazing. Good luck in whatever the future holds for you. You will be missed. Geronimo!

  • Melissa

    Matt, you are a great doctor and you are my favourite by far. You made the show so interesting and I’ll miss you so much! You were my first doctor and you will never be forgotten!

  • Parker

    I’m gonna miss you and your bowties! :(

  • Emma

    I’m going to miss the fez. Whenever I see one, I’ll think of you, the 11th doctor was my favorite by far. <3

  • Alana

    I love all of your funny hats and I will certainly miss that fantastically different sense of style! You will be missed!

  • Lanie

    No one. I mean no one knows how much I will miss Matt Smith! I will miss everything about him such as the fez, the bowtie, and just his silliness in general. Goodnight, 11. :’(

  • Rose_Tyler

    this is the best doctor since david tennant. we shall miss the fez and bowties.

  • Ananya Jayamoorthy

    Dear Matt Smith
    You are funny and serious and make Doctor Who interesting to watch.I will miss everything about you.The bow ties and and the fez and the funny gesticulations are going to be missed.I watch a Doctor Who episode every night.

  • Ananya Jayamoorthy

    You are the best doctor

  • J. Drain

    Eleven is and will forever be my Doctor. What I will miss the most is his wackiness and how much that made me laugh. Here’s hoping that Eleven will one day ride again in a special some time in the future.

  • Dea

    Thank you Doctor, you will always be that to me… my Doctor (and now my favourite actor). Me and my little sister love what you have done to the show and we will miss you terribly. I personally love everything you’ve added to The Doctor, and definitely the fez and the bow tie are cool. I’m longing to see your further career, and I hope the we’ll be seeing much more of you. All our love to you from México.

  • The Boy Who Waited!


  • Cinnamonfrog

    The way he happily bumbles around never ceases to make my day a bit brighter, no matter how bad it was before.

    Thank-you, Matt, for all you have brought to Doctor Who. We will miss you.

  • Jackie

    O Doctor! My Doctor! he was my first, and that first episode with him sealed the deal, me being the girl who read far too many fantasy books as a kid and felt heart broken when reality set in. what I’ll miss the most is his chemistry with the characters (The Lodger!), especially Amy and Rory. When he came to their house during the Christmas special I got a little more than misty-eyed.

    thank you, Matt! good luck on your future projects! I know I’ll be there to buy a ticket.

  • Chipman

    Watch the 11th hour and you see the progression of 10th to 11th Doctor. From the clothes to the What….What…What….
    Thank You Matt Smith!!!!

  • E.T.

    u were my favorite doctor out of all the 11 doctors before you im so sad to see u go i hope the next is just as good as you!



  • Jenni Piper

    I love how loyal you are to your companions. Everybody could use a friend like you! I love your humor and your “Oh no, he DIDN’T” attitude when the villains do something you don’t like! You are a brilliant doctor and one I will miss.

  • Madison Swart

    You were my first, Matt Smith but you will not be my last. You’ve exposed me to a world I thought only existed in the confines of my own mind, you’ve made me unafraid of the beyond and above all you’ve given me hope. You, as The Doctor, made me believe again. Which in all actuality should be given credit to you as the actor. To make someone feel something as beautiful as belief is a powerful thing that not every actor can do. So to that I say thank you for holding my hand and making my first steps through the crazy world of Doctor Who a little bit easier. Now all I can do is return the favor, to support you as a fan, as you plunge your way into the unknown and unpredictable world of “Show Business”. And if you ever get afraid or discouraged with your new journey…I ask one thing of you…Hold on tightly to that same belief you gave me and never let go. In a world where daleks, sonic screwdrivers, and the TARDIS may not exist, the magic of belief does and it will make all the difference in this cynical, cruel, competitive world. So thank you, Matt Smith. For everything.

  • Sincerely-Ginger

    Dear Matt,

    Oh, Raggedy Mann You brilliant madman with a box. You weren’t my first doctor, or even my second, but you were nearly my favorite. Your smile. Your laugh. Your brilliant, wonderful, FANTASTIC hair. You made the show cool. I can’t imagine the show today without you. You made fezzes, previously overlooked, cool. You made bowties, before dismissed as a geeky, cheesy fashion statement, cool. You made the Doctor cool. You’ve taught the Whoniverse so much. You’ve taught us hope, trust and to always look for the good in life. From little Amelia Pond to Clara Oswald, from Prisoner Zero to Trenzalore you have kept our love. From the Stonehenge to the stars, we’ve never given up on you. From painful memories to hopeful futures you’ve kept going. Oh, do you remember those speeches? Your best moments! The Daleks NEVER stood a chance! Think of all you’ve been through. Think of Amy, don’t forget Rory, always remember River. Remember Martha, Donna, the Master, Wilfred. Remember Mickey and Jackie. Always remember Jo, Sarah Jane, remember Susan. Remember Rose. Never forget your loves, your friends. Don’t forget them, and we’ll never forget you. I remember… we all remember everything, from your first GERONIMO to your last smile. We remember your compassion, your faith and your love. WE will never forget.

    I can’t even begin to describe how much you’ve done for me, done for US. You helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. All that got me through the week was looking forward to Saturday, with a new adventure, new happiness and sadness and new hope. I realise that this sounds really cheesy and all, but it’s true. You just breathed new life into the show, a hope I didn’t really have before.

    I understand that it’s time to go. That always comes sometime. Everyone’s a story in the end, apparently. You’ll always be with us. But sadly it’ll always remain that nobody can stay forever. 12 will leave as 11 has. Otherwise I swear Tom Baker and David Tennant would still be around. Sorry. You may return, who knows, for the 75th? For the 100th, maybe, even? Who knows?

    And finally, at the end of it all, at the fall of the eleventh, when no creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, the question that must never be answered, the question you’ve been running from all your life… AM I GINGER? Keep on dreaming, Doctor.

    Without you, your marvellous tweed and stetson, your glasses and bowtie, the properly bushy beard and your suspenders and the immortal fez, I don’t know what the show would’ve become.

    We love you, Matt Smith, and we’ll never forget you. GERONIMO! <3


  • Ananya Jayamoorthy

    From Gallifrey to Trenzalore you are the one doctor who could do it all

  • Ananya Jayamoorthy

    Clara:One day you could just walk past a fez.
    Doctor:Never gonna happen!

  • Paladin

    Matt brought back the sense of wonder with a childlike sense of awe…he will be missed

  • jessica

    It was gorgeous. Thank you.

  • Hayleyalexis92

    Matt was the first Doctor I had seen and have become addicted to the show because of him!!!

  • Caroline Leone

    As the first Doctor I got to experience with the world, waiting to see what was going to happen, you are my Doctor. Thank you for all the advenures!

  • kellenator

    That “Amelia Pond! GET YOUR COAT!” is now something my 3 year old daughter says DAILY because she and the rest of us love him so much.

  • William Hart Brown

    He’s not leaving. He’s merely regenerating. The Doctor may change faces. But the spirit of the Doctor remains consistent. Matt Smith, you have upheld a long tradition of spirit, zeal, and passion.

  • Elizabeth Murray

    He brought a fierceness and a darkness to the Doctor that hadn’t been seen since Hartnell. I loved his anger. Thank you Matt, for bringing back some of Classic Who into your character, even if you didn’t realize it.

  • Paige Johnson

    You were the Doctor who first introduced me to Doctor Who. It’s been an amazing and crazy ride ever since. You’ve given such a wonderful depth to the character and I believe it must take a special person to play such a truly special part. You have my thanks, my respect and my wishes for the best of luck in your future. Though time passes and life goes on you will never be forgotten.
    All my love,
    Paige Johnson

  • Sydney

    I can’t thank you enough for how well you’ve portrayed the Doctor. You were my third doctor, and my favourite doctor. You’ve made him into a glorious, wonderful person and we’ll all miss you very much.

  • Bethany Watson

    I love the fact that you could make anything funny and interesting. you are my favorite doctor and always will be. you will be missed dearly in my heart. looking forward to seeing you in future productions.

  • Eric Hall

    My favorite aspect of the Eleventh Doctor was his rapid turns between a whimsical fairy godfather figure and a depressed, lonely old man who seemed very conflicted about his life and the choices he had made. Strangely, it made him a very real person, as many of us (including myself) are guilty of focusing on the good and the amazing in life in order to forget some of the more regrettable aspects of our past, even though all of those choices, the good and the bad, are what make us the people we are today.

  • Mikey

    I loved the Bow tie and Fez. They will always remain cool. The Eleventh Doctor had a human side. Epic Doctor.

  • Tyler Evangelista

    He could portray both the happy go lucky sides of the doctor like tennant did well but also the dark side of the liks of eccelson and baker.

  • John R. Belliston

    I’ve loved the show since I was watching Tom Baker and K9 in reruns as a little boy. But of all the Doctors, you’re my Doctor. You were the Mad Man in the Box. You could a little boy and you could be older than time itself and switch in an instant. I will miss you.

  • Sarah S

    I’ll miss everything! Matt you are my doctor and you embody every reason why I love Doctor Who, I will be so sad to see you go! Wishing you the best!

    • Sarah Lily

      Hello! I’m also Sarah S. There are loads of us, aren’t there? :)

  • Faoiltiarna Wolfcaller

    What I loved most about Matt Smith’s doctor… no offense to the others, but Matt seemed to be able to channel all the previous incarnations into one man while still making it his own. You could see little flashes and glimmers of the aspects of each… the childlike wonder of one, the deadly seriousness of another, the absentmindedness of most… and still managed to shine through as not a carbon copy of the rest. Tom Baker will always be my favorite, he was the first I had seen, but Matt is tied with him. Thank you for making me believe in wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff all over again.. I will miss you. Good luck in your future endeavors, hoping to see more of you in the future!

  • Albert

    you were a great doctor to watch, some truly memorable speeches and very quirky but a very intelligent and brilliant portrayal of The Doctor.

  • GodSpeed3477

    Going to miss you Matt! :( You and David are my favorite Doctors, and always will be!

  • Codi Moltrup

    Matt was definitely my Doctor. My first episode was The God Complex and seeing him not only help the trapped people, but seeing how he cared for the Minotaur intrigued me and left me wanting more. Never change Mr. Smith.

  • Nicholas Rehfeldt

    You came in with a sheer impossible task, to fill Ten’s shoes was no easy task. But you mended our broken hearts and damn it, YOU BECAME OUR DOCTOR. Thanks for all the good times, Matt Smith!!!

  • Emily Diane Bailey

    I’m not ready to say goodbye! You presented the Doctor in such a beautiful, and vulnerable way.. thank you for showing us all the “humanity” of Doctor Who.

  • Chris

    My favorite was he was able to be quirky, serious and change at a whim.
    My 16 year old says I love Fezzes they are cool along with Bow ties,. we all get a kick out of those statements

  • Nicole Frost

    I’ll miss his energy, his child-like curiosity and the way he made everything fun. Of course I’ll miss “bowties are cool” and “fezs are cool”. He could always make one of my bad days better! Thanks Matt!

  • Sarah

    The positivity and playfulness you bring to the Doctor’s character is wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you! We’ll miss you!

  • Lynn

    Matt, Thanks for making me smile during a time in my life where I needed to. You will be missed more than you know. Lynn

  • Danita

    Thank you Raggedy Doctor. I will miss your Quirkiness and your ability to make me laugh. Thank you for everything!

  • http://fairytailpodcast.wordpress.com/ Fairy Tail Podcast

    Fez’s are red, the T.A.R.D.I.S. is blue, bow ties are cool now for me and for you.You made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us constantly question why. You’re not our first Doctor, and though we must part, you’ll always hold a special place in out heart(s). You know, both of them. Thanks for 4 amazing years of madness, mayhem, tears, and laughter. Your work has meant so much to so many people and we will all be crying on Christmas day thanks to you. We miss you already, Raggedy Man.

    • Kit Berry

      You just made me cry!!!

  • Micah Mahaffey

    He is my favorite doctor! I will miss him because Its now hard to imagine anyone else playing the role he has portrayed! I genuinely agree that he was born to play the doctor and he made it fun, wacky, and exciting! Plus who else would get me to start wearing Bow Ties! ;)

  • Libby

    You made being nerdy cool… You made bowties and a fez cool…you made the Doctor yours and it was amazing…You will be missed…you are an amazing Doctor and my favorite.

  • Woodruff78

    i started watching the Doctor when they picked up in 2007. I am impressed how each actor has made the Doctor there own and still brought the meaning of the character at the same time. Matt Smith did this with style and Class. My hats off to you and cant wait to see what project you pop um to next.

  • Katryn

    His connection with River.

  • spencer

    Matt…. I’ve gotta say…. you will be the first actor who has played our beloved Doctor to make me cry just at the mention of you leaving… you weren’t my first Doctor, but you will always be my favorite. You brought more charisma and emotion to the show than anyone else could have, and I love you for that. As I watch the Christmas special and await the arrival of Peter Capaldi, I will mainly be thinking about your departure and how sad it’ll be. Matt, best of luck in your career, and shall we have the last geronimo be your greatest.

  • Sarah S

    You have been absolutely influential in my life. You have proved you’re never too young to pursue your dreams and achieve even greater things! But most importantly, you taught me that it’s okay to be a kid and have fun again, that life is all about games but it’s also about the people you spend your time with. It’s not always wrong to shut people out, but rather keep them, even just a little part of them, with us for the rest of our lives. You’ve made me laugh on days that I’ve sat alone and cried myself to sleep the night before. You reconnected my brother and I through his love for bow ties; we were never close till now. So thank you Matt for allowing us to watch you grow into the brilliant actor you are today. And more importantly don’t forget, you will always be family to us. We will never forget you “Raggedy Doctor”, thank you for the lessons you taught us. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

  • Kira

    I love how Matt has made the Eleventh Doctor so dynamic. He can be silly and lighthearted, but wise and even a little detached in the same moment. You will be so very missed Matt ♥

  • Thatfuncreeptrinity

    I’m gonna miss his clever wits and hilarious, cute, fun personality. He brought such fun and life to the screen and made me absolutely love “Doctor Who” 1 million times more than I already did! I’m really gonna miss his hats, glasses, bow tie, and his suspenders too. I love how he stood out in the world due to the fact that he didn’t care if he looked different cause he really was an alien that was just like humans but, a bit more intelligent and also a time traveler in the TARDIS. I’m gonna miss Matt Smith as the doctor, such a fun ride it was watching the show with him in it!!! I’LL MISS YOU MATT SMITH YOU WERE MY FAVE!!! THERE IS PROBABLY MORE EMOTIONAL, FUNNY, SAD, HAPPY, EXCITING AND SUSPENSEFUL STUFF TO COME. Look at the doctor and say, ” Hey, he has the memories, of all the past companions, of River, of everyone hes spent a lot of time defeating or adventuring with, he is still the doctor, just with a different cover! :D

  • Jana Lybarger

    Dear Matt. I’m a very recent fan to the show and it took me some time to warm up to you as the Doctor after watching everything there was to see on Netflix in the Summer of 2012. You’ve become one of my top favorites in the very short time I got to know you through the show and I’m going miss the adorkable side to your Doctor. I loved it whenever a companion kissed you, it was like you didn’t know what to do with your hands. It’s not easy having to say goodbye for the third time over the course of a single year but I will keep trucking along as I have the other times. Stay awesome in your life after Doctor Who, Matt “Raggedy Man” Smith. Hope to see you don the bow tie again sometime in the future. From an American fan.

  • Sara Tato

    You will be missed matt. I know I will cry when you leave and you made bowties sexy. ;)

  • Jordan

    Thank-you Matt Smith. For everything.

  • Ron

    The thing I love most about the Eleventh Doctor is what Matt Smith brought to it. He once said that he took the role very seriously, especially when meeting fans, because “You don’t want to meet the Doctor and have it be rubbish.” You can tell he absolutely relished every second of playing the Doctor and did his very best not to let the fans down, both on and off screen. And you know what, Matt? You never did. Thank you, Matt. Thank you so much for being the Doctor.

  • Brianna Guirola

    The question is what wont you miss about him… NOTHING! His personality is perfect its like kid and young adult and professor mixed in one! All the memories he has given us is why his regeneration is going to hurt more than any other doctor so far, i mean hes the face of doctor who… on my bad days all i can think about is going home and watching hes his smart and yet stupid little actions lol :)

  • Chris

    Matt my daughter who is 16 years old never saw Doctor Who, David was the first and then you came in and just say she loved you, Bowties are cool, Stetsons are cool, and of course Fezes are Cool. You made us laugh and be on the edge of our seats while watching, we all agree you are the best and will be missed, hope you get to do some guest appearances on the next go around

  • Josh

    I will miss this doctor. I loved how he would always stop to help someone in need even when he didn’t have time to. I loved how he could never walk past a fez and always said that bow ties are cool. That always made me laugh. He even was kind to the enemy.

  • Sarah Lily

    Something that carried into my daily life was Matt’s enthusiasm– I now ramble and gesture excitably, and am no longer afraid to show my passion for things. Thank you, Matt. You were my Doctor!

  • Jaguar

    It has been an excellent run, and I have enjoyed the energetic nature of Mr. Smith’s Doctor. But, what I absolutely enjoy the most about his portrayal is the fact that he can’t seem to “talk without flopping his hands around.” Yes!? No. Yes!!! I assure you, watching him go will be full of feels even for me. Thank you for the wonderful run, Matt! GERONIMO!!!!

  • Amaniwolf

    Rest now…..my warrior.

    Rest now, hardship is over.

    Live. Wake up. Wake up.

    And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones. Cling to your bones.

    Seems only fitting to lay you down as you started my friend. rest now, and never be forgotten.

  • Darren P.

    To simply put it – You were my Doctor. Thanks.

  • Sam Underwood

    Matt, I’m going to miss the energy and excitement you brought to the role. The way you overused your hands when you talk and get excited (making me feel I wasn’t a complete idiot for doing so). The fez, the stetson, the bow-tie. I’m going to miss you and what you did for this franchise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Geronimo.

  • @Jude

    Dear Matt,
    You will always be *my* Doctor. In more ways than I could ever express here, that’s exactly what you have been: a Doctor. Your time on Doctor Who has been emotionally healing, for me. The character is one that is dear to me, but your interpretation of him was remarkable. You’re an incredibly skilled actor, and I can’t thank you enough for spending the time that you did on the show.

    I can’t wait to see what you’ll do in the future and I’m so proud of you for making such a hard decision.

  • Jose Alcaraz

    Matt’s Doctor became my favorite cause the Doctor always been a mature person who always has the time to find the fun and be like kid. But when things get serious he always know what to do in those situations and never lets that stop him. That’s what I love about Matt’s Doctor. Thank You Matt! I hope we all get to see you be the Doctor again.

  • Abraham Lopez

    Bow ties and fezzes are cool! :)
    Thanks for all the wonderful memories of the 11th doctor. All the pain and all the joys.

  • Kog

    I have two brothers, one 10 and one 15. I got them both into Doctor Who, but it was Matt Smith that really made them love the show and made it become an important part of their life. I’m not exaggerating: their grades have improved, they’ve become more interested in science and cultures, even writing stories for their own Doctors and designing their own sonic screwdrivers. Even more than that, Matt Smith’s sonic screwdriver, a bow tie, and a fez were on both of their Christmas lists this year. So thanks, Matt Smith, for inspiring a couple of fish-out-of-water kids with your own fish-out-of-water Doctor!

  • thebat22

    Drunken giraffe dance!!! Eleven is definitely the quirkiest of the new generation of Doctors. I’m going to miss all of those little moments that Matt Smith had

  • Alicia L

    I’ll miss you’re incarnation of the Doctor, but I’m excited to watch you bring other characters to life.

  • Jessica Patterson

    I’m going to be unoriginal, I’m sure, and say that Smith’s Doctor has been the most dynamic. I fell in love with his interpretation as soon as he regenerated from the 10th, and I have never wavered in that. Also, I feel like you could see everything he had experienced (“he” being the Doctor through every regeneration) through his eyes. AH. So good. I’m gonna miss this one bad. My raggedy doctor.

  • Kit Berry

    I didn’t start watching Doctor Who until sometime during the last couple years. A friend of mine had it on, and I thought, “Well this guy seems alright.” That’s when it all began. Thank you Matt Smith, for bringing me into the Doctor Who fandom with your wit and childishness, and thank you for making me stay with your charm and the love you brought into the Doctor’s life. Thank you for being an amazing Doctor. I don’t know how I will get on without you. Your Doctor’s love and laughter will always be in my heart. I miss you already, old friend. The 11th Doctor will never ever be forgotten.

  • Patty fm Philly

    Thanks, Matt!! You brought us along to every adventure and no matter how scary it was, we knew you’d get us safely back home. You made us feel your every emotion. You convinced me, bow ties are cool.

  • Willowflower

    I’ll miss everything. Your Doctor is my favorite Doctor of the revival. Because of your Doctor I was able to get into the classic Doctors. He was the most like the classic Doctors since the revival.

  • Emily Wells

    You are my first Doctor! It has snowballed since the Eleventh Hour. You have changed my life and how I think and view everything. I love you Doctor!

  • Missy

    You were cute and serious, silly and wise, apart yet caring. Matt, you were made for this role, at this time, thank you for stepping in and *being* the Doctor, it was more than acting, you took the role to heart and it showed. Good luck in all you do from here!

  • Suzanne H

    My favorite thing about Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor is that he seems so young, yet so very old. You believe that he’s lived so many lives, that he is that old. The way he acted in the scene from Day of the Doctor when he was discussing his age, he nailed it. You believed that he really couldn’t remember how old he was. And he has a very alien feel to him, like he’s an outsider, an observer. It’s all so much more than I could ever put into words. I’m going to miss him greatly.

  • Tim H

    Onwards to eternity, Doctor. Thanks for reminding us to focus on the wonders of the universe around us. We’re all stories in the end, and you certainly made it a good one.

  • Derian Bennett

    Matt’s doctor was the one I felt the most connected to. He gave off a sort of energy that felt like most if not all the others before him. His childlike attitude was illuminating and he was just the perfect addition to the series. In my opinion he was the best, so far in the new series and there will be no other like him. The way he portrayed the doctor was very unique and I could feel an emotional attachment to him more than the previous ones. I also loved his inability to talk without his hands flying all over the place. I’m going to miss my raggedy man.

  • Chad

    My favorite thing about the 11th doctor is that he is the most childish doctor, but also pulls off the oldest doctor very well. You were my first doctor and my favorite. I hope to be like you one day. THANK YOU SO MUCH MATT SMITH FOR SHOWING ME THE STARS!! Maybe one day i’ll be the doctor too :)

  • Lynn Evans

    Matt’s Doctor was the kindest to children. He was the most sensitive Doctor. They say you can tell a lot about a man by what makes him angry. The only times I saw Matt’s Doctor angry was when innocents were being manipulated or endangered. Matt’s Doctor won me over completely in the Rings of Akhaten episode. From the time that he could not ignore the crying child, to the point where he offered up all his memories to the “gods.” The entire speech about how the people of that planet sacrificed themselves and their memories to the gods that could only take–his anger there was what sealed the deal for me. That is when I knew, without a doubt, that Matt was the Doctor. Other times, like the Christmas episode on the fishy planet and meeting Amy Pond as a child and beyond, only served to cement the idea that Matt’s Doctor was the Peter Pan of the Doctors.

  • Ashlie Short

    Honestly I have no idea how anyone can follow after Matt Smith as the Doctor Since he was soo incredible! Not only did he make it whimsical and charming, He could turn around and be a total badass in a second! The intensity he portrayed through his acting really reached through the tv screen and touched people’s hearts. I’m seriously bummed to see Matt leave the Doctor role, The bow tie and fez will never be the same, I never thought i’d think bow ties and Fez’s were cool until now! , Thank you so much Matt for being such a truly Amazing Doctor.

  • Jake Richards

    I’m going to miss everything about Eleven <3

  • Shannon Parker

    Thank you for the humor you brought to doctor who. I was still new to doctor who when Matt Smith was the doctor. I love him as the doctor. Bow ties and fezzes are cool! I seriously going to miss you as the doctor. I am def. going to cry on Christmas episode. He is seriously makes me laugh. Thank you for the memories. Fish sticks and custard will never be the same.

  • Rev. Phillip Malerich

    I can’t help but love Matt Smith for somehow being probably the closest we’ve seen to Tom Baker since, well, Tom Baker, but yet somehow manages to make the character completely his own. The physicality is just fantastic, and I can’t help but enjoy how quickly he can switch from one emotion to the other. On top of that, despite being the youngest actor to ever take the role he’s one of the very few that truly made the character feel ancient. The arrogance, cynicism, and experience that leaked out from time to time just sold the character. I absolutely loved the 11th hour and was greatly impressed by Smith’s performance, but nothing sold me on the new Doctor quite like the line “Nothing human has anything to say to me today!”

  • Mary

    What did I like the best? This was the doctor who hooked my 13-year-old son, and consequently, me, on Dr Who (and my son on bow ties!). We will have a lot of fun building his bow tie collection long after the 12th Doctor is settled in…because bow ties are cool. :)

  • Kassie Russell

    Thank you for bringing so much joy, love, and enthusiasm to the series. I have been watching since the reboot in 2005 but you are my Doctor. You brought something to the show that resonated with so many of us Whovians. I realize that being a Doctor Who fan, we have to say ‘goodbye’ to so many, but that doesn’t mean that it gets easier. You will be missed, Matt. More than you know.

  • http://jonathandbloom.com Jonathan Bloom

    What I loved about Matt Smith was the actor played the awkwardness of who the Doctor is. The Doctor is an all-knowing being, but can’t get the finer points of humanity. He sees big picture, but never sees little details like not sticking your tongue out at your wife’s grandfather.

  • Keith Tooker

    I like Matt’s Doctor’s facial expressions and how he hits himself in the head when he either forgets or comes up with a brilliant idea! Matt will be missed.

  • Storyteller27

    The other two “new Doctors” (strange phrase) were good at being heartwarming, and serious, and funny, and even cerebral, at times. But of the three post-2005 doctors, you were the one who brought back the zaniness! You were the first truly madcap Doctor many of us had seen. From your first, high-pitched, exclamation of “I’m a girl!-No, I’m not a girl!” I knew we were in for a wild ride! And a wild ride it’s been! As you Brits say, “Cheers, Mate!”

    From a Yank who will always remember you fondly for truly being the Madman with a box,


  • Sarah W.

    For years now I have watched Doctor Who, and absolutely loved everything about this show. When you came to take the roll of the Doctor, I will admit I was apprehensive at first, because you had HUGE shoes to fill. However, you are hands down my absolute favorite doctor. You made him so dynamic, so lovable, and so personal. I love how whimsy and childlike you could be, but then turn around and be completely serious. The 11th doctor was so special to me, because you never let anyone down, and never gave up on anyone. You were an optimist, always so cheerful, so energetic, and everything that I wanted from a Doctor. You, the eleventh doctor, will always be my doctor. Although I know you probably will never read this, but thank you so incredibly much, and I just wanted you to know how much I will truly miss you as the Doctor. Good luck with everything you do in your career! <3


  • Melissa Larrocha

    You were my first doctor, Matt. You are the reason I watch Doctor Who. I love how in a split second you would go from silly little doctor to the oncoming storm. I loved every moment, every bow tie, every word. You were fantastic. And my favorite line? When you said, “If it’s time to go, remember what you’re leaving. Remember the best. My friends have always been the best of me”. And I will always remember. – Melissa, Florida

  • Amberley

    I love that he is wicked funny and that he has his moments well emotional moments happy or sad, I love that the doctor cracks jokes here and there and I especially love the bow tie because “bow ties are cool” wish Matt smith wasn’t leaving he will always be my favorite doctor. Love ya Matt aka The Doctor :D

  • Kat

    I was introduced to the fandom because I once said by chance to my Whovian friend, “Bow ties are cool.” Little did I know one of my favorite Doctors was and would continue to help prove my case every week for 3 years. He was my first Doctor, and when I finally made it through the rest of NewWho to his seasons, I was glad of how quickly I came to love him. Matt embodies what a 1000+-year-old time traveler would be like. He gives such a range of emotion and humanity to the character, while also bringing new beauty and compassion to even the smaller aspects of life that tend to go unnoticed.

    Thank you for helping me to appreciate them with every episode, Mr. Smith. Well done, we’re going to miss you.

  • Laken

    Thank you, Matt Smith, for introducing me to the Doctor. You have been my favorite one, and I will miss you.

  • Kayla Ham

    Matt, you were my first Doctor and for that you will always have a special place in my heart. You have brought so many wonderful things to this show and you brought out different sides to the Doctor that I haven’t seen with any of the others. You will always be my favorite, and I will never forget you. I also have a new appreciation for bowties! I’ll be watching to see what projects you do next and good luck! I’ll be watching on Christmas with a box of tissues!

  • molina827

    I wasnt sure how I felt about matt smith at the beginning of the fifth series, but at the end of the first episode I knew matt was going to play the doctor like no one had before him. I am saddened that he is leaving the show so soon but he will always be my favorite doctor.

  • lionheart lady

    Cheers & good luck Matt aka the 11th Doctor! My favorite things about your enactment of The Doctor: bowties, your gorgeous hair & your playful energy! Best episodes: Fish fingers & custard (I loooove custard!) & the episode Vincent & the Doctor: especially the moments when you took Vincent to the museum & he overheard the compliments- that scene makes me well up with tears every time I watch it & I feel hopeful & inspired every time. The episode Vincent & the Doctor reminds me that I can be anything I desire & that there is beauty even in the low moments. Sure, the writers tell the story, but you are an amazing actor, Matt! You’re professional, skilled & adaptable. Really good things await you. Thanks for sharing yourself with us all! Best wishes to you! Enjoy your career! Have fun,be selective & shine, you charmer :)

  • Maurine Tritch

    Dear Matt, I love your Doctor. I love the way you are never afraid to go to the very limits of what could be, that you never miss a nuance–it’s all there. I love your exploration of what it means to be incredibly old, and alien; but a relentless optimist at the same time. I also love the actor I see behind the role, in thousands of hours of YouTube videos, promoting the show that is so dear to us, particularly your appearances at Comic-Con. I am in awe of how you have embraced your fans and genuinely love us in all our geeky, creative, glory. No other doctor has quite the same bond with us as you do, and there was a reason why there were–are!–so many impassioned pleas for you to stay. I wish you well in what comes next and know I will be there watching you in whatever you choose
    to do…whenever I possibly can.

  • Jay Song

    I’ll miss Matt’s ability to be childlike and whimsical in one moment and then be darker and scarier than previous Doctors in the next. I’ll miss the range he brought to the character hidden behind a layer of childish antics. Thank you, Matt Smith for giving me both the most childish and, at the same time, very clearly the oldest Doctor yet.

  • Shirley

    Matt Smith is My Doctor, he was the goofy madman with a blue box. And as the 25th approaches, my heart breaks a tiny bit. I will miss Matt so much, and I’m so angry I probably won’t ever meet him now at a Doctor Who con or something because he’s gone. He’s kind, and my favorite of all Doctors, because there’s no one like him. He is smart, funny, and always try to act cool when he’s not. Matt Smith is, very lack of better word.

  • Ashton Buzzard

    To Matt, thank you ever so much for giving us a doctor that many can relate with & love like a member of our family. My wife got into Doctor Who through David tennant, but she fell head over heels for you. We enjoyed the adventures we took with you, we laughed with you, we cried with you, we felt & shared your frustrations. Thank you for taking us across the stars & forever onward! Thank you & farewell raggedy man! I hope that one day my wife & I get to meet you at a comic con! Merry Christmas!

  • Sara Alvis

    My first doctor, and the one that will never ever be forgotten. You taught me that everyone is important, and to live life to the fullest because we are all stories in the end… just have to make it a good one! You also taught me how to dance like a drunk giraffe, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Matt Smith. Bowties were never cooler.

  • Kyle Daniel Josephsen

    Matt Smith was and will always be my first Doctor, he brought a childlike sense of Whimsy to the character that i’ll never forget, of course he was also capable of being heroic and sometimes he was dangerous but most of all he was my favorite! Farewell Raggedy Man, we love you!

  • Mayle Rodriguez

    If only I could post a photo of myself with a fez. Anyway, he is my favorite doctor because he is an inspiring performer, and he is old and young at the same time.

  • Wynn

    I am always amazed at how much Doctor Who has taught me about the miracle it is to be human. Thank you, Matt Smith, for showing me the joy in the little things, the wonder in the big things, and the happiness that can be found in all of life. I loved your bow ties, your fez, and your suspenders and will miss you as the Doctor!

  • JymmeAnne Walton

    Matt, you are my absolute favorite Doctor. Your good looks and the way you mixed silliness with seriousness for your portrayal of the Doctor just made me fall in love. I’m so sad to see you go and will miss seeing you on the show!!! Thank you so much for all you’ve done!!!

  • Christine Y

    Definitely his whimsical gesticulations and twirling it adds a boyish charm to a doctor who’s been alive for a really really long time. It is that wonder he has on his face whenever he steps off the TARDIS into a new place, and let’s not forget about the Fez. GEROMINO!!!

  • Jenn

    Childlike wonder and belief, that’s what you gave me. I walked in near the end of “The Eleventh Hour” and in that moment I was hooked. That’s how good you are.

  • Thatfuncreeptrinity

    “Planets and history and stuff, that’s what we do. But not today. No. Today we’re answering a cry for help from the scariest place in the world. A child’s bedroom.” Probably my favorite episode, but the scariest. Just loved the fact that he doesn’t treat kids like they’re stupid. He tells them what’s really going on, no matter how scary it is, and then he gives them hope that he can help. Love it.

  • Tanika A.

    I love what you made this role…I have been though all of the emotions; i have laughed, cried and believe me when I say I have quoted you in my every day life from ‘Come along, Pond’ to ‘Stetsons are cool’. You’d be surprised how each one can fit any occasion lol Whatever is next for you in your career just make sure you remember to “run you clever boy….and remember”…you are meant for greatness!

  • Willow Polson

    I’ll miss his boyishness, whimsy, quirky mannerisms that are a cross between a puppy and a mad professor, and his incredibly expressive face.

  • matt goodwin

    Your lighthearted portrayal of the doctor coupled with seriousness and anger, when a companion or friend was threatened, made for a fantastically terrifying doctor to all his enemies

  • Cinnamon67

    Matt was my daughter’s first Doctor, and he shocked me because he almost instantly became MY favorite as well (so, so sorry Tom Baker!) I loved Matt’s chemistry with his co-stars, and his brilliant, brilliant timing. His physicality in the role, it must’ve been exhausting work but it was amazing viewing. He took the show to a whole new level. I loved the interplay with River Song – we fans did NOT get enough of their storyline, after he finally started trusting her. NOT fair! I know big things are going to come his way as an actor, the Whovians’ loss is the whole world’s gain, but we loved him first!

  • Lavar Lacy

    Thank You Matt Smith for the best adventures i cancel my cable because i know the new doctor wont be as awesome like you THANK YOU VERY much.

  • Anna

    Matt I dont even know what to say. You are one of my favorite doctors and I know we are going to miss all the cute and funny moments with you. And I dont even need to say I still love the fez! ❤️❤️ Goodbye Matt

  • Hanna

    Although I first fell in love with your Doctor for being childlike and always cracking a joke, I soon realized that he had so much more depth than that. Because of your brilliant acting Matt, I feel even more in love with the Doctor’s dark side, the part of him that would lose his composure after realizing he couldn’t save everyone, but still finding hope in every new person he met. Thank you so so much for being a brilliant Doctor even with all the pressure the part brings, and bringing new life into this wonderful old television show, Raggedy Man!

  • Sumner Ford

    He made the role his own, while still continuing on important aspects of the legacy.
    And lets face it- his ride has been loads of fun.

  • Ashley S

    What more could you want in the doctor? Matt Smith is quirky, sassy, funny and just plain adorable. He will always be my favorite doctor because he is my first doctor. His adventures with Amy and Rory were fun, so are his adventures with Clara. Fezzes off to Matt Smith, The 11th Doctor!

  • Barbara

    matt was able to bring such a new depth to the character that had been building all throughout the “new” series. that same curiousness and wonder with the universe was still there but there was also the sadness of the old man underneath it all. i’d been resisting for some time but when he stood up the old god in “the rings of akhaten” matt became my doctor. you truly were the doctor in every way. so long and thanks for all the fish fingers and custard -Barbara, Texas

  • Kris R.

    Thanks for being a wonderful addition to a line of actors in the iconic role of The Doctor. You’re acting is top form. i wish you all the luck in your future endeavours, Matt. And hey, I’m sure some Whovians like me and others would love to see some of the Eleventh in some Big Finish Audios!

  • Jessica Wessler

    I love how the Doctor isn’t afraid to hug his companions or the people he helps….who wouldn’t want a hug from such an awesome Doctor?!?!?

  • Rae Lackerly

    The thing I likes most about Matt’s doctor was that you could see just how much he loved his companions. Nine and Ten held back a little bit because of the time war and because Ten lost Rose (I still can’t get over that, and I still miss Ten), but Matt’s doctor was sweet and loved his companions. I loved watching him connect with Amy and Clara and putting a new spin on the doctor. Gonna miss him!

  • Iris

    Matt Smith’s Doctor was amazing. He made it so the character could seem both childish and very old at the same time. Through the humor and happiness, you could see the burden Eleven carried, and how much it affected him. Also, now bow ties and fezzes will always be connected to the Whoniverse. :) Matt Smith, thank you so much for everything you’ve done to bring us such a lovable character and for continuing on the Doctor’s story and legacy. We will all miss you dearly, and we hope to see you again in the Whoniverse some time in the future! We love you!

  • Valeria Briceno

    Dear Matt,
    You are AMAZING! 2013 wasn’t the best year for me, but after watching you in Doctor Who for the first time… My year got better. You as a person and the doctor, are the best friend I long for! Stay amazing raggedy man! Good luck with everything you do in life, and thank you for being the most amazing doctor! Lots of love from DC and me!

  • KMahoney

    Matt: I will admit that I was skeptical regarding your time as the Doctor… but you managed to overcome all of my doubts and win a place in my pessimistic American heart. I have enjoyed watching my peers learn to love and explore Doctor Who’s fantastic history during your tenure, and while I look forward to the show continuing to move forward and evolve, I will genuinely miss you.

  • John Nixon

    Matt brought a real darkness to The Doctor that really sank in with me. The comedy side seemed to be the “face” he put on to cover up the pain inside. Perfect!!!

  • Brent White

    Matt, I have been watching doctor who since I was little and my first doctor was Eccleston, but you are my favorite Doctor by far, I was really sad to hear you were leaving and I am going to be extremely sad when I see you go. Best of luck where ever your acting career takes you, you are a fantastic actor and I hope to see you in great things! Geronimo!

  • Kiersten

    Matt Smith was my first Doctor… if it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have started watching Doctor Who! All those little things he does (we all know what they are) really make his Doctor special. Thank you so much, Matt. We’ll miss you. <3

  • Haley V.

    Matt, you are a brilliant actor and portrayed the doctor wonderfully. In the words of River Song, you cannot leave without knowing that you were loved! Thank you for a fantastic four years! I hope you find joy in all of your future endeavors! Good luck and thank you again.

  • roy

    i love the intensity of his doctor to go from child like and silly to very angry and scary his speeches are great thank you matt

  • Jessica

    I could not have predicted in a 250 million light years that another Doctor would replace *my* Doctor (#4) and, well, he hasn’t – (lol!) – *but* he came in damn close! (That scene with *The Curator* in the 50th? Pure fan gold!) From the beginning of his tenure, I have enjoyed his ability to be both young or old, light or dark, and funny or serious. His uncanny ability to turn the tone of an episode, a scene, or a line on a dime has been an intriguing joy to watch.

  • Barbara Kerby

    Society is currently embracing Geeks, and Matt’s Doctor is the reigning king. He made unpopular items like bow ties and tweed jackets cool. People who are smart, funny, and help those in need are once again admired because of him. Even when he is so sad, he goes on and does what needs to be done. If he’s scared, he goes toward it. He’s been a good role model and great defender of the history of the Doctor.

  • Elizabeth Butler

    I love that Matt did such an excellent job of bringing the character in a full arch over the course of his run. You could actually see him age in the role, which was simply amazing. I’ll never forget the tears I shed as I watched him say good-bye to the Ponds, and I’ll always get chills whenever I watch Nightmare in Silver and I see the masterful work he does as the Doctor battles his Cyberself. Matt’s ability to be the light-hearted trickster one minute, the dark and tormented old man the next, and then switch into the righteously angry warrior has always astounded and entertained me. I’ve grown to love him as Amy, Rory, River and Clara have, and I’m heartbroken to see him go. Matt Smith, you are My Doctor, for now and for always, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  • Marisa

    Matt Smith’s doctor was so well done and well characterized. He played the part of the childish old soul, forgetting his past as he felt he needed to, so well. It was truly amazing to see him play this role. You could tell just by the way he reacted to situations that there was more than the childish and quirky Doctor that everyone saw on the surface level. As the seasons progressed, we got to see a darkness deep down, despite the childish attitude and we saw how his past was coming back to haunt him. Matt Smith was able to show every side of The Doctor so well and he will be greatly missed. He is the one who got me into the show and no one will compare to him in my book, he is my first Doctor.

  • Windy Haza

    I can say the main reason i loved and adored you so much as the 11th doctor was because you brought all of the child like happiness and silliness that i love to see and mixed that in with the wisdom of an ageless, timeless man. and even off set you truly embodied the doctor and got all of the cast and crew to play along and that to me shows that your more then a great actor but your a leader and just fun to be around. Thank you for bringing a part of your self to the doctor i sincerely hope that you go on to lots of great jobs to fallow this, you truly deserve it. :)

  • Kody Davis

    Matt was always putting himself out there making new friends and serching the starswhat matt brought was a sens of humor and thats what i like about him.

  • Michelle D.

    The Eleventh Doctor was my first, and will always be my favorite! Matt Smith has brought such whimsy and joy to the Doctor, but also a powerful anger and deadliness when necessary. Matt is such an amazing actor, and I am so sad to see him go. Thank you for all the laughs and tears, for bringing the Doctor so much to life for me and so many others!! We love you, Raggedy Man!!

  • Millie

    When Matt Smith took over for David Tennent I was not sure if i would like him. I was so upset my favorite doctor left but soon Matt made me like his doctor and now i am upset he is leaving. It was a good run and He played the role perfectly.

  • Amber Gilliford

    Matt Smith’s doctor won me over with his first episode. I will miss his humor and his lightheartedness. He was sweet but firm when his friends needed him to be. I loved him companions and of course there is the way he was with River. He was not my first doctor but he is now the favorite in my heart. Thank you Matt.

  • Susan Wojtas

    Thank you so much, Matt for bringing us an amazing and lovely incarnation of the Doctor. Much love to you!

  • Todd

    Matt’s energy and intensity contributed to both the playful side of the Doctor and his no-nonsense, no BS demeanor. “Basically, run. . .”

  • Dynasty

    Honestly it’s the suspenders and the bow tie. Also the funny walk. Matt Smith will always be my Doctor.

  • Sean Tuxill

    Matt, I was introduced to the show through Eleventh Hour. My friend told me I should watch it, and I found it on Netflix. Three hours later I was still watching. I burned through the fifth and sixth season in two weeks before going back and watching the older stuff with Chris and David. Thank you for giving us such a layered and talented performance, for bringing life into such amazing adventures and your own brand of Doctor quirks to all times and places throughout the universe. Thank you for fish fingers and custard, for reminding us that we’re all stories in the end, for teaching us that life is a pile of good things and bad things, and for showing us over and over that every life matters. My love to Kaz, Arthur, Alex and Jenna – their characters were always the best of you, but you were pretty damn good on your own. In years to come, when I introduce the show to whatever children I have, I will sit down with them and introduce them to Eleven, because he (and you) will always be my Doctor. Farewell, Raggedy Man. It’s been an honor and a privilege.

  • Sarah Johnson

    I love how he embodied the childlike nature of the Doctor, with all of his curiosity and wonder, while also maintaining the fact that the Doctor is an old soul. Thank you Matt!

  • Michael Warrener

    Matt, you were my first Doctor, and you will always hold a special place in my heart. Your portrayal of the Doctor showed me that it is ok to be a bit quirky. Your love for the Ponds, your hope, your wit, and your shear whimsy even in the face of adversity make your doctor a wonderful role model, and I am so glad to have been able to experience this journey with you. Best of luck where ever your future takes you, and thank you for being such a magical inspiration for me!

  • Stef

    You were my first Doctor and you never can forget about the first. I love your ability to play the character so carefree yet so serious at the same time.Thank you Matt for bringing the Doctor to me.

  • Emily Ziegler