‘Doctor Who’ Party Planning Guide

‘Doctor Who’ Party Planning Guide


Make your Ginger ‘Doctor Who’ Companions up to a week before the party.

Make and decorate your Mini Chocolate Dalek Cakes the day before the party.

Get all your Sonic Screwdriver ingredients chilling in advance, and stock up the freezer with ice – remember your guest will probably want more than one of these! (And if you’re having a grownup party, why not add a splash of something from your drinks cabinet?)

Assemble the Radioactive-Spuds, Tiny TARDIS Pies, Mustard Angel Onions, Fish Fingers and ‘Custard’ on the morning of the party.

1 hour before ‘Doctor Who’ starts… Put the chips in the oven.

45 minutes before ‘Doctor Who’ starts… Add the sausages, pies, and spuds to the oven.

25 minutes before ‘Doctor Who’ starts… Glaze the sausages and pop the prawns under the grill.

15 minutes before ‘Doctor Who’ starts… Everything should be ready! You’ve got 15 minutes to get everything to the table, pour the drinks and get the television on!!!

(If your oven isn’t very big, cook the pies in the morning and enjoy at room temperature, and put the spuds and chips on the same oven tray.)


Make a Dalek pinata.

Look for colorful ‘sonic’ screwdrivers in hardware stores for mixing drinks.

Get guests to dress as their favorite ‘Doctor Who’ villain.

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