Doctor Who: Make Your Own Sunday!


Sundaes are delicious. Sundays are relaxing. But everyone knows they’re best when you get to make your own. “Doctor Who’s on — I’m busy!”

Vote for the Doctor’s ‘Most Heroic’ Doctor Who  episodes (starting with the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant), and we’ll show the top results in an on-air marathon!

Here’s what to do:

1. Select a single episode from each poll below (one per Doctor) and cast your votes. The poll will stay open through September 11 at 12 p.m. EST.

‘Most Heroic’ can mean whatever you want it to mean: a time the Doctor showed his two hearts… a time he made a tremendous sacrifice for a greater good… a time he exposed his true feelings… just to name a few possible interpretations. Feel free to leave a comment below as to why you voted the way you did.

2. TUNE IN TO THE DOCTOR WHO MARATHON ALL DAY SUNDAY, AUGUST 20 and see which episodes made the cut.

So, put in the effort now and enjoy a lazy Sunday on us… We know you might be a bit tired after the Season 9 premiere.