If you met Alex out and about with his son, George, you’d probably think he was just a normal guy.  He lives with George’s mom, Claire. They’ve got a nasty landlord and money worries but, worst of all, they fear there’s something terribly wrong with their son.

When the Doctor intervenes, he explains to Alex why George is different from other children. Alex’s unconditional love for his son, George, allows him to overcome his fears and save his dad, the Doctor and Rory from the Peg Dolls.

About Daniel Mays

A guest star in the Mark Gatiss-penned episode originally titled 'House Call,' Matt Smith calls Daniel Mays 'one of the finest actors in Britain.' Recently appearing in the BBC America series, 'Outcasts' as PAS Officer Cass Cromwell; Daniel has also played Jim Keats in 'Ashes to Ashes.'