Knife Throwing

Knife throwing is one of my absolute favorite things in the world; it’s genuinely how I like to relax or work out tension from my day. It’s also one of the few stunts that I do where I’m not in the firing line.

The Incredible Mr Goodwin: Episode 3
Popularized as entertainment in the old west by people like Buffalo Bill, knife throwing has been around for generations and it’s a really tricky skill to learn. There are so many variables: the distance you are from the target, the moment that you let go of the blade, the angle of trajectory, not to mention your aim are all things that you have to get 100% before it’s wise to let anyone stand next to your target, or hold the target as I did in ‘Dangerman.’

One of the things that surprised me most making the series was that in all of the stunts where I put a member of the public at risk; we never had anyone say, ‘no.’ Everyone was willing to put their safety in my hands; which is amazing and daunting at the same time. I guess when the cameras are rolling people just assume that everything is going to be ok; I’m just glad I could prove them right.

– Jonathan Goodwin on his experiences with knife throwing in Episode 2