Buried Alive

‘Buried Alive’ is a lot of people’s worse nightmare. To be honest, I kind of enjoy it. I have been buried 3 times now; the first under liquid cement, the second under dirt (I failed to escape) and the third after being bitten by a rattlesnake.

The Incredible Mr Goodwin: Episode 2

The elements that you are dealing with are that it’s completely dark, the air gets incredibly thick and hot, (you basically begin poisoning yourself with your own exhalation) you have to break out of the coffin and then dig as much of the dirt into the coffin as you can.

Dig in too much, and you get trapped in the coffin, dig in too little and you stand almost no chance of making it to the surface; and it’s completely dark so it’s really hard to make good judgments about any of this.

The Incredible Mr Goodwin: Episode 2
Once you are out of the coffin, you are dealing with compressive asphyxia. The dirt is really really heavy. You can breath a little, but if you do exhale, your chest compresses and dirt moves into occupy that space; and now you can’t inhale again. The only thing you can do is keep moving. It’s a really intense experience. The incentive to get to the surface and get to the medic in this stunt actually helped a lot.

- Jonathan Goodwin on his experience being buried alive in Episode 1