Season 2 Episodes

Episode 8

Rocket Scientist/Bike Messenger

The Hamster journeys to the dry Mojave Desert where he joins the rarefied air of the Rocket Scientist to help build and prepare a rocket. Then, it’s off to the picturesque and hilly city of San Francisco to attempt the work of a bike messenger.

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Episode 7

Animal Sanctuary/Snake Wrangler

Richard is in Hawaii to learn what it takes to be a successful exotic animal keeper. And in southern California, Hamster wrangles some snakes.

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Episode 6

Cattle Rancher

Richard travels to the heart of Texas where he attempts to turn into a real-life buckaroo.

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Episode 5

Harlem Barber/Test Pilot

The Hamster is schooled on how to give a proper Harlem style haircut, Plus, he finds out what it takes to build and test fly a brand new helicopter, the R66 Turbine.

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Episode 4

IndyCar Pit Crew

Richard – so often found behind the wheel of a car – this time trains to be one of the key people tasked with changing the wheel in an actual IndyCar race in Sonoma, CA.

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Episode 3

American Bullfighter/Paddle Boarder

In small-town Texas, Richard finds out if he can handle the heat of the rodeo ring. And in Maui, he tests his paddle-boarding skills.

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Episode 2


What better job is there for someone who loathes gridlock, than a gig as a New York City cabbie during Manhattan’s rush hour? Plus, Hamster attempts to get a few laughs.

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Episode 1


Richard goes to Hollywood to tackle the coolest job in town — stuntman. Can Richard conquer his fear of heights, face the past while flipping a car, beat the heat when set on fire and convince other stuntmen that he can handle a proper fight scene?

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