Episode 5: Harlem Barber

Episode 5: Harlem Barber

You’re known for starting and hosting the New York City barber battles, which have gotten quite popular. Tell me more about these competitions.
Nuru: I started it in 2010 and I have one once a year. We have five or six categories with 10 competitors in each category, and we get around 1,000 attendees. Everyone wants to come to New York and show their stuff. Last year, we had a guy come from London, England who ended up coming in second place of one of our categories.

What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to break into the barber industry?
Nuru: I would say education is very important. Go to school and get your license, and continue your education. There are various seminars and hair shows that offer classes and workshops.

How do you think Richard did as a barber?
Nuru: I think he did fairly well for the first time. I was interested to see how he would get through process and he was great with directions. I’ve seen some individuals who have an interest in cutting hair do much worse.

Do you have a favorite moment of filming with him?
Nuru: When I took him to meet Tony Touch and Rico London, and they showed him the parts of barbering where we get into designing and coloring. Those guys got into a little competition. Of course, we were both egging them on.

In some of the other “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course” episodes this season, he attempts to drive a taxi in New York City, a stuntman in Hollywood, a paddle boarder in Hawaii and a snake handler in Los Angeles? Is there another profession outside of your own that you would like to try?
Nuru: Definitely! That’s what BarberWorldTV is about. I would definitely love to be the host of my own show for barbering–move from being behind the chair to interviewing barbers, showing some unique tricks that happen around the world and introducing new products, and connect men’s grooming with barbering and education.

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