Episode 2: Comedian

How did Richard prove you wrong?
Mendrinos: I know he feels that he could have done better, and that’s actually the mark of a comic. A really great comic will get a standing ovation and notice the four or five things they did wrong. He came up and he wanted to do better. And he not only proved me wrong, but he proved himself wrong. He was a lot better than he thought he was.

Do you have a favorite moment working with him?
Mendrinos: When we went to Liberty Park on the lower end of Manhattan, we had fun just sitting there talking about anything other than him getting on stage. We talked about life and his cars, and his house and my life–we had like a real buddy-buddy moment, and it kind of helped take his mind off of it.

In this season of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, he’s taking on some of America’s most iconic and daring jobs like driving a taxi in New York City, he’s wrangling snakes out West and more. Is there another profession outside of your own that you always thought might be cool to try out?
Mendrinos: For me, I would give just about anything to get behind the wheel of a race car, like a Formula One car. All those images of them from the Wide World of Sports from the ’70s winding through the streets of Monaco with the Mediterranean in the background, it looked spectacular and awesomely dangerous at the same time.

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Episode 2: Comedian