Episode 5: Demolition

Episode 5: Demolition

Demolition expert Richard Lorenz, owner and CEO of Central Environmental Services, Inc. in Orlando, Florida, worked with Richard on the track hoe and passed on some key advice about what it means to be a proper demo man. Below, learn more about his biggest demolition project and his growing Bonsai collection.

What does a typical day look like for you guys at Central Environmental Services?
Richard Lorenz: Doors open at 6AM, and usually there’s a get-together to map out the day’s plan. Truck drivers get their dispatch orders, and sometimes there is a tailgate safety meeting. Next up, we get to the job sites and the crew gets to it. Right now, we’re probably doing about 13-14 jobs at once and we’re running almost three shifts straight.

Our recycling operations usually run about 15 hours a day. When metals come in, they’re dumped and hand sorted into all different varieties of purest and non-purest metals such as copper, brass, dirty aluminum, clean aluminum, aluminum cans, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, wire and the like. We have 30 different kinds of recyclable material, including paper, plastic, cardboard, wood and compost. Branches and trees come in because we have a yard waste grinding situation.

Can you give some examples of the types of projects you’re working on?
Lorenz: At the moment, we’re tearing down the Rainforest Café and the Volcano at Disney World. We just finished work on the Dumbo Ride where we had to dismount the ride and dig up all the concrete, which was almost four feet thick. The queue area and the whole nine yards, it all had to go to dirt for the new Fantasy Land. They’re actually going to reassemble the Dumbo Ride.

Also, we’re are 90 percent through removing [the Disney] Skyway, which is one of those cabled ski lift-type ride through the park. Disney is shutting it down about two-to-three years and we’ve been working on it for about two months. We had to excavate and remove of over 500 loads of dirt because it was sitting up on a hill.

We’re constantly at NASA. We just did a propellant building over at Cape Canaveral.

And we just dropped a small 60-foot water tower in Kissimmee. We are chopping it up right now into steel.

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