Episode 3: Landfill

How did he surprise you?
Chris: I mean, just the sheer fact that he’s driven all those other expensive cars and it’s kind of all the same. You’ve got seat time, you have to be good with your reactions and good with your hands and feet. There are multiple things going on. It was cool how prepared he was to learn to be safe about what he was doing.

In the first season of “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course,” Hamster tries out several other mammoth-sized vehicles like the world’s most powerful fire engine “The Striker,” for example. Might there any other machines out there that you wish you could give a try
Chris: There is the “world’s largest dump truck,” which they have in mines. They’re absolute monsters. And the other one is also in a mine, but it’s like a strip-mining machine. Basically it’s just a big wheel that eats away at the side of the hill and spits out the dirt into one of these big dump trucks. And it’s all about the size. I mean, the dump truck takes three sets of ladders just to climb up to the cab. It’s like 40 feet tall!

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Episode 3: Landfill