Cattle Rancher Episode Recap

Richard previously revealed that the job of a cowboy is the one American occupation that he finds intriguing. And we watched him get a little teaser of one side of the fence when he gave American bullfighting a try earlier this …

Where to Watch ‘Richard Hammond’s Crash Course’

If you missed Monday night's episode, Richard was schooled on how to give a proper Harlem style haircut, Plus, he learned what it takes to build and test fly a brand new helicopter, the R66 Turbine.

Harlem Barber/Test Pilot Episode Recap

Think Richard had enough of New York City after giving comedy and cab driving a try a few weeks ago? No way.

IndyCar Pit Crew Episode Recap

This week on “Crash Course,” Richard Hammond couldn’t have been more geeked to be in Sonoma, CA to learn the ways of an Indy Car pit crew member. “Finally, a job that should be in my comfort zone,” he …

American Bullfighter/Paddle Boarder Episode Recap

Richard Hammond's crash course for this week was a mighty one. Not only did the Hamster have to muster up the strength to go face-to-face with a hearty thousand-pound bull, but he had to embrace the cold ocean waves to walk on water as a paddle boarder.