About the Show


Richard Hammond exits the driver’s seat and leaves his comfort zone, trading America’s monstrous machines for America’s most daring and distinctive jobs in the second season of BBC AMERICA’s original series “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course,” produced by BBC Worldwide Productions. In each episode, he will face head-on new, wildly unfamiliar, comical and, at times, frightening occupations – with less than five days to master each job. From balancing himself on a paper thin paddleboard above the shark-infested Pacific ocean and peddling the vertical San Francisco terrain as a bike messenger to braving the bold feats of a Hollywood stuntman – viewers will see Richard attempt to master skills that often take years to learn.

In Season One of “Crash Course,” viewers saw Richard take on some of America’s largest and dangerous machines. From learning the positions of a U.S. Army MIA2 Abrams tank and maneuvering a two-ton wrecking ball, to operating the world’s most powerful fire engine – Richard has proven he is a master of ­­powerful machinery. This season, Richard takes his “Crash Course” to a new level. He will immerse himself in uniquely American and often terrifying vocations – tasked with quickly acquiring skills that are not only outside his range of expertise, but pull at the strings of some of his greatest fears. Can Richard beat the heat and conquer his fear of heights when the role of Hollywood stuntman literally sets him on fire and dares him to dive from the top of a bridge? Will he be able to keep his head above crashing four-foot waves to reach the finish line of an eight-mile down-winder race along Oregon’s Hood River? And can Richard overcome the thing he fears most, a live audience, when he hits the stage as a stand-up comic at a top New York City comedy club? All this and much more will be put to the test as viewers live vicariously through the daredevil Brit.

While fans around the world know Richard as the charismatic auto-expert on the world’s biggest car show, “Top Gear,” they’ll experience a whole new side of the international TV personality when he is placed in settings they – nor he – would have ever expected to find him. Calming a 1,700-pound bull in an enclosed space, wrangling deadly rattle snakes in Southern California, standing at the foot of a rocket-launch in the Mojave Desert, juggling scissors, clippers, and the regular clientele at a Harlem barbershop, and much more–Season 2 of “Crash Course” brings Richard face to face with occupations that require nerves of steel.

“Richard Hammond’s Crash Course” is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions for BBC AMERICA. Tod Mesirow is executive producer. Elli Hakami, Jane Tranter, Tim Pastore and Courtney Conte are executive producers for BBC Worldwide Productions.