Season 2 Episodes

Episode 13

The Place I Called My Home

In the wake of national tragedy, Detective Kevin Corcoran reels like the rest of the country.

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Episode 12

Beautiful Dreamer

On the move, evading retaliation, Detective Kevin Corcoran works to remain hidden while seeing through events he set in motion.

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Episode 11

Good Heart and Willing Hand

Looming devastation to Five Points forces Detective Kevin Corcoran to take drastic, irrevocable action.

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Episode 10

The Fine Ould Irish Gintleman

Detective Kevin Corcoran begins to question the motives behind strongholds of the Five Points community.

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Episode 9

Think Gently of the Erring

Returning to the Precinct, Detective Kevin Corcoran is staggered when he discovers a new investigation has one close to him in chains.

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Episode 8

Ashes Denote That Fire Was

The greater Copper family – Uptown and Five Points alike – gather around Detective Kevin Corcoran, who is reeling from a shocking loss.

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Episode 7

The Hope Too Bright to Last

In his investigation, Detective Kevin Corcoran finds himself at an unusual dead end, while Doctor Matthew Freeman is faced with the outbreak of a new and troubling illness sweeping Five Points.

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Episode 6

To One Shortly to Die

A murder forces Detective Kevin Corcoran and Francis Maguire to put aside their past and work together.

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Episode 5

A Morning Song

Five Points falls into a state of panic as a community safe haven is seized by one of the deadliest men in New York City.

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Episode 4

I Defy Thee To Forget

The Sixth Precinct’s search for the killer of a fellow officer is derailed as Annie Reilly creates a rift in the Corcoran home.

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Episode 3

The Children of the Battlefield

Corcoran closes in on the parties responsible for the kidnapping and murder of young Five Points men.

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Episode 2

Aileen Aroon

As more corpses of young men are found and others continue to disappear, Corcoran leaves no stone unturned in his search for answers.

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Episode 1

Home, Sweet Home

February 5, 1865. Five Points remains a bedlam. Young men are dying and disappearing at an alarming rate and a career criminal is terrorizing the Sixth Ward.

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