Season 1 Episodes

Episode 10

A Vast and Fiendish Plot

November 25, 1864. Corcoran is racing the clock to keep his life and New York City intact.

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Episode 9

A Day to Give Thanks

November 24, 1864. It’s Thanksgiving Day but Corcoran finds himself in an ungracious state.

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Episode 8

Better Times are Coming

November 8, 1864. On Election Day in New York City another murder hits close to home for the detectives of the Sixth Precinct.

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Episode 7

The Hudson River School

October 18, 1864. Corcoran once again finds himself re-evaluating the decisions he’s made about Annie.

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Episode 6

Arsenic and Old Cake

October 16, 1864. Corcoran and O’Brien are charged with solving a peculiar double murder.

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Episode 5

La Tempête

October 11, 1864. Detectives Maguire and O’Brien uncover a gang’s scheme to rob some of the wealthiest families in New York City.

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Episode 4

The Empty Locket

October 2, 1864. Corcoran uncovers a new piece of evidence that provide clues about his daughter’s mysterious death and the disappearance of his wife.

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Episode 3

In the Hands of an Angry God

September 26, 1864. Racial tensions in Five Points come to a head as the body of an Irishman is discovered lynched and hanged.

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Episode 2

Husbands and Fathers

Detective Kevin Corcoran receives a lead on a figure from his past who may have information about the loss of his family.

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Episode 1

Surviving Death

With New York City still recovering from the Draft Riots of 1863, Detective Kevin Corcoran finds himself investigating the murder of a young Five Points girl that hits uncomfortably close to home.

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